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 December 15 packet Playtest 
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(Note to Justin: This is an abridged version of the report I submitted, specifically I've removed the terminology errors and am focusing on mechanics questions for the purposes of discussion about those things if anyone in the community has thoughts on my experience.)

Noh Wins 4-2, all VP from unit kill, though not for lack of trying to score from objectives.

Noh Empire:
Marikan To and Lakmi
Amelial, Herald of the Void
Kyojin Berserkers (3)
Sarva Scouts (3)

Black Diamond:
Codebreaker and Slaved Cypher
CSM Alex-117
M-8 Blitz Tank
Diamond Corps (4)

Noh Empire won first deployment, and started with a conservative position. Black Diamond Responded with a center Objective placement to try and limit Noh's options. The final state of deployment had BD grouped in one corner, with Noh spread along the opposite two board edges.

The Noh raiding party opened with an early push toward the central objective by the Berserkers and a fully pressed Arrow Storm on Codebreaker. Because the suit wasn't powered on yet (terrible flips), he took a full 8 damage to the chest. Alex and the Blitz tank proceeded to drop their AoEs in a defensible alley that had LoS to the Berserkers, hoping that Codebreaker would be able to withstand another arrow. Marikan To managed to flip for another fully pressed Arrow Storm, but Codebreaker was able to position his armor to block his vitals. Sensing a soul ready to join the Void, Amelial launched a psychic attack on Codebreaker, and felled the twisted experiment. From here, it became a mess of melee, bullets and arrows, as the Blitz tank laughed off the berserkers' attacks, holding the objective long enough for the Diamond Corps and Slaved Cypher to pick them off, one by one. Ameilial joined the melee and dealt a mighty blow to the intrepid chee weapons platform. The Diamond Corps rushed to it's aid, intent on defending the Objective, and finishing off the last berserker. But just as they arrived to subdue the angelic herald, she surrounded them with esper and flew away with the soldiers and their tank companion in tow, delivering them directly into the sights of Marikan To. Lakmi swooped in to secure the now undefended objective, only to be mercilessly filled with lead by an enraged Command Sergeant Major. The tank tried to re-position and line up on a shot on the demonic huntress, only to learn it's targeting systems were damaged. it was too late anyway; Amelial and Marikan executed the soldiers and then turned their gaze on the chee, taunting it with it's pending doom. Alex was too slow to react, and the tiny cypher's legs prevented it from moving fast enough to attempt to aid the tank in any way. With Black Diamond's strike force now reduced to a broken cypher and a single man, Alex-117 decided Magnus would be angry if Black Diamond lost a Cypher along with a Codebreaker suit and their resources at the location the Noh were raiding. Grabbing the slightly moist...thing, CSM Alex-117 slipped away in the chaos, surviving yet another brush with death.

Can two AoE markers be stacked? We played 'no', but I could not find specific wording that prohibited such, and would've stacked them if the rule explicitly allowed. The only wording I could find about placing anything was "units not on objectives" and "sit unaided" in general.

Amelial’s Surge ability: Should Tow affect 'all units', or is it meant to affect 'all models'? As written it is all units, which is a little confusing when it comes to squads. And is it correct that it says “engaged” as Tow in the rules only affects models in contact. We played that the specific superseded the general, and assumed 'all models', meaning Amelial towed 5 models from two units when she used this ability. If this action was played correctly, it seems strong given a little positioning, especially as a surge action. The strength is a trade-off because she has to put herself in danger, but if the target doesn't have a melee/psychic surge, it is much less so.

CSM Alex-117: Secure position States “toward a friendly objective”. Does this mean toward the center, or can I move toward any edge of said objective? This is important for when an enemy model is directly opposite Alex on the objective. This could be the difference between engaging or not with his follow-up move. I assume that if pressed, a broken squad affected by this would ignore the rule that requires them to move toward cohesion?

Cadre abilities that trigger on an attack - paid before the flip (when the action is declared) or as part of the cost?

Other Thoughts
The change to deployment that allows the same player to place first and act first gives all the benefit to whoever wins the flip. I can't imagine ever choosing to go second.

Fighting over objectives was much more important given their increased value, attacking/defending them generated a feeling of immediacy. We did not score any Objective VP, so I can't comment on their removal after scoring (but my guess is that the shift in the action would be a good thing overall, especially based on the board state at the end of the game.)

The Scouts sat unactivated the entire game. Between powerful surge abilities and their position there was never a reason to activate them. My impression from playing this match is that I'd still want to avoid taking more units than I have command tokens for, at least for this game size. Noh would've been far better off investing the Scout's points in a fourth Berserker and their upgrade, and just playing with a 33 point cadre. That said, playing more games could change my mind, and at the larger point sizes or with a less aggressive strategy having more units could work. I like the way the power tokens work, just from this single experience it doesn't seem that the meta will support a build that specifically aims to use them via number of units recruited. If I can get a 50 point game in soon, I will, though schedules usually don't allow the amount of time I expect such a game to take (at least while we're still getting comfortable with the rules). I guess what I'm saying is I want to test this more, but I think the underlying mechanic is sound, while not strong enough to be game-changing.

December 19th, 2017, 9:46 pm
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