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 Arcade - paired spawn clarification & zombies 
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Hello! We got to play with the Stilt Town Zombies for the first time last night in Arcade.

I hadn't read the rules in awhile and we had quite a few misplays. After re-reading the rulebook again, if I understand this correctly, when the Spawn command is drawn, the closest disturbed spawn point to the hero with the most wrath will spawn all the monsters in its list from the monster pool and heal any hearts/status effects on monsters from its pool already in play. It then suffers one wound. For paired spawns, you spawn everything in the list.

I had been playing that paired spawn points both suffer a wound, but I can't find this rule in the rulebook and I'm wondering if I made it up or if that's only in classic mode.

Assuming only the single spawn point suffers the wound, wouldn't that make paired spawn points typically harder than single spawns?

I imagine you could balance them by putting the spawn points on tiles that don't connect and splitting the gangs so that in the beginning there's fewer mobs to spawn (b/c the models are sitting at the undisturbed spawn) or more mobs (for cycling through loot). I think most people maybe put the spawn points on adjoining tiles so you can fight the hordes/makes more sense, but I guess I'd prefer to have a better grasp of how to balance the spawn points when we set up Arcade games.

For our game, my wife thought dealing with both pudges and the zombies, despite having very little armor, was too much for the first tile (14 wounds total o.O). We did split the spawns so we didn't get prowlers or the shaman, which only equate to 6 wounds. The whole paired spawn point has 20 wounds, so conceptually we could've put 1 Pudge at the other spawn point so it's 10/10 wounds, but the rules does say to keep gangs together.

We do play with our own house rules, but do try to keep as close to the standard rules when we can.

Any feedback on this dilemma? I didn't notice this issue /w TFK spawn points, but maybe the wound total doesn't get quite so out of whack as quickly.

October 24th, 2015, 5:07 pm
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You could also put the pudges/Swampies at the second spawner. Then you you just have to fight the priest and prowlers on the first tile.
I nearly never put both spawners from a double spawner on adjacent tiles. Don't know why, it just didn't feel right.
It also makes them a lot harder.

To your question: yes, only one spawner is damaged. That way, you still have something to fight, when you get further along the way.

You can also put one empty tile before the first spawner or just use a weaker spawn as first spawner. That reduces pressure a lot.

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October 25th, 2015, 6:34 am
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