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 Cover & Protection 
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The rules for cover are:

If any line could be traced within the window that crosses any blocking or obscuring object, determine the distance between the obscuring object and the target. If the target is within 3 inches of the object, the target has cover. (Line of Sight Fig. 3)

Uses for cover are explained in more detail in Terrain , page XX.

COVER (for squads)
If at least half of the models that can be affected by the attack have cover, then the entire squad is considered to have cover.

In terrain cover is only mentioned in the Protection rules in the basic rules and in the advanced rules under Armoured.

Cover is also mentioned in Block as being included in it's effect and in Stealth as the requirement for gaining Stealth.

Protection and Armoured have similar text and Protection says:

Most pieces of terrain provide some form of protection. Terrain with this trait prevents damage to the units behind it. Protection includes hedges, barricades, bunkers, trenches, and other defensive positions.

When a unit has cover from a piece of terrain with protection, the unit increases its armor by 2.


As it stands now, in theory you need to go around and decide if every bit of terrain offers Protection as part of game set up. However as the first sentence in Protection's description suggests pretty much all terrain should offer the benefit of Protection, which as my terrain is largely buildings is in practice what happens in my games.

Cover has been munched improved for ease of determination, and thus usefulness with the current rules. You can largely use Mark 1 eyeball to work it out and it follows fairly obvious logic. However some odd situations happen, for example a Size 3 Savra Scout behind a Size 2 Void Witch has cover and thus benefits from Stealth, but a Kyojin Berserker behind the same Void Witch has cover but it doesn't do anything at all.

I would like to propose the following changes;
Cover always provides +2 Armor
Block does not include Cover, this helps stop the issue with high Armor units with presses to gain Armor and Block also benefiting from Cover and becoming very hard to impossible to injure without the right positioning or massive attacks.
Protection is removed from the rules.
In the Advanced Rules the Weakened trait means the cover provides 0 Armor and the Armored trait still provides +X Armor.

This does the following:
Removes the need to mention Terrain in the cover rules.
Makes cover apply consistently for all cases, not just terrain.
Reduces the fixed impact of cover on defence by separating it from Block.
Makes it random, because perhaps you were not as well hidden as you thought.
Reduces the amount of set up discussion because only Weakened and Armored structures need to be identified.

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