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 Tusk Raider is great BUT... 
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Couple problems though. Firstly, it's multipart and resin? Not necessary imo! Also, the most recent SDE minis no longer have the dungeon floor bases which is saddening for those of us who like consistency throughout a collection... I will have to use extras or find a 3D printed replica now. I've seen a handful of people already bringing up these points so I'm not alone, but I feel it was necessary to make a post too.

I love SDE and ND/SPM in general, but to the company overall: Please do not go in this direction!

We're already frustrated with the ongoing Kickstarter delays (at least I am anyways) so don't start making your fanbase shovel out lots of money for one mini in the meantime. These type of business moves are very worrying and I really hope this isn't the pattern we'll see going forward.

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March 24th, 2018, 8:11 pm
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They responded to this in their kickstarter. Basically they plan to make resin Masterwork models in the interim while they try to get their plastic manufacturing figured out for SDE: Legends since they're separate channels. I think they alluded that plastic SDE products like the Frostbyte Reach Level Box they referred to will be on hold until they get SDE: Legends running.

I expect that means the dungeon floor bases won't be the norm with the resin models.

So if you don't want resin...basically wait for SDE: Legends to get up and running. Otherwise, if you want 'something' expect resin in the meantime.

March 24th, 2018, 9:31 pm
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Expect to see a lot of resin models in the near future. The good news is resin models tend to hold more detail. Some great looking resin models are in the pipeline.

March 25th, 2018, 6:49 am
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The resin minis are made in different place than the plastics. Propably in a different country to boot. So they might not have the access to the dungeon base molds. Thus the resin models have different style bases.

The factory that does plastics has a big logjam of products to do. Since the resin figures are made in different place By different people, they can do these one off figures even while they need to wait for the plastic figure schedule to unjam.

The artists and sculptors cannot sit on their thumbs while waiting for the plastic situation to unravel, so they work on the resin figures meanwhile.

Resin figures are cast by hand (I think) and are done in much smaller quantities than the plastics, that is why they cost more to make.

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March 25th, 2018, 4:05 pm
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I'm still on the fence with the resin, now that I have 4 of them to compare (Tusk + 3 Tako girls). No doubt, they have a lot more detail. I think this is immense on a model like Tusk Raider when I compare him to the relatively simple large base models such as Thundervale Huntress or our favorite Angry Bear (which is more cartoony), but less noticeable when I compare him to some of the Dungeon bosses that are very intricate or Von Wilder which has great poise. The Tako girls I don't think NEEDED to be Resin from a detail perspective, but understand that's more due to being a crossover and expected to be a lower demand item, thus Resin is a more business responsible/fiscal decision for the company. I do like the bundle price (3 for $30) since that puts it below the base price of the plastic hero expansions and I that's a good price point for me.

It appears the pricepoint for the new resin models may be:
$20 for small/regular model
$40 for large base model
$60 for dungeon boss? I think this is how much King Starfire originally was?

Add that the 'Masterwork' models are currently expected to be SPM store exclusive, that means everyone is expecting to pay shipping, at least $7.60 for me and much more for international customers, I don't see these flying off the shelves unless they are amazing (which I hope they are at least as amazing in concept as Tusk Raider). For example, if they dropped the Centaur Healer from the Lore update, I think a lot of folks would jump at that purchase simply b/c there are no...clothed Centaur models atm. Gloomborn Blackguard? Well, maybe, depends on what he does and may not be as interesting w/o a KS lore update and/or more Legends material.

I do think if they went the line of releasing a lot of the 'not yet seen' heroes for SDE:L prior to their corresponding level boxes that may be a good approach since folks are (less likely) to just grab everything for Legends and may opt for just the hero(s) they plan on using. SDE: Classic/Arcade are already full of excellent hero options even before SDE:L products hit shelves.

Since there will be folks that will 'wait' to order until they can bundle these to save on shipping, I really hope SPM improves their store to put items on layaway or preorder once all the desired items are in stock b/c right now you just have to check the store every day and hope everything you want is there b/f placing an order.

March 25th, 2018, 4:24 pm
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