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 NAS Hidden Shrine Heroes - favorite affinity/combos? 
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I haven't played with the Hidden Shrine Heroes from the NAS crossover yet, but I was thinking of which affinity's would be cool with which heroes.

Edit: I realized a lot of stuff on the wiki was not accurate, I assume b/w the preview and what was printed so take with a grain of salt. still seems to have the most up to date scans.

For folks that haven't seen these, models with elemental affinity can pick an element/ability at the start of the match:
Elemental Affinity
Spirit: Feint
Void: Predator
Earth: Immunity to status effects
Air: Fly (previously sidestep/surefoot)
Water: Slow
Fire: Fire (surprise ;) )

Hidden Shrine Infiltrator
Crane: Lance 8, Pull 3
Squid: Aura 2, Stealth

Feint and Fire are the obvious offensive choices. I prefer Feint b/c Fire kills your loot and you need to get your hits in first!
Slow could potentially have use when combined with Squid/Stealth, but I think this is situationally useful.
Fly has the tradeoff of not being able to hide behind structures, but I wonder if you could use Crane to pull mobs into Chasm's still so they suffer wounds? Flying Squid Aura for stealth I think is hilarious, but also may have limited application.
Status Immunity is always solid and can trivialize some monsters that rely on it to hurt the heroes, but is situational based on the challenges/mobs you encounter.
Predator is the weakest option as it's designed for melee heroes.

My personal pick would be Feint since it's quite powerful in Arcade and works on everything :).

Hidden Shrine Mystic
Monkey: Wave 1, Knockdown
Fox: Range 6 WILL vs WILL Compel 3

Feint and Fire are both still solid offensive options for Monkey with the above described tradeoffs.
Fly can get the Mystic in position to Monkey, but also prevents him from hiding behind structures after a Knockdown
Predator seems like a strong choice due to Fox, but Predator triggers a melee attack so Fox is actually stronger when used in conjunction with a Melee Hero Predator hero to get 3 Predator attacks.
Slow is a weaker choice b/c the Mystic has access to Knockdown so any monsters that get hit by Monkey will just not move and still remove Slow at end of activation in most cases
Status Immunity's value I think will often depend on which spawns you're fighting, but the Mystic's Potion can Ice mobs w/o an offense roll, which should be able to stave off most debuff attacks.

My personal pick would again be Feint since it's quite powerful in Arcade and works on everything :).

Hidden Shrine Master
Tiger: 2R STR, Pounce
Ogre: Wave 1, Push 1

The Master seems to be made specifically to use with Predator due to his Ogre blue support action. Unless the mob is immune to control effects or cannot be pushed away from the Master, he gets a Predator Melee attack. Tiger lets him position for maximum Ogre Predator attacks when needed, too.

Feint and Fire are nowhere on the same level as Predator b/c Ogre doesn't benefit and the Master has no other access to AOE.
Fly and Slow feels to have low benefit due to Tiger Pounce and no AOE for Slow
Status Immunity's value is still solid, but value again depends on the monsters/challenges encountered.

My personal pick is (unsurprisingly) Predator b/c it quite possibly OP and I expect to be hilarious (at least in Arcade) :twisted: .

March 13th, 2018, 9:29 pm
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Joined: October 29th, 2012, 8:56 pm
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Also...I've been reading up on Fly. Arcade: P36:

FLY: A model with Fly treats difficult terrain, chasm, and
structure squares as open squares. All non-blessing tile
effects in those squares are ignored. Structure squares do
not block line of sight to or from models with Fly.

If I read this correctly, Fly models can end their activation on chasm and structure squares and avoid basically negative tile effects. I had been playing that they cannot end their movement on chasm or structures b/c that seems a bit silly/easy to exploit, but it seems maybe this is on purpose? So a flying Hidden Shrine Infiltrator with Crane could potentially be quite strong depending on the tile?

I'm reading only walls stop Flying models (but not Burrow, but they still stop LOS) and they can basically end their turn anywhere.

March 13th, 2018, 9:39 pm
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