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Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/18
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Author:  ManicMan [ December 23rd, 2017, 9:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/18

Since this is a more.. Appropriate section to post this then general, I'll post here.

I got a 3D printer, I got some skills and some (though limited) time.. so lets have fun. I'll try to keep this updated with current status for stuff etc..

Just to add a couple of things..
1) Feedback would be nice, and If you want to post your prints if you get them made, that would be great.
2) Please do NOT post them else where without permission nor go around selling them without permission.
3) IF SodaPop decided to release there own versions of any of these for people to buy, I will take the files down. This is a fan upgrade for your games and not designed to compete

Project 1: Sandspire Spawning Point
Status: Finalising
Description: While I like the Alternative profiles coming with V2b of Super Dungeon (mainly for the Base Set and Arcade set), some of the arcade ones were... not really Alternative profiles in a practical way. While it's not hard to paint up a Kobolt from the Dragonback peaks in ice colours to be a Frozen Kobolt from the Frostbyte Reach, There is no way to paint up a spider to look like a crab. If SDE do release new models.. it might be a bit annoying because it goes against the alternative profile idea, but at the same time, it would look and be fairly nice.
Anyway.. Until that time, If you have (which you don't right now) the Netherelves of Midnight Tower and wanted them as Arcadian dunes Elves you will have some problems. As a nice sized piece and fairly simple i decided to take the art and make the Sandspire spawning point.
These always look worse in the photos but here is a fresh print (i got black PLA loaded and since i paint, no need to screw around with different colours. Originally it was going to be a little bit smaller then this, but i had a couple of issues with it like that and the taller version fit it pretty well. I sadly, did not make the skull myself.. too much for my basic skills right now (which are growing though). Next to my Arena Champion for Scale. No supported needed.
This is showing the backside of it on a Von Drakk tile. as you can see, the bad news is the sand dune overlaps the tiles around it a bit. Since this isn't totally new to any board game (name any which the figures can FIT in one tile and uses models) I don't think it's a big issue.. I think making the sandune smaller around the edges might be possible and might look just about okay, but I don't really like it..
This is my mostly painted (yeah.. I'm an okay painter but not great) versions of it. the Gem needs more work and i need to touch up the edges.
File: Will release at a later date.

Project 2: Immobile Token
Status: Released
Description: Tokens are little bits of card used for various reasons. cheaper, easy to store, generic.. lets scrap them. Here is a 3D version of the Immobile Token. Simple enough design.
Again, this looks FAR better in real life. didn't clean this one up at the time. Measures about 20mmx21mmx20mm something like that. I printed this one with supports that i didn't think it needed.. it doesn't.. Also printed it at a safe 40mms.. doesn't need that either. I have printed a couple more with no supports at 90mms and they are fine.
Another scale showing one. I wonder if the Cat hair shows the scale more.. oh well, either way it shows you it's fairly nice size.. in fact, might work as a creep really.. I do have a painted version (not much, just the eyes and mouth) but not showing right here now
File: STL file V1 (27/12/2017 release)

Project 3: Player Start Token
Status: Released
Description: Replacement for the Start Token showing where the Player enters the Dungeon. Very simple design.
Paintwork wasn't quite finished on this and I've taken a picture of it next to the Princess Coin (large) from FK KS for scale. Fits well in a single square, flat so players can start on it if they want. The print came out okay but not perfect cause i was using the second head on my printer (it's a dual extruder) and the left hand wasn't quite as aligned as well as the right but i find it so much easier to have one colour loaded on one head, and another on the other. bit of blue paint (not finished in this) and it turns out great. Double sided too.
File: STL file V1 (27/12/2017 release)

Project 4: Knockdown
Status: Released
Description: Replacement token for Knockdown effect. Came out much stronger then i expected.
File: File: STL file V1 (24/1/2018 release)

Project 5: Bane Token
Status: Released
Description: Replacement token for Bane effect.
File: STL file V1 (24/1/2018 release)

Project 6: Status Cards
Status: Released
Description: Basiclly, just a deck of Status Effect Cards. Playing with a... say we say 'Non gamer' group they often forget about Status Effect meanings and a few other things, So i decided to just quickly whip up a deck of Status Effect Cards. I didn't bother to design a back for them cause there was little need.
File: Zip file containing 10 Pngs (17/2/2018 release)

Project 7: Poison Token
Status: Pending release
Description: Replacement Token for Poison Effect.

Project 8: Princess Coin (in game size)
Status: final Testing
Description: Replacement Token for Princess Coins, In-game size to fit on Backpack Dash.

Project 9: Clockwork Penguin
Status: Final Testing
Description: New Pet model, the Clockwork Penguin. Complete with card.

Future plans (in no set order):
Fire Token
Hex Token
Ice Token
Slow Down Token
Death Token
Crystal Cluster
Single Crystals
Hero Dashboard (Explore/Arcade/Arena)

Author:  Worship [ May 4th, 2018, 4:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

Wow I absolutely love these tokens... I'll admit that once I got the Heart/Potion tokens, I thought how nice it would be if all the tokens were 3 dimensional.

