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 Ideas for Legends Arcade 
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Fantasy Flight's Arkham Horror LCG has a pretty nifty system for creating little story scenarios that has the ability for story driven surprises in a coop game. What I mean by that is, it's easy to have surprise situations you need to deal with using a random event deck or something.. but creating a meaningful story out of it is all just justifying why things happened after the fact. But AH's surprises are in line with the story it's building, like "oh crap! that miniboss that got away in the adventure before this, it's back!" or "Oh cool, those monsters we rescued in the first objective are now gonna help us". What AH does is have two deck of cards for each scenario, one for the enemies objectives and one for the players. They are not big. Usually 1-3 cards each. They are put in an order and on the front of each of them, they have a little bit of flavor text and then tell the conditions that must be met to flip it over and reveal the next. On the back of each are the results of the conditions being met, some flavor text and some game effects to do. Usually if the monsters get through their objectives before the heroes, they have reached the bad end of that scenario. It will have results that show up in later scenarios of the campaign. If the players complete their objectives first, it's usually a win and they will gain some benefit in future scenarios of the campaign. There can be caveats to all of it though, like.. "you made it through all your goals of the scenario, but monster X had finished part of it's job, so mark that in your adventure log".

Generally the monsters objectives just march along "each turn place a token on the card.. when it has 4 tokens, advance it". But it could also be "When the players reach door A, advance this card". The results could be stuff like "It is suddenly very cold, players suffer X until the next enemy objective is passed, players mark 'the forest froze' in their adventure log" or "Add map piece X to hallway as shown, Place 5 Kobolds and a spawner at location B. If the players have marked 'Dark Claw escaped' in their adventure log, spawn Dark Claw at location C"

Player objectives examples could be usual like: "bring X items to place Y", "when all of X monster are killed". But they can be more specific "when the heroes draw the amulet of X from the loot pile, advance this objective"

Basically.. with clever use of the system you can do a lot of neat intentional story telling things that work without a player being the Console.

I recommend giving the card game a try for a better idea on what's possible.

October 19th, 2017, 6:43 pm
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