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 Rumor at a Con about SPM, 
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Yeah, that would be great. I've been trying to homebrew some Legends like stuff for years.

February 15th, 2018, 4:52 am
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Holy Cross wrote:
dsdrew924 wrote:
I've been beta testing Arcade since it first started and I have to say, the game play overall is greatly improved. Its a lot more streamlined and fun now. I highly recommend you all give it a go when you can. it is that much fun.

In regards to legends, I don't like what legends has become, but thats my personal preference and I wrote my own legends rules which i currently use and me and my friends are having a blast.

This game is going to be great, the minis are awesome, if you don't like something in the rules, houserule it, no one is going to stop you. enjoy it, its a game.

Delays too make me sad, but whatever, it is what it is at this point. Con gossip sucks and causes fear and I wish someone from soda would come in and say "All is well, don't worry."

Anyway, play new arcade its dope!

Do you have your Legends rules on PDF or written down? I’d love to look them over. I wrote my own campaign a long time ago and would be open to an intuitive ruleset to help drive it forward.

I do, and I'm currently working on a site to make them available to everyone, allow me to explain:

1. I can share the rules as is right now, but they are kind of a living rule set. It is really designed for Arcade primarily so this way I can enjoy Raiding and dungeon diving with my friends.

2. Some of it still untested as we have not made it to the higher levels yet so some tweaking is going to take place.

3. I have specifically printed these into a binder so that as new raids and battlegrounds/arenas come out, they can be printed and inserted accordingly.

4. The basic break down is i took a heavy influence from World Of Warcraft, combined it with SDE, plus my own RPG DM experience and smashed into something that keeps my players interested.

5. Lastly, this was designed for less "Create your own character" and more of, Look at all these amazing characters SDE already has, lets level them and have some fun.

So that's the need to knows, now i'll just give you a summary of what its based on and direction it currently has.

So to learn the back story to the campaign setting, you can head to the fiction area and read the glauerdoom moore rise of the true necromancer series. This takes place immediately after that story. Then from there people will choose their characters, and can form their own guilds, and in the future grand guilds combining more than one guild with another. In between each delve you can obtain quests, craft items, swap out characters, etc...

If you don't feel like dungeon delving you can do ARENA PVP or Battlegrounds PVP. If you played wow, I have things like WSG and Arathi Basin, to alterac valley, yes, I made AV. Working on making it a 3d map currently.

You level up your characters, you can solo delve, you can team up and each bring 2 -3 characters, whatever you want within normal guidelines. Then, when you reach the higher levels you can raid. Multi winged dungeons with greater rewards, harder custom battles and bosses. The first one in final prep is The Elemental Temple of Jorogumo. This takes the NAS character and two alternate painted versions of her to be her sisters as a raid fight. Where the mechanics will be, each boss has their own threat, and it will require two tanks to switch off between the sisters while ranged and magic is going to want to be focusing on Joragumo herself.

That's kind of the nutshell, I have a good base set of rules, but I am trying to finish this web site/forum where people can check in and get updates/story updates and more quests etc...

If you want what I have now, send me a PM with your email and i'll send you the PDF.

Again, the rules arent perfect, they will get tweaked as we continue to play and level, but so far they've been good and fun.

February 15th, 2018, 8:04 pm
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eternaldream wrote:
Yeah, that would be great. I've been trying to homebrew some Legends like stuff for years.

See my reply to other poster above, send me a PM if it interests you with your Email and Ill send you the PDF

February 15th, 2018, 8:07 pm
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