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 Glauerdoom Moor: RIse of the true Necromancer part 2 
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The next chapter, I know its been a while, but my wife and I bought a house and there was moving, paperwork, tons of extra stuff to do. So here we go.

On a side note this story is going to be a prelude to my Legends campaign.

Hope you all enjoy.

=========Rise Of The True Necromancer Part 2: The Fear of Darkness=========

Death had swept through the villages, but it wasn’t a permanent death. The people who died came back to life in a most horrific manner. Celeste looked up from her campaign map as Andriel walked in. The elf ranger walked with an unnatural grace. “My lady, I have had a dream.” Celeste nodded and motioned for her to sit and join her. “I had another dream of you my lady. It is as it always appears to me. But this time something changed. You were different.” Andriel paused and shook her head slowly.

“It’s okay Andriel, what did you see?” Celeste asked her trusted friend.

“Your skin was gray, like death, you hair white, your eyes were a deep, deep purple. They glowed with power. A power that frightened me, even in the dream, you stood amongst the Army of the Dead. But not as their enemy, but as their leader.” Andriel looked to the left at the armor on the stand, the small armored stuffed bear next to it. “And your bear was no longer a memento or reminder, it was a living creature, twice the size of you. He too looked of death.” Celeste let out a small laugh.

“Mr. Buttons is a stuffed bear that serves as a reminder to why I fight, nothing more. I do not think a real Mr. Buttons can ever exist Andriel.” Smiling she reached across the table and grabbed her friends hand. “And I would never lead an Army of the Dead, unless I was leading them into oblivion. I have not forgotten what they did to my family.”

“I know my lady. But you request I tell you of my visions and I found this one of high importance, we can not go…” she began but Celeste stopped her.

“I will hear no more of this nonsense. We head Further North by boat in the morning. There is a tower there, it seems to be important to the undead. We will leave Stilt town and head there in the morning. Go rest my friend. I will need your council on the battlefield.” Andriel stood slowly and smiled with a polite bow.

“You’re right my lady. I believe in your strength and path.” Andriel left the tent and Celeste sat, grabbing her head gently she felt weak for a moment.

Shaking it off, she regained her composure. “I have to end this, I fear my health is fading and I will not see the end of this terror.” She said looking at Mr. Buttons.

=======Three days later=======

Celeste sat upon her horse overlooking the dead forest in front of her. Fog creeped throughout the trees. “Start chopping down these trees and set up a base camp. Andriel, Emma, you are with me, we head out and get the lay of the land. Andriel mounted a horse, the Ember mage, Emma, walked up and summoned a floating disk that she sat upon. “Let us find what is deep in this fog and how darkness is still here in midday.” A howl similar to that of a wolf mixed with a bear came over the wind. A large tear drop formed on Emma’s head. “And let us not find out what that was.” The three headed out down the dirt path through the forest.

As they traveled, the forest grew in twisted forms, it gnawed at their senses and tickled their fears. Then, they entered a clearing. It was unlike anything they had ever seen. The trees surrounding the clearing were twisted forms of people, forever petrified in the shapes of trees, the ground itself was filled with twisted and tormented skulls. “By Sir Sigmund, what in the name of Crystalia is this place?” Asked Celeste.

“A very dark magic emanates here my lady. I’ve never felt something this potent before. It saturates the air, leaving a foul taste in the magical energies.” Emma got off her disk and touched one of the skulls. “This is not Von Drakk. This is something darker.”

“How is that even possible?” Asked Andriel as she dismounted her horse. Celeste dismounted as well, slinging her shield onto her arm. Mr. Buttons strapped to her side.
“Undead,” she whispered quietly. Coming from the outskirts of the forest came a force of fallen warriors. Skeletons in decaying chain armor, dragging swords behind them. Emma turned to the left and fire ignited in her hand. Her eyes narrowed as she began to concentrate. Andriel drew her bow and took aim. “Hold until they are closer.” They watched as the undead shambled towards them, “FIRE!” she shouted as Andriel let loose with three arrows in the blink of an eye. Each hitting a different skeleton that kept coming. “Emma, now” Throwing three small firebolts, they followed the arrows precisely, striking the arrows and making them explode. The undead followed suit. Celeste moved forward and began striking down the undead with her sword, holy light emanating from her.

“CELESTE!” screamed emma, celeste turned quickly and her jaw dropped. Coming from the trees was a large surge of undead, backed by skeletal giants.

“FALL BACK!” Celeste screamed, but as they started to fall back, they wound up back to back in the center of the clearing, the undead surrounding them. No matter how many they took out they just kept coming.


Andriel spoke, “Celeste,” she said with concern as Celete’s nose was leaking blood. “Are you injured?”

“No, I’m fine, but I don’t know for how long.” As all hope seemed to fade, a blazing portal of dark purple flame opened near them and a cloaked woman emerged. She held up a lantern.

“BY LIGHT BE GONE!” Slamming the lantern onto the ground, a shockwave of blinding light ripped through the undead, disintegrating them. The ground returned to grass, the trees were the normal dead trees, and the fog returned.

“What was that!? WHERE ARE WE!?” Asked Emma.

“You are back in Glauerdoom Moor.” Said the cloaked woman.

“BACK?” asked Celeste. “Identify yourself, NOW!” she commanded.

“My name is Regina, I am one of the few remaining twilight knights in all existence. Where you were, a realm that has no name, most of us awoke in that realm, with no beginning, only a guaranteed end. Few of us set up settlements, the rest witness unspeakable horrors worse than what you just saw. Our lanterns are all that keep us safe. Without them, we would be erased or worse.” Turning back to face them, she lowered her hood revealing silver hair, “For some reason our two worlds have collided in this area. It would seem our darkness is trying to creep into your world. Something, or someone is trying to open a rift to my world.”

“I don’t understand, what do you mean, your world?” Celeste asked.

Regina knelt down and drew a line in the dirt, “This is the barrier between all worlds. It is as thin as this line. Some worlds, like yours have places where it is beautiful, some, like mine, are wreathed in darkness, horror is a way of life, insanity becomes a means of survival and everyone falls to the darkness in time. We are born from it, we return to it when its time. The things in my world drive most men and women mad. Some, just by looking at them people lose their sanity. Sometimes people go into the darkness and never come back. Someone on your plane is trying to bring that here. I don’t know why, but if they succeed, your world will become like mine.” Regina looked up at the three women, “If that happens, light turns dark, hope turns desperation, life turns to death, order becomes disorder.” Drawing a line through the line she had drawn before, “If you break this very thin line, our two worlds will bleed into each other. We must stop whoever is doing this.” Standing Regina held out her hand, as she did her cloak opened and they could see the parts of her body that were exposed were covered in scars. One looked like a large beast had tried to take a chunk out of her.

Celeste reached out grabbed her hand and shook it. She stared at the scar , “I do not trust you yet, but have given no reason to fear you.”

“Your eyes stare at my wound. It was one of many, this one is from a large white lion, it was the first creature I had encountered upon waking to that world. In my world we do what we must to survive and fight the darkness away. If I can help prevent that darkness from coming here, I will." Celeste nodded.

Introductions were made and the group prepared to continue their journey to the tower…

April 3rd, 2017, 3:43 pm
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Great job on the story. I can't wait to read more. Keep writing your story so I can know what happens.

April 3rd, 2017, 4:52 pm
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GoblinMage wrote:
Great job on the story. I can't wait to read more. Keep writing your story so I can know what happens.

Thanks, I appreciate it, Will Do.

April 3rd, 2017, 4:55 pm
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