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 Boo Mighty 
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I made a custom boss designed to work with Boo Bootys. He's a Boo Booty boss, really. I thought I'd share him here. Anyone know where I can have a care made for him should play testing him go well? I used the card creator but it doesn't shrink the text to make it fit. Instead it just runs off the card. Anyway, here you go. Just a note, he can be easy to cheat with. He requires a bit of an honor system. Second note, I plat with a Loot-O-Meter variant, so official rules and this guy probably won't work. Last note, I plan on using one random treasure from each boss to make his boss treasure deck.

Boo Mighty 6/4
STR - 1G2R1*
ARM - 1G3R
DEX - 1B
Booty Plunder – When activated, can destroy a Boo Booty in melee range and get the follow effects until the start of it's next activation depending on which Boo Booty is destroyed. Booty Biter-Backlash, Bouncing Booty-”Bounce It: 1a STR1 Pounce”, or Booty Grinder- “Grind It: 1a STR1, Models wounded by Grind It have one piece of equipment nullified until the end of the turn."
Boom Booty – All Booty monsters within 4 squares of Boo Mighty increase their STR and ARM by 2R.

“Booty Babies: 2a. Spawn 3 Boo Booty monsters within 2 squares of Boo Mighty. These Boo Booty's do not drop treasure and are treated as normal monsters.”

“Steal It: 2a. Range6. Select one piece of equipment on the target and remove it. Spawn one Boo Booty monster adjacent to that hero. When the Boo Booty is destroyed, the equipment is returned.”

“Mimic: 1a. Aura 6. Remedy. Remove Boo Mighty and all affected Boo Booty's from the board. Replace them with an equal number of treasure chests one square apart from each other. Note one of them to be Boo Mighty and Boo Mighty's turn ends. Until Boo Mighty activates again, heroes may attack the chests as enemies with 2* armor. If Boo Mighty his hit, remove his chest and return him to the board in it's place, then he must defend against the roll. If a Boo Booty is hit, the attacking hero must defend an attack from the boo booty and the chest is replaced by a Boo Booty. When Boo Mighty activates next, return all models to normal in their place.”

Spawn Effect – All remaining Boo Booty chests wake up and are treated as normal monsters.(This plays on a custom rule of ours, so this doesn't really apply to anyone else.)
Timeout Effect – Spawn the max number of Boo Bootys. Note one of them to carry Boo Mighty's heart. Boo Mighty cannot be damaged until his heart is destroyed. When his heart is destroyed he takes 1 damage and his heart returns to him, making him able to be hit once more. Boo Mighty does not retreat 10 spaces when he enters timeout.

September 13th, 2017, 3:29 am
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It will be interesting to see where this goes. In all the games I have played I think the boo booties have only come into place once. It would be nice to use them more often. A boss that spawns them sounds like fun.

September 13th, 2017, 4:04 am
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So actually you'd attack once, if in range. And spawn 3 booties and mimic if heroes are in range. or just 6 booties if not. Heroes have then max. 25% chance to hit your 1G3R. If the heroes don't reduce the chests you can even attack thrice in later turns. After timeout they'll need to address the booties. And do it all again.
Won't this take forever?
Why should the chests be used as ammo? I see no incentive. Gives options, but not equally good ones, imo.

Maybe I'm overlooking sth but I'm not convinced. Really like the idea though .had hopes for SPM to do sth like this for years.

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September 13th, 2017, 5:40 am
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The figure is really easy and already made by SPM.. Just get the USB device ^_^

Boo Booty sometimes come out pretty often for me. the one time, I had 3 in a row (random shuffling... odds are low but quite possible).. so they heroes beat on, and another appeared ^_^

September 13th, 2017, 9:51 am
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ManicMan wrote:
Boo Booty sometimes come out pretty often for me. the one time, I had 3 in a row (random shuffling... odds are low but quite possible).. so they heroes beat on, and another appeared ^_^

In this case - at least with current rules - the follow-up boo booty card is discarded so that heroes will always get a treasure after beating boo booty.

September 13th, 2017, 10:47 am
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That is true. a Boo booty can only spawn from cards drawn from opening a chest. Any treasure cards acquired any other way ignores those boo booties. Though, I can't remember off hand if they are discarded or shuffled back into the deck.

September 13th, 2017, 10:50 am
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yes, point there.. I took it as it's still part of the treasure chest draw but yeah.. it would come under the 'another action or effect'. never had them appear for Mini-boss because of that other action

September 13th, 2017, 11:50 am
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