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 Rail Raiders SDE crossover 
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So a friend of mine was bouncing around the idea of a RRI space- themed SDE game. So I was just curious what monsters you think would fit into the RRI Universe. So far my friend thinks Space Kobolds and (my personal favorite) Space- Rocktops; paint them up to have gold deposits and pick- axes in their shells (claim jumpers, mines, etc)

Any other thoughts? :)

January 10th, 2018, 2:39 am
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I would love this. I'd like to see crossover heroes, like maybe 3 or so. :)

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January 25th, 2018, 8:08 am
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I was honestly surprised that we didn't see something like this as an official part of the RRI Kickstarter campaign. Hell, I might have actually bought a copy of they had. I love the aesthetic, but RRI just didn't strike me as one that would make it to the table very often for me on it's own gameplay merit.

February 26th, 2018, 6:26 am
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The original reason that SPM didn't make any crossover cards for the raiders were they wanted this to be a standalone game. When asked if they would by several fans they replied that he project was too far behind schedule, and that they didn't want to delay it any longer by taking the time to design and playtest cards. Some of the fans had started to design their own cards, but I think they felt that there wasn't enough interest or people willing to help playtest the cards so they never finished. I am not very good at designing cards, but I had tried to help with some of the playtesting. This made me sad that the project was never finished. Maybe whenever Clockwork Cove stuff finally comes out then maybe interest might be rekindled.

February 26th, 2018, 6:55 am
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I'm still hopeful that if they can get through the backlog of kickstarters and back into new products a crossover box a la Ninja All-Stars Ambush Warband could be possible. Definitely made sense to not add anything more when the project (and other projects) were already delayed.

I think a few things led to fan created cross-overs fizzling.
1) RRI delays sucked a bit of the energy and excitement out
coupled with
2) SDE delays sucking the rest
3) SDE impending rule changes

For myself, I still plan to make my own crossover stuff for my RRI mini's. I'll probably be waiting until I have 2.0 in hand and have several games under my belt. I haven't been doing 'print n play' so any development I'd do would likely end up needing significant changes based on rule revamps. I could do it with the rule books and materials online, but without actively playing at the moment it's a low priority.

If you own RRI and wanted to do a super cheesey easy crossover, just find existing SDE characters/bosses/enemies that have movesets that seem to make sense and just change the names. Leave the values and effects, but create thematic names for them. (Later, you can tweak values and effects using the base characters as a jumping off point for something custom).

Effect                                               Twilight Knight     Pearl Heart
Lance 2                                           Piercing Blade        Snubnose Special        A girls best friend, small but effective
Aura 2   reduce offensive rolls                    Gloom                 Fan Dance             Her movements and rhythm entrance and beguile even the strongest attacker

Destroy Creeps and traps                          Lamplight           Cabaret Charm            Creeps flee and traps are no match thanks to her charm and footwork

If you don't own RRI, consider going ahead and picking it up. My group has enjoyed my copy, and it's a great gateway game. I have some friends who are really into poker, but don't play boardgames, who gave it a shot based on the concept and ended up having a blast.

edit. formatting the characters for readability is pretty lousy, sorry

February 26th, 2018, 9:56 pm
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