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 World of Super Dungeon Explore-Craft patch 1.11 Preview 
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Hey all;

So with World of SDE picking up even more steam thanks to a post from HolyCross in chibi gamers, patch 1.1 will go live in a few weeks. See the patch notes below to see what''s changing, what's new, and I genuinely appreciate the feedback that I have been getting regarding this game for those that have been playing and reporting in.

General Patch notes:

-Changing XP gain for Defeating a dungeon boss from 1 -> 2 XP

-Lfg system added
+LFG now allows you to leave any of your stabled characters in looking for group section of town. This will allow other players to take them to fill out party roles. You can not finish quests or collect gems for a LFG character, but that character will receive full exp for a downed Dungeon Boss and Completing a successful dungeon.
+A character in LFG will gain an additional 1XP for being taken as an extra party member.
+You will not be able to use the LFG hero in your next dungeon delve as a "Penalty" for doing this. It's a good fun way to experience back seat characters while pushing through with your mains.

-A better clarification of experience being dolled will be provided so that it is crystal clear.

-Achievement list will be updated with new events including Temporal Caverns Achievements.

-Raid set dungeon pieces tokens explained and sets available.

-level 4-6 crafting items

-The Auction House will officially open its doors

World Events Section:

-Opening of the Temporal Caverns added to world events section
+Story to be added
+opening quest material list added
+special dungeon for the defense of the citadel "meatgrinder" quest
+The addition of 3 narrative dungeons with the requirements to unlock them (basically you have to play them in order to be allowed into the next one)

-Temporal Caverns specific faction rewards unlocked when all three dungeons, such as:
+one use item buffs
+items to bring into dungeons such as bombs, potions, etc
+Title Rewards
+end game crafting items when you reach level 10

-Narrative Dungeon 1, The burning of Gloomdower
+play through the events of Glauerdoom Moor, Rise of the True Necromancer Prologue. Save Celeste, save the town disguised as one of Ser Sigmund's paladins. Defeat the dungeon for great story secrets and a more detailed encounter of Sigmund and Celeste's survival.

-Narrative Dungeon 2, The Woods to The North
+Play Through Celeste and her groups journey into the North looking for the Elemental Temple of Jorogumo, defend her party from the unseen onslaught of beasts being summoned.

-Narrative Dungeon 3, The Death of Ser Sigmund
+play through the final moments of Ser Sigmund and his brave band of heroes to discover what truly happened to him and see what became of Celeste that day.

PVP area update

-introduction of battlegrounds
-complete rules for how to do pvp, and the pvp ranking/rewards system
-the first battleground will be unlocked: Capture the Flag, set in Glauerdoom Moor
-Downloadable printable map, 3d map to be shown when it is built

a look beyond patch 1.11

-Trailer to the next world event to be released, some of what you can expect from that trailer are glimpses at:
+A Diablo II style setting.
+Heavy Narrative dungeon cycle
+Epic rewards
+New Faction for rewards with new achievements
+new custom mini bosses
+Kingdom Death Crossovers, such as screaming antelope and White lion
+Massive new custom bosses
+in depth story to explore this new region of Crystalia
+New pvp area
+New Vendor items
+designed for levels 5+

That's whats coming down the pipeline folks.

A big thank you to everyone for all the feedback and positive response I have received to this set of rules. To be honest I didn't think I would care and this would die out quickly after starting, but seeing the joy on people's faces as we play this through, hearing from people I don't know telling me they love the rules and find it super fun. It truly makes me happy and I hope everyone continues to enjoy all the upcoming content.

In the mean time, enjoy what's available, cant wait to see how everyone reacts to the PVP and temporal caverns.

April 29th, 2018, 5:28 pm
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This looks super fun! I might have to scrape up time to play it.

April 29th, 2018, 6:49 pm
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Holy Cross wrote:
This looks super fun! I might have to scrape up time to play it.

Thanks Holy, should be a blast, a lot of people are giving me some great feedback. And thanks to your FB post, I've been receiving a lot of messages asking for the rules.

I think Soda Pop Should Hire me to take over legends, hahaha.

April 30th, 2018, 11:05 am
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