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 SDE 2.0 Hero/Arcade Google Sheet 
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Hey guys,

Since getting back into SDE 2.0 Arcade, I wanted to make a basic comparison sheet b/w heroes and arcade gangs to help inform my choices and see how the statlines compared to their in game experience, especially since some of the statlines shifted with SDE 2.0.

Obviously this is based on my personal opinion (I tried to be objective) and how I decided to calculate some statistics.

SDE Dictionary Google Sheet

Heroes sheet is pretty straightforward. One line per unique Hero card (i.e. alt gender, crossovers, etc. are listed in Notes).

It can be filtered/sorted on STR (red), DEX (green), WILL (blue), or Hybrid (Orange) hero. Hybrid heroes simply use more than one primary stat with their abilities.

After that I usually make sure there's at least one hero with above average AOE, Max Offense (unique actions + self buffs), and some level of on demand Heal.

The Type is my personal interpretation of how the hero would typically be used/fit into a party if I were to describe them to someone who hadn't played the hero before.

Arcade Gangs sheet, I tried to do my best to calculate and compare these stats:
Wounds - Sum of spawn point and gang wounds
Offense (potential) - min # of stars heroes would need to roll in defense if every model in the gang had MMC Unique Fight and all buffs (aura, conditional, variable, etc.) are active
Defense (minimum) - min # of stars heroes need to roll against base armor to wound every model in the spawn and gang.
Loot - Value of loot from gangs (assuming no spawn/reinforce)

Dice Odds

Since Stylefen's post on BBG is gone, I put together my own spreadsheet to compare the relative value of different dice. As mentioned by SPM during their previous KS, 3B is considered the average statline for a hero. I didn't use every permutation of dice, but rather added all the dice combinations I listed in the Hero AOE and Max Offense column since that usually covers the most common combinations.

The Zero column doesn't work b/c I haven't figured out how to do an equation to elegantly handle this and I'm on the fence re: how important it is to know the potential to completely whiff a roll in Arcade since it's always a possibility.

Bosses (Arcade) and Ability/Actions are not complete and served as a draft before I settled on finishing the Hero/Gangs tab. I will eventually update the Bosses sheet to compare Mini-bosses and Bosses, but they're designed to play quite differently so I'm not sure it's worth attempting to compare the stats outside of seeing what potential stats there are. Since a lot of the FK Arcade bosses are riddled with Signature Actions and very few (if any?) of the SDE:L expansion bosses do anymore. TBD if SPM will revisit the FK bosses. Based on the SDE:A updates, the mobs were weakened and more in line with the SDE:A/SDE:L preview mobs.

March 4th, 2018, 7:32 pm
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Hero stats
70 unique heroes (excludes Siege of Citadel, dupes, etc.) & 3 shapshifts (Angry Bear/MadCat, Von Wilder, and Miserable Toad)

Hero Breakdown
30 STR - includes Shapeshift forms
17 WILL (No Hybrid WILL users, but Kunoichi Candy, Succubus, Ruby, and Tabbybrook use DEX for defense)
8 DEX - much lower than I had expected! Does not include Miserable Toad

Hybrid Heroes
17 Hybrids

9 STR/DEX (includes powerhouses like Malya, Ninja Cola, and the new Tusk Raider)
2 DEX/STR (Deeproot Scout and Moonspire Guardian)
1 STR/DEX/WILL (Cursed Captain

Non-ARM Defense Heroes
14 Heroes
12 defend with DEX
2 defend with WILL (Scarecrow and Celestial Herald)

48 Heroes have native access to AOE (Does not count Von Wilder since Von Wildling has access)
22 Heroes do not have native access to AOE (Does not count Angry Bear b/c Deeproot Druid has access & Miserable Toad is a transmogrify)

Largest AOEs:
16 squares
Cross 4 - House Cerberus Occultist, Sister of Light
Lance 8 - RP: Tabbybrook Mage on a large model - technically the highest damage potential when paired with Fire. No large base WILL heroes, but Unicorn is the only large base Hybrid that uses WILL

12 squares
Lance 6 - Tusk Raider, Dusk Weaver
Wave 1 (Large Model) - Deeproot Treant, Royal Knight, Thundervale Huntress -- RP: Starguild Sapper (STR), Calico Kate (STR), Nyan Nyan (WILL) on a large model
Cross 3 - Cursed Captain, Silver Chevalier

120-140 squares
Wave 5 - BP: Twilight Knight - technicality b/c this is not an attack and Creeps and Boo Booty will be limited appearance in most games. Range is based on if used by a large model

As usual, size isn't the only measure of success - it's how you use it ;)

Strongest native AOE attack:
1) Lunar Knight 3B2R Wave 1 (4.34 avg/max 12)
2) Tusk Raider 1B1R1G Lance 6 (avg 3.83/max 9)
3) Rimefrost Warlord 2B2R Sweep 2 (avg. 3.67/max 10)

