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 Ninja Freeze 
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Freeze Tag!

Tested and shelved. This is dead for now.

Ninja Allowed: 7

Special: Stun tokens are not removed from models when they activate. When a model has three stun tokens, it is not injured but remains on the board and cannot be injured or stunned. A model can never have more than three Stun tokens, if it would gain more, those tokens are discarded instead. When a model is injured, it is not removed from the board and placed in the healing house, instead that model gains three stun tokens (for xp reasons the model is considered injured but not stunned by the attack).

When a model has more than one stun token on it, it cannot be activated.

If a model is adjacent to a friendly model, it may spend an action to remove 1 stun token from that model. A model may not remove a stun token from itself in this manner.

After players have finished activating models but before the upkeep phase, all teams with the fewest models with 2 or more stun tokens on them gain 1 point.

Phase 1 of the Upkeep phase has been replaced as follows:

1. Beginning with the player with initiative, and then proceeding clockwise around the table, each player performs the following steps:
-Remove activation tokens
-Perform one of the following:
a) Draw one moon card.
b) Remove one stun token from all friendly models.
c) Remove all status effects from friendly models and place all friendly models into the Training Ground, all opponents gain 1 point.

-Deploy friendly models from the Training Ground to the player’s deployment zone, until the maximum number of models allowed by the challenge are on the game board. These are the team’s reinforcements.

2. Advance the Moon Tracker token one space, clockwise, to the new phase of the moon. (See Phases of the Moon, page 15.)

3. Advance the Round Tracker token one space. If it reaches the end of the track, flip the token over and move it to the start of the track.

Challenge Length: 7

Additional XP Awarded: None. Models can be injured / stunned multiple times to put additional stun tokens on them. These still trigger the basic xp rules.

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January 30th, 2016, 4:40 pm
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This is dead. The idea was based on freon in quake iii, but unlike a fps this game has adjacency bonuses, perfect knowledge of enemy position, and a much more deterministic combat system. The only way to get teams to split up and prevent a frozen fur-ball would be to have an area control rule set. Ultimately, I feel that the freeze tag elements would end up as a gimmick instead of an interesting mechanic. I definitely have a lot of fond memories of freon.

January 31st, 2016, 6:38 pm
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