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 What does your party look like? 
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Hi everyone!

I'm going through the SDE:L beta rules and making up my own party to playtest the two adventures available in arcade mode. My party consists of the following heroes so far:

Timmorn Yelloweyes
Elven Deeproot Wolfrider
Deeproot Wolfrider Model

Human Riftling Rogue
Royal Warden Model

Elven Questing Knight
Dragonblade Model

Now - for fourth member, I'm considering - either a tabbybrook water mage, and ember mage, or a lunar knight. Either of the mages will use the tabbybrook model, and the lunar knight will use the silver chevalier model. I just haven't figured out what direction I want to go with that just yet.

How about you all? Any of you made parties with which to go out and adventure? Are they gonna become a guild? How have their adventures gone so far?

Edit: This past Saturday, my wife and I, along with a friend ran through the two SDE:L scenarios. We had three heroes - wandering minstrel, silver chevalier, and riftling rogue. We used an erasable grid map because we didn't have the tiles. I had not printed up the loot deck for SDE:L, so we just used the loot deck from SDE:FK. We ran the game in Arcade Mode with some judgement calls being a matter of the group deciding what made the most sense.

Play Notes:
-The play time per scenario was about 40 minutes, significantly less time than any other SDE explerience I have had. With more RP, I could see a three act scenario going for about 60-70 minutes.

-A few rules we're mixed up with other experiences (like 5e D&D). E.g. when a knocked out hero is restored to health, they are out of commission until the next turn rather than able to get up immediately.

-Initiative is crucial in establishing early control of the map. Maps are small, as well and so it quickly became a slugfest for us.

-The scenarios are challenging with three heroes (not surprising), and I imagine they may be trivial with five heroes, so scaling suggestions might be in order (not a high priority).

-Linked skill challenges in the second scenario worked well within the context of the game, and have the potential to be used to add depth to travel and montage style exploration. E.g. In the Road to Crystalia, a skill challenge could be used prior to the first combat encounter. Success with tests might give bonus +1W to initative, or a random item, whereas failure might start a hero off with -1 hearts, or -1W initiative.

-Like most RPGs, low-level play is swingy, but it is manageable. Healing is pretty vital, and not having a healer type in our group did not serve us well.

-While we able to achieve a royal victory with each scenario, I think that the scenarios need some kind of fail forward narrative.

-Class notes:
Rogues: I think that "a knife in the dark" should benefit from the +1B of being engaged in melee, and attacking models with status effects.

Silver Chevalier: The reach is handy with the tight map spaces - however, the +1B for being engaged is too valuable to give up at Rank C.

Wandering Minstrel: The player playing him had a lot of fun with it. Jaunty tune is extremely useful - and more so for larger parties.

Other notes:
-I'm looking forward to seeing the crafting table. I'll print out the decks for the next playtest (which will be this weekend), and I'll be running a crew of four (wyrmclaw templar, tabbybrook water mage, deeproot wolfrider, and one other - maybe a guardian or a cleric?).

-I'll run through the scenarios twice - Rank C and Rank B. I want to see what the difference of +1B and +1 heart make.

-Overall, we had a lot of fun and not a lot of nits to pick. It was a low stakes, low commitment RPG lite experience that can be persistent.

November 15th, 2017, 10:41 pm
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