I did not measure efficiency of AOE per action point b/c I don't think it's relevant b/c it'll assume perfect mob placement, which is basically a stat I don't think it relevant

Max Offense

Highest Offense Heroes:
1) 2R2G (6.33 avg/max 14) Fae Alchemist (double self buff)
2) 4B2R (5.00 avg/max 14) One-Shot (self buff)
3) 2B3R (4.84 avg/max 13) Ninja Cola (self buff)
4) 2B3R (4.84 avg/max 13) Black Knight (You're Alone)
5) 4B1G (4.67 avg/max 12) Crook-eye Tracker (mark) - Massive Damage
6) 4R (4.67 avg/max 12) Brave Mode Candy
7) 3R1 (4.5 avg/max 10) Hidden Shrine Master (Feint - easier to critical)
8) 5B1R (4.5 avg/max 13) Riftling Warrior
9) 2B1R1G (4.5 avg/max 11) Arena Champion

Honorable Mention
3B2R (4.34 avg/max 12) Ember Mage - Fire
2R1G (4.33 avg/max 10) Questing Knight - Massive Damage
3B2R (4.34 avg/max 12) Lunar Knight

Weakest Offense Hero: 1B1R Deeproot Treant (only one below 3B average), but also hero with highest defense at 2R1

I did not measure efficiency of wound per action point or factor in buff potions from other heroes. No one's going to touch Fae Alchemist if she pulls a 1G or 1R treasure and it's a bit messy to factor in buffs (action and pot) from other heroes. For example, Crook Eye cannot Mark and Killshot in a single activation, but Mark persists so it's reasonable to expect this in a match.

30 Heroes have access to some sort of Heal/Remedy including Miserable Toad
37 Heroes have access to some sort of Control/Movement/Manipulation
19 Heroes may also be played as Mini-bosses

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March 4th, 2018, 7:32 pm
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Arcade Gang Stats
30 total spawn points
18 unique spawn points
12 alt profiles
11 linked spawn points (7 non-alt)
19 spawn points (11 non-alt)

-(L) denotes a linked spawn
-Total stats are relevant basd on what will hit the tile at spawn
-Average stats are relevant to compare single vs linked spawns
-Stats include the unreleased and alt profiles since they are technically available for play now via proxy
-Elemental Shrine is counted as one spawn rather than six spawns as the stat line are very similar
-Siege of Citadel not included as rules have not been published

Basically count # of wounds on all spawn points and models in the gangs. Did not count abilities like Tough or Spawn.

Total Wounds
Average (17): 'tougher' single spawns have 15W (e.g. Fungal Growth), the weakest (L) spawn has 19W (Kobolds)
Median (15): lower than expected b/c a lot of the SDE:A/SDE:L have low wounds and alt profiles
Highest (27): Claw Shrine (L) - mostly due to the Blood Trackers (15W)
Lowest (11): Shadow Tower (incl alt)
Lowest released (13): Egg Clutch - which is actually average!

Average Wounds/Spawn Point
Average (12.45)L 13 spawn points have 12W-13W
Median (13): 9 spawn points have 13W
Highest (20): Lava Whirl - primarily due to the Flaming Gels (9W)
Lowest (9.5): Kobold Warrens (incl alt)

-Kobold Warrens (9.5), Elemental Shrine (10), and Shallow Grave (10.5) are (L) spawn points have fewer average wounds compared to single spawn points.
-Lava Whirl (20) is an outlier - 15W is the typical 'high wound' single spawn point (Pumpkin Patch, Salt Pillar, Skull Stone, Bandit Knight, Fungal Growth)
-Claw Shrine (L) has 13.5W average
-Only (L) shrines have 4W spawn points (Elemental Shrine, Claw Shrine, Fire Flow Hollow, Cursed Hollow)

The minimum # of stars heroes must roll to defend against a Unique Fight Consul Command. Assumptions:
1) All actions are in range and hit 1 target
2) Conditional Buffs active (e.g. Pile-on, Mob, etc.)
3) Auras only buff self
4) Spawn point buffs not active
5) Selectively counted debuffs (didn't count Bane, Fire, etc., but did count Feint)
6) Did not count MMC STR/ARM bonus

This doesn't take into account the spawn/gang's 'strategy' since many are designed to delay the heroes (e.g. poison, spongy) so this is just to pull data that is possible to compare.

