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 New Quest and story for World Of Super Dungeon Explore Craft 
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World Of Super Dungeon Explore Craft Weekly Fluff and Quest:

”Our lives are a cycle of battle and violence. It was started so many years ago when the Dark Consul set things in motion. Yet, there is always hope. Sometimes though, that hope changes over time. For me, hope is removing life from this world and resurrecting them all in my own image. Then, finally silence will fall upon the land and I can know peace…”

Beatrix flipped through the pages of her dusty tomes and spell books. “I know it’s here, I’ve seen it before. Where could it be. Jinx, Minx, stop napping and help me find it!” she scolded her two large cats. The cats got up and ran through the arcane library. Each cat came back with a tome in its mouth and dropped it on her table. “No, No, NO! This is all wrong.” Slamming her staff into the ground, a pulse of magic exploded out around her. Heading to the south side of the library, she thumbed through pages of books before throwing them to the ground. Finally, she found a book, it was ornate, blue stained leathered, bright silver accents, gems on the front in a strange symbol. “Yessss, this is it!”

Moving quickly back to her table, Jinx and Minx laid back down and began purr as they slept. Reading the book quickly she moved to the middle and found what she was looking for. She began to laugh to herself. “This is it, this is how I will do it. I will alter the time line. That’s how I can get Celeste to completely give over to the Dark Consul’s will. If I can secure her when she is younger, she will be the perfect host! YESSSSS!” She shouted. Jinx and Minx screeched as they became startled. and ran.


Boots echoed down the marble hallways, the paths dimly lit by torches. The Armored boots belonged to a cloaked woman who ran quickly, her staff illuminating light ahead of her. As she reached the large chamber door, she stopped. Removing a very ornate helmet, she tucked it under one arm and took a breath to compose her staff. Knocking her staff on the ground, the chamber doors opened slowly. The massive twenty foot doors made of marble and iron croned as they swung open. Walking in with good posture and a slight hesitation in her steps, the woman entered a great chamber, where upon a large throne slumbered a man in full armor and robes of a battlemage. His staff leaned against the large throne. In the middle of the massive chamber was a round platform that was about four feet high with steps leading up to it, upon it sat six rings inside each other that formed a sphere like shape. Kneeling she lay her staff down in front of her. “Lord Chronos, I apologize for waking you a hundred years ahead of schedule, but there has been a disturbance in the timeline.”

Moving slowly, the seated figure began to stand, dust and debris falling off his armor as he did. Leaning forward he held out a gauntleted hand and motioned for the woman to stand, “What news have you learned my child?” His voice was deep and echoed off the walls. Wisdom hung onto every word he spoke, it rang with command and intellect. “Show me.”

Walking to a large pool of water that lay in the ground she motioned her staff in a wide arch and it showed Beatrix in her study. “The Witch Queen known as Beatrix, a consort of Von Drakk and servant of the Dark Consul has opened the Tome of Chronos, your tome my lord.”

Standing slowly, the man moved down the steps from his throne to where the woman sat, it was only there that the woman realized how massive the man truly was, he was at least ten feet tall. Looking down at the image in the scrying pool he frowned behind the mask of his helmet. “This does not bode well. She means to completely alter the time line. Gather your guardians, we must delay her as long as we can. I will set something of our own in motion.” He then nodded at the woman and headed back to his throne, where he sat. Nodding the woman turned and left to retrieve the guardians of time.

Moments later in town:

The town bristled with life. New Guilds had been established, Adventurers were coming from all over Crystalia to earn new quests, set up blacksmith shops, some just looking for work, others just passing through, selling information and found goods. However, sitting in the town square was a cloaked old woman. She stood and approached the most recent group of adventurers who returned home. Your group. “My name is Liandra, I was once a great and powerful sorceress, now, I am just a simple old woman. But I am not without purpose.” Opening her cloak she took out a bag of gems. “I have gems for each of you if you can help me. Given to me by my old master. Chronos, lord of all time…”

Set up: Create a dungeon using Vondrakk tiles.
4 tile dungeon, 2 outside tiles, 2 inside tiles placed in that order.
Spawn Points:
Tile 1: Grabby House
Tile 2: Shallow Grave
Tile 3: Grabby House
Tile 4: Shallow Grave
Mini Boss1: Gruesome George
Mini Boss 2: Iron Golem
Main Boss: Beatrix The Witch Queen

Mission: To retrieve the book from Beatrix’s study. Place a token to mark the books location on the farthest open doorway on the last tile. A player may spend 2 action points pick up the book. However, the person who holds the book will always be the considered the player with the highest threat when determining who Beatrix is going to attack. All other monsters on the board follow threats and commands as normal.

How to win: Defeat Beatrix while a player in your party is holding the book. If you defeat Beatrix without holding the book, you lose the quest and receive no reward for it.

Victory with someone holding the book: Beatrix begin to twirl her staff above her head and a massive cycle of fire begins to spin around the outside of the room, closing in as she concentrates more. The ceiling turns into fire as she begins to channel the last of her spell. Then, there is a small break in the fire as the old woman from town enters. She motions for you all to run to her as she holds off the flame with her old withered staff. As you all run to her. She holds out a chalice in her free hand. “Everyone grab it!” As you all grab it you are all teleported away. When you phase back into reality, you are in town, the chalice in your hands with enough gems for everyone to have 2 of each color. The book and the old woman, gone.

All players receive 2 gems and 5 exp each
Then, each player draws a random hero from the hero deck and puts it in the middle of the board. Then, add Von Wilder to that collection. Each player may choose to free one of the heroes from Beatrix’s dungeons. The player than adds that character to their guild charter.

Victory of the Dungeon with no one holding the book: As Beatrix flees she throws a fireball at the book on the ground and turns it to ash. The old woman feels this in town and sighs relief and dismay all at once. Then, as the wind blows, she too turns to sand, blowing away with the wind. When you return to town and where the woman once sat, all you find is some sand and her cloak. The woman is never to be seen again.

No special rewards

Failure of the Dungeon: As you all lay on the ground, defeated, trying to cling to life, Beatrix laughs as she holds the book in her hands. “Did you really think you could take this from me? I am the Witch Queen! I AM ALL THAT IS POWERFUL! JINX, MINX, Let’s get out of here.” With a snap of the reins, the two cats took off into he air, pulling the pumpkin chariot and Beatrix with them. She leaves and you never know what knowledge was held in the book, or what consequences this could bring…

September 29th, 2018, 5:08 pm
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