My only suggestions would be keep a round base for each one so that it'd be consistent with SPM's tokens. The Immobile token is kinda big too.. but I might just be being picky here lol Would also love to see them all translucent solid colors like SPM :)

Great job though, looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Author:  ManicMan [ May 4th, 2018, 7:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

thanks ^_^ one problem is... i'm an old school guy when it comes to making 3d models.. I need to remember to increase polycount.. I don't digi clay stuff but design via vertex's and stuff.. they print a bit smoother (of course, depends on your printer).

not all the tokens have a base cause some.. it just seamed stupid. I can see your idea about being too big but it's kinda personal preference ^_^. Translucent colours are almost impossible to print on a normal 3dprinter because of internal support.. I would have to turn up the infill to 100% and even then, you get the layer effect.. Though I do some resin casting... though I don't have any clear resin right now.. third party printers is possible but while there prices are okay... it's WAY more pricey then doing it myself.

I will say I've got something kinda nice almost ready now.. a Pet

Author:  ManicMan [ May 8th, 2018, 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

Updated to show a preview of my new Model, the pet "Clockwork Penguin". The image is from the second print (I.. erm.. lost the first).. and I've been having a couple of minor problems anyway..

He is a bit shorter then Admiral fuzzybottom if you don't count his tail, and while I think that is probably okay, I'm thinking about making him a bit bigger.. I've got the card all done and basic testing on that done and it seams okay. I'll say that this figure is 'inspired' not by a Japanese game, but by a French one. I was going to add the one ability but decided it would make him too powerful when I noticed another pet has a similar kinda power to what it's main one is. I'll probably give it away but here is the favour text from the current version of the card:
"Created by the gnomes of Clockwork cove, Clockwork Penguins were designed for the cold climates of the Frostbyte reaches. Often mistake for one of the natural critters of the land, they creep up to an unexpecting monster, only given a slight confusing tick-tock before exploding in a burst of shrapnel".
Spell checking and stuff will be done before release ^_^

Author:  sleepy_laughter [ May 8th, 2018, 9:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

The Clockwork penguin is super cute! i agree, it could be bigger (even though Mr. Bitey is a huge pet). I think the size of Demolition Expert (assuming you have one) might be a good size since I assume you're modeling the ability after his. Never Lost Cola and Ninja Cola just seem too tiny.

The penguin, aside from the goggles, doesn't have anything to show that it's clockwork from the pic. Does it happen to have a windup key in its back maybe? :).

If the card is the same as Demolition Expert then it can just be a proxy model, which might be fun as a Creep to fight if/when Frostbyte Reach releases...

Author:  ManicMan [ May 8th, 2018, 9:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1


Yep, has a key on the back ^_^ I didn't base it after the Demolition expert at first, but when I checked my Demolition expert, I thought "Oh.. this has already been done.. oh well" and decided to scale back it's abilities a bit because of that. It's... erm.. more powerful ^_^

I was thinking about making a creep card to go with it. fighting against a small army of these things could be fun.

Author:  sleepy_laughter [ May 8th, 2018, 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

Since the demolition turtles come with Testudo Tower and in Classic he can Throw them and they explode, maybe you can do a (clockwork) Yeti Dungeon Boss that also throws exploding penguins?

And rather than doing an explosion for wounds/copying the demo expert, maybe they can do reduced Burst, but inflict Ice or something penguin themed? Like make you smell of fishes so monsters get +1STR attack against the model :).

Author:  ManicMan [ May 8th, 2018, 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

possible. I do have a 'hero' figure in the works but it's a bit above me so it's going slowly.. well.. when I say that, the main problem is the posing right now. A Dungeon boss would be nice but tricky right now ^_^

there is a difference in what damage it'll do as a creep compared to a pet.. I think as a pet, I can do a slight tweak for power but that's it else it'll be WAY stronger then others, even at it's level.. for a creep, I'll do some fun bits ^_^ similar bit a bit different.

Author:  Worship [ May 14th, 2018, 12:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

Omg I want the penguin!.. After you fine tune the details, how can we make this happen? lol

Also wondering if your prints are super smooth and sharp or do they have a lot of lines and texture? I don't know much about 3D printing :?

Author:  ManicMan [ May 14th, 2018, 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

they aren't super smooth really cause that's not possible outside an much more advance resin/laser job, but that aren't bad. basically, 3d printing (atleast the regular FDM printing) works much like a normal printer is that it prints a pattern on a surface (the build plate) but then it changes the layer.. either by the head moving up or the plate moving down (mine has the plate moving down), and then prints the next layer. Since the PLA (or ABS but I use PLA) is partly melted, it sticks to another layer with which is mostly partly pressed into the previous layer.

Depending on things (I've had a bit of trouble resetting up a few bits cause.. well, bits are designed to wear out ^_^ the timing belts are rubber and need to be aligned just right with each other, filament roll quality can varies a little bit from roll to roll as for what heat they need to 'melt' (PLA is normally around 180-230c, I mostly stick around 200c). The speed and how small the nozzle and the software and stuff can decide how detailed you can print.. I have a nozzle with a 0.4mm hole (pretty small but standard). A print of the princess coin with all the detail from the metal coin, but at game size didn't work at all.. detail WAY too small. If you look at the Immobile token, that's a photo and it looks more rough then it is, due to some vibration and stuff (moving parts and all) I sometimes get a bit of echoing but as it's mostly painted over, it's no major problem. If you really want a super smooth finish, you can sand the surface down (tricky on small detailed bits) or coat it.. sometimes some paint or something can be done to smooth the surface down.

There are some places that will print for you... but prices can varies.. not amazingly bad but..

Author:  Worship [ May 16th, 2018, 2:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

Will you have it available to download? I'd love to paint one and give you a shout out.

Author:  ManicMan [ May 16th, 2018, 7:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Manic's Stuff for Fun - Models and bits * Updated:30/4/1

yep, when I'm happy with it, it'll be out for Download. Don't worry, it shouldn't be long

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