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 Opening Of the Temporal Caverns for SDE craft 
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Soooo, with the revamp of rules and quests and fluff, please see the lead in text to the opening of the caverns. I will post the rules later for the cavern opening quests. Same as before, just tweaked a little.

New Super Dungeon Explore Craft Weekly Fluff and quest

“I watched with great pride as you became the greatest squire in my command. You heralded in all that was good in this world and you refused to let that hope die. I stood there the day that they gave you your Paladin’s armor. I was there the day that they strapped the commander’s regalia cloak to your shoulders. I was there when you reclaimed Glauerdoom moor from the hands of Von Drakk. I was not there the day that hope failed you, and for that, I am forever sorry. But I did what must be done, and I will never forget the day that I put you down. Even though you were corrupted by the Lord of Plagues, you were still my student, my squire, my second in command, a woman I looked at as my daughter. My Celeste…”

A slow chill echoed through the dark and snowy chasm. Walking along a plane of pure white snow, the paws of the undead bear crunched softly. On top of the bear sat the Celeste, her cape blowing gently in the soft wind. Her axe strapped to her back, her twisted armor giving a sickeningly green glow. As the bear slowed to a stop, her eyes glowed slightly brighter from beneath the armored helmet. Sliding the helmet off, her pale skin and purple lips remained flawless and appeared almost porcelain in appearance. Her long silver and white hair blew gently across her eyes of pure white. She knelt and touched the snow. The army of undead behind her coming to a halt as she did. One of the skeletons in heavy armor who was mounted upon an undead horse came forward. Without saying a word, he looked at her, and she at him, his hollow eyes began to glow, and he turned back towards the army behind him. Holding up an undead fist in the air, they let out a roar. Celeste stood slowly, grabbing the large axe from her back. Whispering to the blade as she drew it from her back, she spun in a circle and brought the axe down into the ground. As she did, a large crevasse began to burst out of in front of her, separating the ice in front of them in a large triangle in front of her. The cracks ran like lightning out hundreds of feet. Then, silence fell onto the land, all that could be heard were the quiet ramblings of Celeste. Then, her hands began to glow the sickening green color. From the shattered ice, a structure began to rise up. Peaks began to fly up, large castle walls began to come up from beneath the ice. Slamming her hands on the ground next to the axe, an entire keep and castle eventually surfaced itself from the ground. It was made of stone and mortar, decorated in dead bodies that hung loosely from the sides of the walls. Cages with skeletons in them, and the large iron wrought gate that held enemies at bay. Picking up her axe, she slung it to her back. A smirk came across her face. “Welcome home,” came the three voices that exited her mouth when she spoke. Walking slowly, Mr. Buttons followed her towards the front gate of the keep…


Lord Chronos gripped the table where he was researching Beatrix’s plan. “No, she found it, there’s no way…” As he was speaking the small old lady from town appeared before him in a whirlwind of clouds.

“Your heroes did well Lord Chronos,” she said laying the book gently upon the table. “I think they will be great Champions of Time.”

“They got the book, excellent. It is time to open the Gates to the Temporal Caverns, I can feel Beatrix moving already to alter various points in time, we must stop her. Have these heroes gather what is needed to open the gates. Then, we will see if they are truly up to the task…”

Begin the opening of the Temporal Caverns General quest line.

November 3rd, 2018, 12:44 pm
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