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 Weekly Quest for WoSdEc 
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Hey All;

Here is this weeks quest for the World Of Super Dungeon Explore Craft. Enjoy!

Quest Giver:
A Dwarven Hearth sworn Fighter:

“Greetings Adventurers, I lost me Brother Ragnar. T’was a brave and fierce lad he was. Went into an ole cavern with a Rock singer he did. But in the depths of that cave they awoke a great beast. A monster made of Flame, Lava, and Magma. MOLTEN HOT MAGMA I TELLS YOU!” The dwarf says with wide eyes, grabbing the front of your armor to look you closer in the eye. Realizing the concept of personal space, he lets go and backs up. “Sorry, don’t get out much. Anyways, I’m looking to find him and bring his helmet and shield home for a proper burial and honors. I need some adventurers to head in with. I’d like to recruit yer all. Up for an adventure?”

Find shield and helmet of Ragnar 0/1
Slay Roxxor 0/1

Quest Rewards:

5 exp to each player
1 gem of each color to each player

Set up:
In addition to your regular group, you must take the Hearthsworn fighter. The control of the fighter will move around the board clockwise. If your group is at max players, one player must sub out their character for this one. The player’s character who they were going to take will still receive the exp reward for completing this quest even though they had to take the hearthsworn fighter.

The Hearthsworn Fighter will be equal level to the highest level player in the party. As a group decide any stat changes if necessary.

Set up the number of tiles for your group as regular. However, in each map tile set up 2 markers in different open doors. A player may interact with the marker for 1 action point. Roll a blue dice, on zero stars, nothing happens. On 1 star, recover a potion. On a heart, recover 1 heart. On two star, discover the helmet and shield. The person who finds the helmet and shield immediately gains 1 exp. This exp is not lost even if you fail the dungeon.
If there is only one marker left, or you defeat Roxxor before all markers are overturned, you get the Helmet and Shield, but not additional experience from discovering them is awarded.
Boss: Roxxor
Mini Boss: Rock Gut

The Rock Pile paired spawn point must be used in this quest. Any other spawn points may be chosen by the group
Recommended other Spawn Points:
Claw Shrine Paired Spawning point
Kobold Warrens Paired Spawning Point.

Tiles: Dragonback Peaks, the cavern/mine sides.

Upon Successful completion:

The dwarf covered in soot and battle damage looks at you all. “Aye, was a good fight that there Roxxor. He’ll be back I’m sure. But now I can bury me brother right like. Thank you all fer ya help. Good luck adventurers.”


September 20th, 2018, 2:36 pm
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