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Forum Policies
Below are the basic rules you will are required to follow to post on Soda Pop Miniatures forums
and maintain an account. Read them fully, as you will be expected to abide by them whether you
have read them or not.

Be Polite
-We expect all who use our forms to be courteous of one another and to conduct themselves with
good manners. We also expect all to respect our company and brands, as well as our employees.

-You are encouraged to share your thoughts about our products and our company, but we ask that
you do so in a respectful manner where you provide constructive criticism aimed at helping us and
others understand your underlying concerns and issues.

-We also ask that you conduct yourselves with a sense of community and order. When posting,
please stay on topic and please refrain from attacking one another. Please also be clear in
expressing your ideas and share them in a manner that invites discussion, rather than attempts to
incite dissent and vitriol.

-Behaviors such as ranting, flaming, meme-blasting will not be tolerated.

-Posting content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory,
vulgar, obscene, pornographic, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, sexist, racist, homophobic,
ableist, or otherwise objectionable in language and in images that are deliberately intended to
shame or harm another will not be tolerated.

-Posts that are unconstructive and wholly negative about our products, policies, partners, and
individuals we represent will not be tolerated.

-Lastly, spam, advertisements, and other such solicitations are expressly forbidden.

Use Proper Grammar
-All posts are must use correct punctuation, capitalization, and basic syntax to be inclusive of
others and foster community.

-"Leet" speak, text abbreviations, jargon, gibberish, and other forms of exclusionary language and
text-based practices are not allowed.

We’re not asking you to be perfect in what you author; we’re asking you to consider the clarity of
your message for the sake of the community we foster on the forums.

Mind the Moderators
-Posting on the forums is a privilege, not a right. If a moderator alters a post, requests that you
alter a post, or asks you to refrain from behavior(s) unbefitting of the community fostered on the
forum, please evaluate the request and comply.

-You are always welcome to ask questions, voice concerns, and/or contact a moderator for
clarification for any actions/requests.

-Please also bear in mind that Ninja Division employees who are also moderators have additional
job duties and may not be able to respond to every question, request, or concern. Ninja Division
employee moderators will, of course, check in on the forums and do their best to respond as
available and depending on the severity of the question, request, or concern.

Stay On Topic
-The purpose of our forum is to discuss all things related to Ninja Division, Soda Pop Miniatures,
our partners, our products, and any events or other related activities we engage in as a company
and as a community. Discussions related to politics, religion, other companies, other games, and
the like are considered off topic and are forbidden on our forum.

-When posting an original thread, please bear this in mind. Similarly, when posting a response to
an original thread, please stay focused on the original topic posted. If a thread strays from its
original intent, moderators reserve the right to delete posts or even lock the thread entirely.

We will heavily monitor the forums for any posts that violate the terms outlined herein.

Posts that violate these terms may be edited, locked, or deleted.

Users who violate the terms will be warned and, if necessary, may also be banned without warning.

January 26th, 2017, 6:13 pm
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