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 [Game Mode] Ultimate 
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[Game Mode] Ninja All-Stars: Ultimate
In Ultimate each team tries to get the throwing star to an opponent's goal space and score points. I had an earlier draft posted on General topic months ago. Here is a little more refined one. Still play testing would be required to find the most enjoyable rule set. If you test it, let us know how it goes.

Ninjas Allowed: 7

Setup: In Step 4 of Setup, immediately before lanterns and shrines are deployed, the player with initiative places a throwing star (the extra round tracker token) into one of the four central spaces in the middle of the board. After Step 5 and exactly before Step 6 each player picks three medal tokens of their opponent’s color and distributes them into the opponent’s still unoccupied deployment zones as he wish. These medal tokens represent the goal spaces in this game. The player with the initiative places all three goal spaces first.

All small-base models start the game in Stealth when coming into play in each round.

Special Rules: If at some point a friendly ninja occupies a goal space in his own team’s deployment zone that ninja is immediately injured (no experience provided even if this was caused by an enemy ninja’s action). However, it’s possible to move through an own goal space, but not end the movement there without injuring himself. A team scores points by getting the throwing star into one of the opponent’s goal space. A friendly ninja must occupy that goal space and hold the throwing star to score 1 point.

To pick up the throwing star from the ground or from a friendly ninja is an action. Picking can be done from an adjacent space. If a ninja moves (or some other way ends up) onto the same space with the throwing star, ninja is forced to pick it up. If it’s the ninja’s turn, this takes an action. Ninja may also drop the throwing star to an adjacent space, but this requires an action. Picking up or dropping the throwing star is stealthy.

Ninja who has the throwing star cannot move, but may fight normally or spent an action to throw the throwing star:

    * Throwing can only target a non-stealthy friendly ninja in line of sight. However, other models don't block line of sight when passing. A throwing attempt is not possible to a ninja's back influence zone. Ninja must see that something is thrown towards him so he would be able to catch or intercept the throwing star. It's not allowed to throw the throwing star to an empty space.

    * Ninja may throw the throwing star as far as his static movement attribute allows to, but not any further.

    * Catching: A ninja trying to catch the throwing star does an affinity test. If he passes, he successfully catches it. If he fails, the throwing star lands in his influence zone instead. Catcher chooses the space.

    * Intercepting: A friendly or enemy ninja between the line of throwing and having an appropriate facing may try to intercept the throw. This is done by affinity test. If it success, the intercepting ninja gets the throwing star. If it fails, the throwing star continues flying towards the initial target. A ninja in stealth and having appropriate facing may intercept the throw. Intercepting is stealthy.

If a ninja having the throwing star is stunned, he drops it to a space of his influence zone he chooses to.
If a ninja having the throwing star is injured, place the throwing star in the space the injured ninja occupied.
If a friendly ninja is holding the throwing star in an enemy's goal space, the team immediately scores 1 point.

As a free action, ninja may drop his stealth status on his own turn.

Challenge Length: 9 rounds

Additional XP Awarded: Intercepting or catching the throwing star is worth 1 XP. Forcing an enemy ninja to drop the throwing star is worth 1 XP. Scoring is worth 3 XP.

Further variant ideas:

    * Use the point calculation rules of Brawl to calculate how many fans you get during the match. If the scoring is draw at the end of round 9, the player with the most fans wins.

    * After scoring a point, instead of having the throwing star at the center of board, it starts from the deployment zone of the team who scored/didn't score. The player who is currently losing may choose.

    * Picking up throwing star doesn’t require an action, but instead uses one movement point. If moving to the same space as the throwing star, picking up doesn’t spend a movement point. Action point can still be used as an alternative way to pick up the throwing star.

    * Before moving or taking an action, a ninja may drop the throwing star as a free action to a space in his influence zone. The throwing star may not be picked up again by that model during the same turn. The model may not either end his turn to the same space with the throwing star.

    * Instead of using the static movement attribute how far the throwing star can be thrown, use a constant value of 5 for all models.

    * Turn the mode into American football and allow moving while holding the throwing star. Scoring a point requires spending an action unless it happens by as a result of passing the throwing star to other ninja waiting in a goal space.

    * [suggested by Arydis4] Instead of using opponent’s deployment zone as goal spaces, use the unused deployment zones. (If players deploy N and S, make the goal zones E and W.)

    * [suggested by Arydis4] Give the intended passing target an extra dice for affinity checks (makes it more likely to catch, but not certain) or reduce the dice for affinity checks for interceptors.

February 9th, 2016, 4:02 pm
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Thanks for dropping it in here too. I printed off your challenge and have added it to my book of challenges.

February 9th, 2016, 9:29 pm
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This is beyond my knowledge so that I have enough.


July 15th, 2016, 9:11 am
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Very interesting Very interesting

October 31st, 2016, 3:35 am
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