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Rules Questions (20th October Rules Pack)
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Author:  tinkergoth [ November 2nd, 2017, 11:45 am ]
Post subject:  Rules Questions (20th October Rules Pack)

Creating a new thread for this since these questions didn't come up from anyone's playtest, just through discussion by Major Glitch, Obsidian-Crane, Urban Gargoyle and myself.

Turf War and Multiple Units of Hell's Belles: Is the intent for Turf War that only the squad of Belles that particular instance of the AOE benefit from it? We assume that's how it's meant to be played, but as written a case could be made that if I ran two squads of Belles and each one laid down a Turf War on a different objective, both of them would count as being in contact with both. There may need to be a clarification made somewhere that if an AOE specifically calls out that it affects a unit by name, it only affects the instance of that unit that created it.

Bind: Does having a Bind token mean that the unit cannot use an ability labelled as a Surge ability even in a full activation, or only when they're Surge activating?

Tow and AOE markers: For the purposes of Tow, do AOE markers count as models? My assumption would have been no, but under the definition of models it states that "models are the miniatures and markers used to play a game of Relic Knights.

Definition of Entering an AOE: It's obvious that entering an AOE during part of a unit's movement while that unit is active will trigger any effects. Do the following scenarios count as that unit entering the AOE:
  • The unit is Force Moved into it (either by friendly or enemy units)
  • The AOE marker is somehow MOVED (not placed at creation) to cover the unit (for example, if Tow does in fact allow you to relocate AOE markers)

Power Tokens and Surge Activations: Power tokens get removed at the end of an activation. Is this only full activations, or Surge activations as well?

Models and LoS to themselves: A model is not in contact with itself, but does it have LoS to itself for the purposes of targeting support abilities? Can Betty target herself with Mechanic?

Disengaging and Re-engaging: Does disengaging, moving away and then moving back into engagement as part of the same action count as having "engaged the target this activation" for abilities like the Royal Wrecker's Royal Treatment?

Author:  Major Glitch [ November 3rd, 2017, 4:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rules Questions (20th October Rules Pack)

A couple more questions from our ongoing discussion -

Broken Squads: How do they interact with engagement? If a squad that is in cohesion is engaged, and loses cohesion, is the enemy unit still engaged? If they are still engaged, does the enemy unit get a free disengage (as the broken squad cannot make a melee attack)? If still engaged, does a broken squad prevent scoring an objective (I assume yes)?

LOS & Elevation: I know we keep coming back to this, but the ability to shoot through the floor due to ignoring the terrain a unit is standing on is still an odd case. Can the rule be amended to "Elevated terrain that either model is currently standing on does not block LoS (it is not considered an obscuring or blocking object) if the unit(s) on the terrain are within 3" of the edge of the terrain the window crosses"

Elevation and Engagement: Engagement being measured base to base creates odd situations, where a model standing on top of size 2 terrain would not mechanically be engaged with a large (size 3+) unit on the ground, when logically the height of the model on the ground would allow it to melee the unit on the terrain.

Author:  Major Glitch [ November 7th, 2017, 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rules Questions (20th October Rules Pack)

A few more squad questions:

Under "Squads", the engagement section says "Only models engaged with the attacker may be affected by the attack." Does 'attacker' here mean active model or attacking unit ? This is important when two squads are engaged, as not all models of a squad will necessarily be engaged with all models of the opposing squad. For example, max Scallywags engaged with max Swordworn could be a long line dance affair, meaning the active model would likely only be directly engaged with a handful of enemy models, even if both units are fully engaged per the rule that requires all models of a squad to be engaged with the enemy unit.

Scoring Objectives: If a squad manages to stretch out and be in contact with more than one opposing objective (somehow managing to avoid engagement and becoming broken), do they score for both objectives when they activate? (The rules only say 'if in contact with secondary, score 1VP. If in contact with primary, score 2VP', so I'm fairly certain this works, but I want to be sure.)

Author:  Major Glitch [ November 9th, 2017, 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rules Questions (20th October Rules Pack)

I’m glad to see the concerns above made it into the latest update. A couple more thoughts from the latest update:

Sarva Scouts had their Fisruption ability changed to being [ranged], but Viper’s is still [melee]. Is this intentional? I’ll argue that the ability being melee-range makes it extremely unnatractive to use.

Tinkergoth suggested in a chat that Stealth could grant Shielding 2 instead of Armor 2. I do like the thought of Stealth being more reliable - and I’d give up the potential to gain +4 for the static reduction. I can understand the rationale for armor, but we are curious if Shielding had been considered for Stealth.

Daring Heist is a nice balance to the Tow issue, however the wording preventing the Objective being placed in contact with terrain also means the Objective can’t be placed on top of terrain like buildings. If this isn’t intentional, something like “the placement must meet the same rules used during deployment.”

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