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 Let's discuss the new Loot and Treasure decks! 
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I've been looking at the recent previews from the Kickstarter, and been drooling over the pictures. I was combing through the pictures of the Loot and Treasure cards when I noticed some changes. I see some cards that we already have, but with a few tweaks. Some are minor, but others are not. I even saw some reference mechanics in Arcade Mode, which is really cool to me. Here are some things I noticed.

First, there are some Loot items that grant a status effect in addition to a die. That's new, since I don't think any of the Loot from Forgotten King or Arena did that. Some of those items are ones we have already. For instance the Dwarven Helm grants +1W STR, but also gives the wearer Knockdown. There are a lot of others too, if you want to look for them. I think that's cool to add more variety to the Loot. However, I'd have to pick through my cards because I would have duplicates that do different things. That's no biggie for me. One thing that would be cool about this change to Loot is that Consul players could build a custom Loot deck to play towards a specific dungeon or theme. For example you could add more Fire resistant Loot items when the heroes are going into the Dragonback Peaks. This turns a normally unimpressive Elvish Bracelet of +1B DEX to something more valuable with its new Fire resistance.

Next I don't see any Crystal Affinities on the cards. In the Arcade set they have the colored crystals from Forgotten King, but they simply offer one kind of bonus. I liked the whole Crystal Affinity thing, and I wished they did more with it instead of scrapping it. I wonder if they will do anything more with it in the game, or it will just kind of be forgotten about? I know some spawning points reference crystal affinity with their aura abilities. Will that continue too?

Lastly I thought I'd bring up some of the Arcade specific text on some treasures. One I remember was on a shield that gave you extra Wrath each turn automatically. I'm sure there were a few more, like ones that prevent you from drawing a Trap (or cursing you to draw more!) I really like the way Arcade has evolved, and I'd like to see more. With these though, it would be nice to have a Classic alternative though. Some cards do have text for both Classic and Arcade, but not all.

Anyway, thought I'd try to bring some life back into everything and get some discussion going. What do you all think of the new cards?

January 20th, 2018, 2:49 am
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Maybe the Loot itens with equal name and art but different/additional effects could have a prefix name to make it sligh different from original. Using the example of Dwarven Helm, just put the new one with the name POLISHED Dwarven Helm or SHINY or IMPROVED. For sure they don't do it because the Forgotten King as we have no longer be produced and these differences between Loot Decks will be irrelevant for newcomers. The company have another plans for it as Level Box, Warbands, Tile Packs...

The main reason of existence of Crystal Affinity was the first concept of Legends where most of card components of Explore and Arcade would be compatible with RPG mode. I also was expecting more treasure cards with it instead of scrapping it. Looks like they keep it restricted to spawning point auras, but if they diminish the usage of this game mechanic, why keep it? Avoid another upgrade deck packs.

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January 20th, 2018, 12:54 pm
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Good idea with Shiny-prefix if item already exists in Forgotten King, but this new one is better.

January 20th, 2018, 9:12 pm
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