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CTM with passing
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Author:  RogueRifler [ February 4th, 2016, 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  CTM with passing

This is a very simple modification to CTM.

In addition to the rules for Capture the Medal the following applies:

Special Rules: If a model is adjacent to a friendly model carrying a medal token, the first model may spend 1 movement point to pick up and carry the medal token the second model is carrying.

Challenge Length: 7

This applies instead of the additional XP section in CTM:
When a model picks up a medal from an enemy's goal space, it gets 1 XP. When a model returns its own team medal to the team’s goal space, the model gets 1 XP. When a model captures an enemy’s medal, it gets 3 XP.

When I was playing Capture the Medal, my friend and I found it was best to stun lock the enemy model carrying a medal and pin it. This change makes team support much more important to taking the medal and capturing it quickly.

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