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 Why all this RANTING? What is it good for? 
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Hey guys,

I would like to share my point of view on the debate about the offered late pledges, which are not done publicly, only hidden in this forum:

I have been trying to participate in the kickstarter by annoying Justin and Scott countless times with requests for a Completionist pledge, really begging for it. And I know that there are more people like me who did the same. And according to the emails that went forth and back between SPM/ND employees and me over the last several weeks I think it was not an easy decision to make it possible for us late interested, otherwise it would have been offered much earlier.

I dont think that the actual ranting within the kickstarter forum because of the offered limited late pledges is done in a fair manner, because those who do this dont know what happened in the background. Those assumptions dont sound logic. Fulfilling some peoples wish to late participate does not harm you in any way. The opposite is true, because it makes the community bigger which is always a pro and win-win-situation for SPM, me and anyone else who likes their products.

What makes you people so angry or anxious about this decision? If you dont like the project anymore then be happy that SPM offers refunds and take your chance. That is a very fair behaviour and I dont know any kickstarter that offers refunds at all or just for some weeks until the pledge manager is locked down.

It is absolutely not understandable to me what this ranting is good for. Does it make the game better? Or faster delivered? Do you personally feel better if you can shout at others who do their job and try to drive other people to also start ranting?

To me those people appear only frustrated from life that they want to show anybody how poor their life is. I cant see it from another view, sorry, maybe lighten me up. I feel sorry for you guys, but maybe try a new strategy and do something reasonable with your time and energy. You could for example phone some friends and start some of the offered adventures and report your experiences using this link:

That way you help all of us in the community and that way also yourself, because this will make the game faster designed, balanced and delivered. And I can guarantee you will also feel better if you do positive things than being frustrated from negative thoughts and deeds. Just give it a try, because you cant hurry the delivery with ranting, thats for sure!! I have sent Justin also several emails where I thought I spotted errors or problems and suggested solutions. I dont know if that will directly influence this game, but maybe my thoughts help through a new view make the game better for everyone. At least I feel like I have done something reasonable with my time and also I feel now like I deserve partcipation in this kickstarter!!

I would like to point out that above lines are meant to help evolve the game and I am far from any intention to start a dispute with people who have another opinion. But of course, I can understand that you feel frustrated from the long wait (which is not too uncommon for kickstarter timelines) and you want your game! Let me tell you I and everyone else in the kickstarter and SPM/ND as well feel the same, so please help SPM and all of us instead of frustrating the employees with ranting. This does not support their work and creativity.

Kind regards to all of you!

November 23rd, 2017, 6:42 pm
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I don't really know what's going on on the KS comments as I usually just stick to these forums. Here at least people mostly seem to just be happy that the chance to join in happened.
And I personally am mostly happy for them. I remember trying to get my hands on the old RK crossover models. Being excluded is no fun. So I'm certainly sympathetic. The bottom line is: I'M GLAD YOU ARE GETTING IN!

BUT... I do think allowing such extreme late pledges is kinda undermining the whole concept. Why should I invest my money during the next KS if late pledges are granted randomly later?
I'd rather keep my money until the product was actually ready to deliver if I had known it to be an option. It's not really fun to have a $300 investment floating around for so long.

And I absolutely hate using the word "entitled" about customers! But I kinda think it actually applies here. You were late for a sale and demands to get the favorable price years later.
There's no exclusive game content, so obviously it's strictly a question of money.
The KS should already have been delivered by this point in time. If it had been - would you still think it was fair that you should still be able to buy it from the store at KS price?

Like I said, I'm glad you are getting in. But I can also understand the opposite viewpoint.

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November 25th, 2017, 12:19 pm
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That might a reasonable point of view I have to admit that there shouldnt be able to be allowed late pledges, though I dont think its a nice way of thinking, I am a lucky pledger and people who were late should be excluded, because I had to pay my 300 dollars 2 years earlier. It shouldnt matter you when people paid, also I am quite sure that there are people who pledged and didnt pay yet, would be the first kickstarter where people forget or for whatever reason didnt pay or ignored payment when they should have.

But the situation with SDE:L with the many people asking for refunds changes the situation a lot. Most kickstarters do not offer refunds at all or only for a limited time, one of the main reasons is that they already plan the amount of material that needs to be produced, the more they order the more discount they probably get. If like in this kickstarter there are so many people asking for refunds then possibly there is space left to fill those gaps by new pledges. At least I see it from that point of view. So I think the decision to allow limited late pledges might be the reaction to those cancels.

Its also not just only about the favorable price, my main reason is that its really hard to get in Europe (you know that), we have to pay 20-30% extra for VAT and maybe import tolls and a lot of minis seem to be kickstarter exclusive, which is my main reason. For example all the NPCs seem to be nowhere included also the Druid and some other alternate sculpts are limited to Legendary and Completionist pledge. With that situation I am sure I would try to buy the material from the kickstarter at (with import duties) 700-800 dollars, having to go to custom authorities several times to spent there hours to collect the game material and then not be able to get the KS exclusives. No, I guess I would quit.

But I appreciate your warm welcoming me in the team, though I am not in yet...

November 26th, 2017, 1:49 pm
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It's sometimes entertaining to read, I'm a bit spartan when it comes to communication so it amazes me that people can make "Me want game now" into 3 paragraphs of text.

November 26th, 2017, 4:01 pm
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November 26th, 2017, 6:45 pm
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Goblin-King wrote:

Like I said, I'm glad you are getting in. But I can also understand the opposite viewpoint.

I don't mind if they get in late. The real reason I think this opened up was, Soda Pop screwed up and now have extra sets from people dropping out. It only makes sense for Soda Pop to try and sell them.

November 27th, 2017, 3:33 am
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So I am someone who got an extrem-late pledge.
I could not join the KS campaign because I stayed in hospital for about a year. So KS was over as I came out.

My intention of getting a late pledge was just to get in if someone other wanted a refund so it would have been an 1:1.


Sodapop offered late pledges because I think the amount of people requesting it was higher than the amount of the guys wanting a refund.
That is (of course) good for me but I can really understand people waiting for their refund to be approved and "sitting on hot stones" ;)

That has a bad taste if you ask me. The rumors wouldn't have been this loud, if the refunds had been approved more quickly and afterwards the late pledges have been made (1:1 not 1:x).

November 27th, 2017, 3:12 pm
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I just read all the comments. They really didn't seem that bad. Some people were annoyed (to an extent rightfully, as Goblin King pointed out) but I feel this thread was a little unfair to them.

Anyway, here was my reply on the kickstarter, copy and pasting here:

If you want to make changes to your pledge, email and we will help you out. Yes, we have taken a select few late pledges. These were people who were emailing us for months or weeks and we finally resolved to make them happy and let them in. It was simply about satisfying those particular customers. Obviously fully opening everything up and promoting it, etc would be unfair to you guys. But for those few people who contacted us and waited weeks and were really excited, we decided it would be best to make them happy and let them in. Likewise, if you want to change your pledge level (up or down) email us and we will take care of you. If you want a refund, email us and we will take care of you. We understand we are extremely late on this, so if you guys need anything we want to work with you if you want changes. Even if that's a refund or downgrading your pledge. Just let us know.

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November 27th, 2017, 6:34 pm
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I just want to tell that I didnt intend to offend anyone, but probably my words were not chosen wisely and I would like to apologize if I hurt anyones feelings or anything else.
Just wanted to help all of us and again a deep deep sorry, if anyone feels bad about it.

As I started this thread, I would like to get it locked down now. Thank you!!

November 27th, 2017, 7:07 pm
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