Total Offense
Average (27.3): e.g. Old-Growth Hollow (L) (24) Lava Whirl (28)
Median (24): e.g. Egg Clutch, Old Growth Hollow (L)
Highest (71): Shadow Warrens (L) (71) - outlier due to Hubris at +4W. Frozen Warrens (L) (46) is the next highest due to additional unique offensive actions on two gangs.
Highest released (45): Rock Pile (L) (45) due to both elite gangs having unique offensive actions.
Lowest (12): Spider Next/Pinching Palace
Lowest released (21): Pumpkin Patch

Average Offense
Average (19.8): e.g. Kobold Warrens (L), Grabby House (L), Shallow Grave(L), Claw Shrine (L)
Median (19): 4 spawn points have 19 Average Offense
Highest (35.5): Shadow Warrens (L) (71) - outlier due to Hubris at +4W. Frozen Warrens (L) (46) is the next highest due to additional unique offensive actions on two gangs.
Highest released (32): Salt Pillar - if you let those Sorrows survive...
Lowest (12): Spider Next/Pinching Palac
Lowest released (12): Old-Growth Hollow (L)

-Midnight Tower spawn points are below average, but Shadow Tower is dependent on Bane, which I didn't count, and Spider Nest is more about debuffing the heroes with Poison/Immobile
-Salt Pillar (32) is technically a high offense, high wound (15W) spawn point
-Egg Clutch (24) is the second highest released offense spawn point, but is reliant on Pile-on
-Hubris should probably be tuned to 2.5W since most of my heroes have 3 equip by the time the dungeon boss spawns, but if you have 3 hero or have extra spawns, you're more likely to have 4 equip.
-Offense stat is relative to how many mobs survive the heroes attack on Tile 1 and how well the heroes are positioned to manage the spawns on Tile 2 & 3. There are a lot of logistics involved and this assumes a 'perfect situation' for the Consul, which is rare in Arcade.

The minimum # of stars heroes must roll to destroy every from a spawn point. Assumptions:
1) # of Wounds * (ARM+1)
2) Auras only buff self
3) Spawn point buffs not active
4) Did not count MMC STR/ARM bonus
5) Did not count additional models spawned by unique actions (e.g. Raise, Spawn)

Total Defense
Average (37.6): e.g. Elemental Shrine (L) (38)
Median (34): e.g. Pumpkin Patch, Fungal Growth
Highest (66): Rock Pile (L) - no surprise here
Highest Single (46): Lava Whirl - combination of Beetle and Fire Gels
Lowest (18): Skull Stone - glass cannon Orcs!
Lowest released (24): Salt Pillar - glass cannon Sorrows + high elite count = loot pinata

Average Defense
Average (27.3): e.g. Spider Nest
Median (26.5): e.g. Egg Clutch, Grabby House (L)
Highest (36): Cursed Knight (L) (Bramble Knight (L) and Bandit Knight (L) are very close!)
Lowest (18): Skull Stone - glass cannon Orcs!
Lowest released (19): Elemental Shrine (L) - mostly due to having fewer 'fodder' minions, but they may be used by two different gang elites

-Defense isn't as interesting -- seems to be a nice mix b/w single and (L) spawns

Determined by assuming all models spawned by the point are destroyed in a single turn. Count partial loot for minions. Do not include spawned models that may potentially be farmed for more loot.

Total Loot
Average (5.46): e.g. Elemental Shrine (L), Grabby House (L)
Median (5): e.g. Spider Nest
Highest (8): Lava Whirl & Salt Pillar
Highest (L) (7): All (L) give 7 except Elemental Shrine (L) & Grabby House (L)
Lowest (3.33): Egg Clutch due to low # of elites

Average Loot
Average (4.2):
Median (4):
Highest (8): Lava Whirl & Salt Pillar
Lowest (2.84): Elemental Shrine (L), Grabby House (L) due to low # of elites or minions (3-4)

-(L) spawns give less loot, but this is offset by spawning more on a tile to be killed.
-Salt Pillar is a loot pinata b/c it has low defense + high loot
-Lava Whirl has models with high armor (Beetle) or rely on multiple attacks (Fire Gel) and thus still gives a lot of loot, but not as much as easily as Salt Pillar
-Tribal Stone (3.67) is also below average loot, but also much higher average defense, thus increasing its difficulty.

I did some soft scoring (just summing averaging wounds, offense, and defense) and compared this score/difficulty to the loot and that shows us:

Grabby House (L) has the worst Loot Ratio (4.89) due to high # of wounds, average stats, but low loot.
Lava Whirl has the highest Loot Ratio (14.04) due to the high loot.
Salt Pillar is not far behind with (11.27). It has a high score (71) b/c of its glass cannon nature.

Staples like Kobold Warrens (as they were nerfed in 2.0) have low score and slightly above average loot ratio (7)

Ultimately these are just numbers, but (at least to me) it's interesting to see how the different alt profiles stack up against each other and other spawn points.

In general, the existing FK spawn points are stronger than the upcoming SDE:A spawns and the new loot mechanic appears to be poorly balanced for Salt Pillar and Lava Whirl, but on the flip side, both spawn points technically have their merits/challenges.

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March 4th, 2018, 7:33 pm
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This has potential.

If you need it, I have all of the Heroes over on the wiki 100% updated. Complete with Sweetheart Candy and the Tusk Raider. Working on pets, next, but will get to the monsters.
Figured it could be useful if you are doing the heroes first. All of the 2.0 updates are there, and all of the new single releases, and everything.

SDE Discord --





March 4th, 2018, 11:10 pm
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