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 My custom SDE Mousling Heroes! 
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Hello! First time poster, here. I've recently fallen in love with SDE and tried my hand at making a couple characters. I picked up some Mousling minis from Reaper, got some Town Square bases from Secret Weapon, and glued 'em together. They're not the best looking things, but they'll do for now!

The Minis: The Mousling King and Mousling Princess look as expected - the king is in his regal attire with a scepter, and the princess is wearing a big dress and a stereotypical hennin. The Mousling Archer and Mousling Yeoman both have bows, but while the Yeoman looks a little fancier, the archer has an arrow in his other hand and a Robin Hood-style hat.

Only the King and Princess are heroes - the Archer and Yeoman will being considered variations of the same model, as they both look like archers.

I'm looking for any kind of comments regarding my heroes! Mainly, I'd like to know if they seem balanced and if you guys think they're cool :)
Thank you!

(There's a key at the bottom, if my formatting isn't making sense. Sorry, it's my first time!)

King Clod (Mousling King model)
Mousling Hero
3 Movement, 3 Action
(/1)STR - 2 Blue
(*)ARM - 3 Blue
WILL - 1 Blue + 1 Red
DEX - 2 Blue + 2
Alignment - Emerald/Citrine
Small, Guarded, Pet Royal Guardsmice x2
4 Health, 2 Potions

S1 - Behest: Augment, (%4), Compel 3
S1 - Guards!!: Augment, (%6), Must target Royal Guardsmice, Targeted model immediately attacks the enemy closest to King Clod within the targeted model’s range. If multiple enemies are closest and within range, the player can choose which enemy to attack.
S3 - Royal Reserves: Augment, (%2), Place one potion token on targeted Hero’s card.
EP - Escape Tunnel: Augment, Burrow, model affected by Escape Tunnel immediately moves 6 spaces.

Small: An enemy model may only target a Small model if it is within 3 squares of the model.
Guarded: This model adds two Royal Guardsmice pets to the spawning pool. Additionally, this model may control both pets on the field at once.
Pet Royal Guardsmice x2: This model is the master of the Royal Guardsmice pets. This model may never be a different pet’s master. The Royal Guardsmice pets begin the game within two squares of its master.

The responsibilities and comforts of ruling of the Mousling Kingdom has traditionally always gone to the firstborn heir of the ruler... not necessarily the one most qualified for the job. As the latest King on the throne, King Clod has stumbled through his fair share of setbacks: the food shortage crisis, the forced relocation of the castle, and now this pesky business of the Goddess’ downfall and the rise of evil across the land. He’s made it through so far, but clumsy King Clod doesn’t really have much of a clue as to how.

Royal Guardsmice (Mousling Archer model & Mousling Yeoman model)
Pet Wonder
4 Movement, 3 Action
(/6)STR - 2 Blue + 2
(*)ARM - 2
Alignment - Emerald/Ruby
Co-ordinated Attacks, Exhausted, Small

S2 - Pinning Shot: (/6), Immobile

Co-ordinated Attacks: Models that have Co-ordinated Attacks gain +1 Blue to their offense rolls whenever they are within 2 spaces of a friendly model with Co-ordinated Attacks.
Exhausted: On the turn that this model spawns, it can only use one action point and no movement points.
Small: An enemy model may only target a Small model if it is within 3 squares of the model.

Loyal, serious, and eager to do their part to help their world, these elite warriors have jumped at the opportunity to rid the land of evil. The additional opportunity to maybe look cool for the new princess is a plus, too.

Princess Chrissy (Mousling Princess model)
Mousling Hero
4 Movement, 4 Action
(/1)STR - 3 Blue
(*)ARM - 1 Red + 1 Blue
WILL - 2 Red + 1
DEX - 3 Blue + 2
Alignment - Emerald/Ruby
Luck, Ruse, Small
5 Health, 1 Potion

O1 - Sharp Tongue: (~4), WILL vs. WILL, Bane
O4 - Break Character: Wave 4, +3 Red, Dangerous, Massive Damage, One Use Only
S2 - Bedside Manner: Augment, (%1), Heal 1
OP - Please Excuse Me!: Dangerous, Princess Chrissy travels 4 spaces in a straight line in any direction, any models in her way take one wound, suffer Knockdown, and suffer Push 1 perpendicular to the direction of her movement.

Backlash: When a model with Backlash is targeted by an offensive action and wins the defense roll, the model making the offense roll suffers one wound. A model may not draw a loot card for destroying a model due to Backlash.
Luck: When a model with Luck draws treasure cards, it may draw one additional card. Choose one of the cards drawn and shuffle it back into the deck.
Massive Damage: When an offensive action with Massive Damage inflicts a wound, it inflicts two wounds instead.
Ruse: Once Break Character is used, this model’s STR is raised to 3 Red, Bedside manner can longer be used, and the model gains Backlash.
Small: An enemy model may only target a Small model if it is within 3 squares of the model.

Chrissy married into the royal family seemingly overnight by seducing the prince and assuming control with her imposing personality and masterfully calculated charm. Then, just as she was poised to seize power over the Mousling Kingdom, the Dark Consul struck the world’s heart, delaying her plans. As far as she’s concerned, this “problem” is the last one in her way.

(/1) Offensive Melee (STR) stat with range of 1
(*) Defensive (ARM) stat
(~4) Offensive Magic (WILL) stat with a range of 4
(^6) Offensive Missile (DEX) stat with a range of 6
(%2) Support range of 2
(S2) Support ability using 2 action points
(O1) Offensive ability using 1 action point
(OP) Offense Potion ability
(SP) Support Potion ability
(EP) Emergency Potion ability

April 9th, 2017, 4:48 pm
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Hey champ welcome to the forums. The idea of fighting mice is certainly a welcome addition to the SDE world. What about using the online card generator to combine your ideas with some artwork to make a print-ready card for the community?


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