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 Finalized Campaign Mode and Building guilds 
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In a previous topic I described my ideas for a campaign mode where raiders could be leveled up from game to game (see viewtopic.php?f=48&t=14961.) I have playtested this now and finalised the rules along with optional rules for how to build a guild (called a 'gang' to keep to the theme). These rules create a 'just one more go' addictive quality and increase your loyalty to certain raiders as you try to level them up and turn them into legendary outlaws. Building a guild of raiders is optional but it brings variety to the game in the characters you use.

Campaign Mode

Get off the Train! Rule
To create a risk/reward mechanic the raiders have to get off the train before it reaches the station or they risk losing $$. This rule creates tension to maximise those $$, which will contribute to the levelling of your raider.

Once the high noon deck has been created, count 3 cards per player from the bottom and place a marker in the deck (a normal playing card works well). e.g. for a 3 player game place the marker in the deck 9 cards before the end. This marker acts as a reminder the train is getting close to the station (just 3 rounds left).

During the game, once the 'marker card' has been revealed in the high noon deck to highlight that the train is getting close to the station, then a raider who starts their go on the caboose does not prevent a high noon card being taken and a card is taken at the start of their go as normal.

To keep all the $$ gained in the game, the raider must either be on the caboose or off the train once the last player has had their go, at the end of the round after the last high noon card has been drawn. To be off the train this either requires being thrown off the train or one move action off the back of the caboose.
If there are any lawbots on the caboose at the end of the last players turn, raiders needs to be off the train and being on the caboose does not count as being off the train (as the lawbot will arrest you at the station).

If the raider is not off the train at the end of the game they lose the number of $$ equal to the number of lawbots still left on the train.

Leveling your Raider between games
After each game, all the $$ kept by the raider get banked and are safe. When leveling up the $$ are removed from the bank and are considered spent.
To level up:
Level 0 – petty thief – raiders starting position
Level 1 (outlaw) - Cost = $$10 - reward - pick the top loot card at random which you can start the next game with (can be $$ or weapon)
Level 2 (notorious) - Cost = $$15 - reward - can do 3 of the same action per turn.
Level 3 (legend) - Cost = $$20 - reward - get 4 actions per turn.
Retired = Once a level 3 raider accumulates an additional $$25, they MUST retire and be put back into the pool of raiders, starting again as a petty thief if chosen.

Rewards are cumulative, so level 3 raiders can pick a loot card at the start, can do 3 of the same action plus get 4 actions per turn

Building a Gang of Raiders – Optional Guild rules
I have the Space Cowboy Kickstarter edition so have a large pool of 16 raiders to choose from. Therefore I have allowed players to build a gang of up to a maximum of 3 raiders. If you have the core box only then you only have a pool of 6 raiders, therefore depending on the number of players in your group you may want to limit gangs to 2 raiders or not build gangs at all.

You start the game with one chosen raider. To add a new raider to your gang it costs $$10, which is removed from your bank. You can use money accumulated from multiple raiders if required.
When a new raider is added to your gang you MUST use them in the next game.
Each separate raider has a separate bank of money. Money accumulated from a single game can be added to any ONE raider in the gang, but whichever raider has received the money MUST be used in the next game. (This prevents players using higher level raiders repeatedly to earn money to level up lower level raiders without using them).
Once the maximum number of raiders in the gang are reached, the ways to get a new raider, is to either:
• reach retirement for one of them and replace with a different raider from the pool for no cost.
• Pay $$10 to sell the raider back to the pool and pay an additional $$10 to buy another raider. This money can come from multiple raiders. The sold raider loses all their money in their bank.

Optional Rules for using alternative lawbots from expansions
Line up the lawbots as such and put them on the train in this order:

Sheriff- Sheriff- Cavalry soldier - Sheriff- Sheriff- Pallbearer (then back to the beginning)
Marshall- cavalry captain - marshall - preacher (then back to the beginning)

The lawbots are removed in this order, depending what is on the carriage:
deputy-sheriff-cavalry soldier-pallbearer-marshall-cavalry captain- preacher

April 15th, 2018, 8:41 pm
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