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 Rail Raiders Arcade Mode - Single Player or Full Co-op 
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I know the Kickstarter has barely begun and the game is just getting going, but I can't help myself. I saw the rules for the game and like them a lot. I also know that I enjoy full co-op more than a versus style of game. I also will have more opportunity to play the game solo than I will in a group setting.

So when I asked myself if I wanted to back this project I thought about how much use I would get out of it. I realized that it would be a lot more if there was an Arcade mode. So with that in mind I crafted one. I am posting here right away for several reasons. First, feedback from the forums will help refine the rules. Second, it may sway someone else to back the project and finally there is the small chance the SPM decides they like the idea enough to include it in the actual game, they are still in design mode so additions like this are possible.

Enough rambling onto the goods:


Arcade Mode:
This mode is designed to allow Rail Raiders Infinite to be played single player or in full co-op mode. Most of the core gameplay stays the same with the following changes.

Each player controls one or more Raider. The object of the game is for the raiders to completely loot the train before it reaches the station. (**The goal might be to reach a certain double-dollar amount, some playtesting will need to be done to ensure the station timer vs goal reaches the right challenge/fun level**)

Setup: No changes.

Player Turns: Player turns are now Raider Turns. They operate on the exact same phase cycle but it is done per Raider, as some players may be controlling more than one Raider.

Move and Search are unchanged.

The raiders are all in this together so they will no longer fight against each other. The goal is won or lost collectively. So fightin’ is only done against the Lawbots. On a Raider’s turn, when they choose the Showdown action they declare which Lawbot the current Raider is going to attack. A Raider may choose any Lawbot present.

Law Bots:
You no longer need to roll for the Lawbots, each Lawbot has a preassigned roll or “hand”.
(**special cards or abilities granted to Lawbots will have to be accounted for, probably just up their “hand” a bit, maybe have each Lawbot have a standard hand and a boosted hand and any effect that is positive just allows them to use their boosted hand**)

(**Suggested Hands, may need some tweaking with playtesting as well**)
Deputy: Pair of Kings (K, K, Q, J, 10)
Cavalry Soldier: Two Pair (K, K, Q, Q, J)
Sherriff: Three of a Kind (K, K, K, Q, J)
Cavalry Captain: Full House (Q, Q, Q, J, J)
Marshal: Straight (10, J, Q, K, A)
Special (Lt Deadeye and any others): Four of a Kind (Q, Q, Q, Q, J)

To resolve the Showdown action the Raider rolls their dice as outlined in the standard rules (Note: unlike the standard rules ONLY the active Raider can roll to fight). If the active Raider can beat (or tie) the hand of the Lawbot they targeted the Lawbot is destroyed and the Raider gains double-dollars in the same fashion as the standard rules. If however the Raider fails to beat the hand the Raider gets the worst end of things. When this happens the Raider has to drop one of their double-dollar tokens into the train car they are currently in. This represents them dropping the loot as they dive for cover or having it blasted from their hands. It does not matter what the value of the double dollar token is, one token must be dropped. If a Raider has no double dollars then the Lawbot has driven them back, move the Raider one train car either towards the engine or the caboose (whichever is closer, if it is a tie the Raider may choose). A raider may NOT choose to retreat if they have double dollars, they must drop the goods.

New Actions:
‘Ere Catch: A raider may spend one action to give any other Raider, IN THE SAME TRAIN CAR as the active raider, any number of double dollar tokens and/or equipment cards.

Grab It: When a Raider performs the Grab It action they may pick up one double dollar token from a rail car they are currently in. This action may be performed while Lawbots are present.

Ending the Game:
If the Raiders gain all the loot (** or a preset number of double dollars / raider **) they win, if the train reaches the station before that the raid is a bust and the Lawbots have defended the train.

April 7th, 2016, 3:50 pm
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Nicely done. I may use this myself when playing with family.

April 16th, 2016, 6:31 am
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Thanks, I'm sure I'm going to update them some but I'll leave them as is until I get the actual game. I've seen some other good suggestions in other threads here or on the KS comments. I also now have to account for the second expansion bots.

I'm looking forward to getting this game.

April 18th, 2016, 3:35 pm
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I like the idea of assigning poker hands to the different models for co-op. It's not bad for people who want more of that hack and slashy feel presented in Arcadia Quest. Pretty cool!

April 20th, 2016, 8:59 pm
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