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 What if SDE had a companion app? 
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I've been looking around at other dungeon crawling board games for ideas. One thing that struck me was Descent Journeys in the Dark. They have an app that you can use on tablets and phones. It allows you to play the game coop or solitaire. It basically guides you through the story, and lays out the dungeon and monsters for you. It automates a lot of stuff that would be hard to track with cards or charts. I started thinking of what something like this would look like for Super Dungeon. Here are some things I think it could emulate:

- Input your collection so the app knows what models and stuff you have. Some quests require specific tiles or monsters, so those would only unlock if you had the right stuff.

- The app will have a 'save game' of your progress. This could track your money, XP, and other flags or triggers. Imagine playing a campaign where your decisions are saved through the game. If you didn't kill a miniboss, it might return in a future dungeon for round two. The app could keep track of these things better.

- True blind dungeons. In the Descent app it doesn't show the whole dungeon at first, but only tells you which tiles to gather. It has doors on the screen that you touch to open. Then the app lays out the next tiles or notifies you of traps and such. It also might trigger traps every couple turns if you haven't progressed far enough into the dungeon.

- Less record keeping and clutter on your table. The app could give you all the information on the monsters, so you wouldn't need all your cards on the table. If this was using Legends rules, all you'd need is your hero sheet.

In the Descent version, some of the game rules were tweaked a bit to make it work. It was a little clunky, but it's given me some ideas. Seeing as Super Dungeon Explore has many ideas rooted in video games, wouldn't it be cool to see a hybrid of both a video and board game? I think it would be, as long as it adds value and replayability to the game. What do you think about something like this in the future? I'm kind of imaging this as my own version of Legends.

February 16th, 2018, 3:51 am
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If somebody made an app that worked for SDE I would be as excited as a little boy on Christmas morning. To get my family to play isn't very easy, but an app like that would make things simpler and more fun. It would be great if it was simple enough that my young boy could run it so that he would feel more involved (plus he just loves playing with electronics in general). Besides being for legends it would be awesome if they could make it useable for arcade mode too. That would make it quicker and more exciting in general. If you didn't know exactly what the next tile would be or how the monsters would be set up for that tile it would make the game more intriguing. I would pay money for an app that could do everything that Eternaldream has mentioned.

February 16th, 2018, 6:16 am
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The company made a companion app for Relic Knights. Leave to them (more) this task. Maybe they get some profit.

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February 16th, 2018, 11:49 am
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I would love this app

February 16th, 2018, 10:55 pm
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If I knew anything about coding I would hop on it. I wouldn't even know where to start first. I need to finish painting the rest of my stuff before I even think about other projects though. Haha.

February 17th, 2018, 2:14 am
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