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 SDE Core HERO Questions 
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Ember Mage - this model can hold 2 potions?? I was under the impression they could only hold one or is that just starting out.

Why is Nyan Nyan's potion green and the core heroes purple?

Hexcast Sorceress - if I use her potion does that also mean the hero gets to add 1B to their initiative test?

Glimmerdusk Ranger - herbalist - does the remedy basically make whomever she cast this on immune to status affects since it removes them all AND lasts until the next round?

Models with luck - does luck affect the treasure x2 drawing of cards regardless of which hero opens the chest?

Luck - if I draw a boo booty while using luck - does the boo booty spawn still or does the hero get to choose if he wants the item or the spawn?

I noticed in another thread that some cards text have been changed. Can I get a copy of the card that has the current text? If not how to you all denote there was a change?

Is the resurrection charm really the only way to revive a fallen hero? In the quick reference - the rules describe resurrect and a specific process to follow. Page 22 says only if I have an item - the item doesn't say anything about a process except resurrect your guy...what's the proper way?

I think that's all I got.

April 18th, 2014, 8:58 pm
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Models can hold up to the amount of potions on their card. They are not limited to one only.

Green potions are offensive potions and have different usage rules than regular potions. This was introduced in Von Drakk and here are the rules errata:


Herbalist does not last until the next round. It is a one and done effect.

Luck only affects the Hero that has it. If a different Hero opens a chest then Luck is not applied. Since the user gets to choose which card they get, if they happen to get a Boo Booty, it can be discarded.

Resurect is in the quick reference in the rules:
Resurrect - Choose a model that has been destroyed. Roll 1B for every
heart on its stat card. Remove one wound counter for every star rolled.
After the roll, if the target model has more hearts than wound counters,
return it to play adjacent to the start marker. The model retains any
equipment and potions that it had when it was destroyed.

Card Changes:

Nyan Nyan
*Change Pounce to "Pounce: Choose an enemy model anywhere within 5 squares, and line of sight. Place the model with Pounce adjacent to this target, then roll to attack as normal."

Von Wilding
*Crack the Whip should read "Crack the Whip: Range 2, Compel 2"

Riftling Rogue
*Change Bamf! to “Bamf!: Augment, Wave 2, Smoke”
*Change Smoke to “Smoke: Models affected by Smoke gain Stealth.”

Kobold Flinger
*Change Smoke Pot to “Smoke Pot: Augment, Range 6, Burst 1, Smoke”
*Change Smoke to “Smoke: Models affected by Smoke gain Stealth.”

*Remove Augment from Thick Shell

Star Guild Sapper
*Remove Augment from Star Shine

*Remove Augment from Magma

Ember Hound
*Replace Aura 1 with Wave 1 on Ash Cloud

April 18th, 2014, 10:05 pm
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Chibi-noki answered everything competently as always. I just want to add something to the first answer Ember Mage and potions. Every model can indeed carry as many potions as indicated by the number on the potion icon. However, every model, regardless of how many potions it can carry, always starts the game with only one potion.

April 18th, 2014, 11:47 pm
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Thank you fellas for the help! I also was read the upside down picture and got it lol. iPad kept rotating it...kinda funny. I was playing luck ENTIRELY wrong. I had been just giving my kid 2 cards no matter who opened the chest.

So basing how you answered the resurrection question- I am assuming that if I do not have the "loot" card, I must follow the process described. If I have the card it is automatic?

The Hexcast sorceress I stumbled onto that answer by accident so I'm good on it now.

How do you guys handle the card amendments? Thank you for posting them for me. Do you just remember them?

April 18th, 2014, 11:57 pm
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To resurrect a hero you need to use a resurrection charm. To use it you have to follow the procedure from the rule book.
I wrote the card amendments down on the cards with a fine pencil.

April 19th, 2014, 12:02 am
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Ok , thank you for the clarification on the resurrection charm and process. I'm seriously considering a house rule for my 7 yr old to help her out in case her hero dies. I know it will sway in the hero direction some if I do it. When I go to my lgs to play, I'd play it correctly for sure. It's one of those where I need to know how to do it correctly - so that I can do it correctly.

As it stands right now - she has drawn the charm 1 time only EVER, and didn't need to use it since no one died. Then Our last game the first hero died. She ended up not needing the hero and still won the game. I dunno, thoughts on house ruling? We normally play 3 hero games and a mini boss. We have not attempted starfire, time outs, etc.

April 19th, 2014, 1:21 am
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