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 Shark's Custom Cards! Current project: Riftling Warband 
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King Kane

Info about King Kane in spoiler
Hello, all! I'm designing a raid boss card (based on the Arcadian Quest model The Underlord) for Super Dungeon Explore, and I would love some input! I'm wanting to evoke the feel of actual raids in MMORPGs like standing in fire and not getting healed! I have a few ideas for abilities/mechanics for him, but I'd love to see what this Chibi-Obsessed Hivemind can produce :D

A quick note: I don't want to make up keywords for this if I don't absolutely have to. I'm already deviating from the standard quite a bit making a "raid" boss, let alone one that does not move!

So, since he does not move, he'll need a way to threaten to players, to make them feel like they have to defeat the boss when he spawns, rather than being able to wander the map and farm/gather/whatever with no repercussions. I was thinking mechanics like "if there are no players on the same tile..." could work well, whether that be powering up existing abilities or giving him new ones (Like, no nearby players then spawn adds, or drop long-range AoEs, etc).

The 2nd mechanic, and the one I'm most excited about, is inspired by the final boss of Karazhan from The Burning Crusade. King Kane would be able to summon/create structures that damaged any player who ended their turn adjacent to one of them. This could be controlled by limiting the amount of them that can be on the board at once (say, 4 of them). This would make it behave similar to the Turtle Shells of the Rocktop Gang, moving the oldest placed or furthest one.

It would add a very interesting dynamic to the fight. King Kane is a large base model, so even if he placed the damage-objects surrounding him, it will always leave on side of him open. This in itself evokes mechanics from raid boss fights, and forces players to work around it with their movement, or try to tank through it and stand in the fire (maybe it also lights them on fire after dealing the damage? :P)

I also really liked the 'Pet' mechanic on Brave-Mode Candy, and so I wanted to use it here. Many raid bosses spawn with smaller bosses to support them. I plan on creating another card for 'The Judge' model from Arcadia Quest: Inferno, and perhaps even giving him a 'pet' or two of his own, so that the raid boss spawns with his own pack of adds, and a beefier miniboss to support him.

Note: Everything on the card right now is merely a placeholder, from the stats to the range, to the illegible crappy RAID! icon. I also don't know how I feel about the purple border. I like it, but it seems like it may be too cheesy. The purple dice is the Amethyst dice from Kickstarter Update #22 ... ts/1434193 I will make a 2nd version of the card replacing it for green dice to have use til Legends drops.

Also, I'm designing him to be Damien Kane's daddy, a demon dungeon boss to go with a Riftling-themed Warband. See here for more:


Damien Kane


The rest of the Warband is in this album:

Edit:: Anyone know how to make Spoiler buttons work here? >_>

April 15th, 2017, 9:45 am
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