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 World Of SDE craft needs your help! World Event 
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sleepy_laughter wrote:
I know you're almost done with this, but you should include the new Fungomancer as dropping shroom heads!

If a hero is shapeshifted into a shroom and is defeated, is that also a shroom?


In the published rules I will update to include the mancer.

No, hero defeated does not drop mushroom.

Thanks for pointing this out with the new model, appreciated!

May 17th, 2018, 10:59 am
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Thank you to everyone that messages, posted and participated in this. Large narrative to the opening coming soon and the post of the first narrative dungeon shortly after that.

Thanks and keep you posted!!


May 17th, 2018, 11:00 am
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The Temporal Caverns Have Opened…

As your group approaches the Envoy to the Temporal Caverns, she is already busy using the items you have brought to her. Turning to you, she nods thankfully as she grabs the remainder of the items. “You have done well adventurers, this is no small feat to acquire these materials in such a short time.” Continuing to paint the ground with the ichor of the mushroom caps she begins to recite an incantation. The ground starts to glow and nine of the sword began to glow that were collected from the troll chieftains. Taking the last one and shoving it into the ground in the center of the circle, Lightning crashes from the sky, thundering and roaring all around. Then, with a moment of magically induced silence, a wave of light exploded out in a ring. In the center of the ritual circle now stood a portal with a faint glow of purple and blue light. “Heroes that are worthy may now enter. Please, help my master, I will stay here and maintain the portal.”

With that your group heads through the portal, standing in a massive room, Chrona stands before you. “Greetings my friends, welcome to the Temporal Caverns, a place where history is preserved and watched over. My name is Chrona, I have protected these caverns since the moment of creation. Please, have a look around, sit for a rest and enjoy some food. For though my need is great of your assistance, I need you all ready, for what you must do will be unforgiving.”

As you look around, you see cloaks and hour glasses floating high in the air, slowly circling. The roof of the cavern is filled with what look like smalls stars glowing all around. The massive room has many cavernous exits. You see a small gnome clinking behind a table. “Help me, help you. You help Chrona, I’ll show you all my wares friend. Until then, Time is money, keep it moving!”

Now, as your group rests, Chrona explains to you the task ahead….

You have now Unlocked, The Burning of Gloomdower, Narrative dungeon…

May 17th, 2018, 2:46 pm
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