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Since this is a more.. Appropriate section to post this then general, I'll post here.

I got a 3D printer, I got some skills and some (though limited) time.. so lets have fun. I'll try to keep this updated with current status for stuff etc..

Just to add a couple of things..
1) Feedback would be nice, and If you want to post your prints if you get them made, that would be great.
2) Please do NOT post them else where without permission nor go around selling them without permission.
3) IF SodaPop decided to release there own versions of any of these for people to buy, I will take the files down. This is a fan upgrade for your games and not designed to compete

Project 1: Sandspire Spawning Point
Status: Finalising
Description: While I like the Alternative profiles coming with V2b of Super Dungeon (mainly for the Base Set and Arcade set), some of the arcade ones were... not really Alternative profiles in a practical way. While it's not hard to paint up a Kobolt from the Dragonback peaks in ice colours to be a Frozen Kobolt from the Frostbyte Reach, There is no way to paint up a spider to look like a crab. If SDE do release new models.. it might be a bit annoying because it goes against the alternative profile idea, but at the same time, it would look and be fairly nice.
Anyway.. Until that time, If you have (which you don't right now) the Netherelves of Midnight Tower and wanted them as Arcadian dunes Elves you will have some problems. As a nice sized piece and fairly simple i decided to take the art and make the Sandspire spawning point.
These always look worse in the photos but here is a fresh print (i got black PLA loaded and since i paint, no need to screw around with different colours. Originally it was going to be a little bit smaller then this, but i had a couple of issues with it like that and the taller version fit it pretty well. I sadly, did not make the skull myself.. too much for my basic skills right now (which are growing though). Next to my Arena Champion for Scale. No supported needed.
This is showing the backside of it on a Von Drakk tile. as you can see, the bad news is the sand dune overlaps the tiles around it a bit. Since this isn't totally new to any board game (name any which the figures can FIT in one tile and uses models) I don't think it's a big issue.. I think making the sandune smaller around the edges might be possible and might look just about okay, but I don't really like it..
This is my mostly painted (yeah.. I'm an okay painter but not great) versions of it. the Gem needs more work and i need to touch up the edges.
File: Will release at a later date.

Project 2: Immobile Token
Status: Released
Description: Tokens are little bits of card used for various reasons. cheaper, easy to store, generic.. lets scrap them. Here is a 3D version of the Immobile Token. Simple enough design.
Again, this looks FAR better in real life. didn't clean this one up at the time. Measures about 20mmx21mmx20mm something like that. I printed this one with supports that i didn't think it needed.. it doesn't.. Also printed it at a safe 40mms.. doesn't need that either. I have printed a couple more with no supports at 90mms and they are fine.
Another scale showing one. I wonder if the Cat hair shows the scale more.. oh well, either way it shows you it's fairly nice size.. in fact, might work as a creep really.. I do have a painted version (not much, just the eyes and mouth) but not showing right here now
File: STL file V1 (27/12/2017 release)

Project 3: Player Start Token
Status: Released
Description: Replacement for the Start Token showing where the Player enters the Dungeon. Very simple design.
Paintwork wasn't quite finished on this and I've taken a picture of it next to the Princess Coin (large) from FK KS for scale. Fits well in a single square, flat so players can start on it if they want. The print came out okay but not perfect cause i was using the second head on my printer (it's a dual extruder) and the left hand wasn't quite as aligned as well as the right but i find it so much easier to have one colour loaded on one head, and another on the other. bit of blue paint (not finished in this) and it turns out great. Double sided too.
File: STL file V1 (27/12/2017 release)

Project 4: Knockdown
Status: Released
Description: Replacement token for Knockdown effect. Came out much stronger then i expected.
[Picture Pending]
File: File: STL file V1 (24/1/2018 release)

Project 5: Bane Token
Status: Released
Description: Replacement token for Bane effect.
[Picture Pending]
File: STL file V1 (24/1/2018 release)

Project 6: Status Cards
Status: Released
Description: Basiclly, just a deck of Status Effect Cards. Playing with a... say we say 'Non gamer' group they often forget about Status Effect meanings and a few other things, So i decided to just quickly whip up a deck of Status Effect Cards. I didn't bother to design a back for them cause there was little need.
File: Zip file containing 10 Pngs (17/2/2018 release)

Project 7: Poison Token
Status: In released (need to test out)
Description: Replacement Token for Poison Effect.

Project 8: Undecided

Future plans (in no set order):
Fire Token
Hex Token
Ice Token
Princess Coin (in game size)
Slow Down Token
Death Token
Crystal Cluster
Single Crystals
Hero Dashboard (Explore/Arcade/Arena)

If you want to see some SD related stuff I've made and shared, why not check out my thread:

December 23rd, 2017, 9:07 pm
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