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 SDL Raid Idea 
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Hey all;

So as some of you have seen and commented I am working a World Of Warcraft style game play for my Super Dungeon Legends Players in my area.

Nutshell, two guilds of four people each, worlds to explore, quests, adventures, pvp, arenas, and of course, End Game content such as 6 man raids, or 8 man raids, or as with this one, 4 man, 4 man, then 8 man boss fight.

So I have finally figured out the first Raid for my groups to explore and fight through for some awesome rewards!!! Excuse the flavor text if it doesn't interest you, I'll put it in Italics so if you want you can skip it. But it definitely helps set the idea up.

Our beauty was beyond compare, myself and my two sisters. We were revered as the weavers of fate. Some called us Sirens, others called us Succubi. My personal favorite was always being called a Black Widow. We could seduce heroes with ease, we would take their life force and leave their cold empty husks. Their life force gave us prolonged life, access to magic that most people wouldn't dare entertain...

Our command over the elements has made us immortal, and now, heroes, you march at our doorsteps? Do you truly believe that entering our temple, you can escape our web? I think not fools. I think not. In each hall you will find our servants command of their martial and spiritual abilities undeniable. Our Oni's will snuff you out and deliver you to us where we will slowly feed off you. No my dear Heroes, you will not survive, for my sisters and I have waited a very long time for someone like you to come along, you will sustain us for years...


So here is how this is going to go down. You wanted a sweet sweet ninja all stars cross over, you got it.

6 clans, 6 wings to the dungeon. Use the reference cards to the Ninja Ambush pack. Each clan/wing will be assigned a different elemental affinity. The one that closest matches its clan theme.

One group will fight three random wings, the other group will fight the other three. Each wing will have the hard mode card for the extra tile, mini boss and spawn point. So you fight two Oni's per wing guaranteed. In addition to the "themed ninjas" The first two spawn points will have the Generic Ninja ambush ninjas with a random rolled elemental affinity.

After each wing, the group gets to rest according to the raid rules I am still finalizing. After both groups fight their way through all their wings, it's an 8 man boss fight against... WAIT FOR IT!!!!

JORAGUMO and HER TWO SISTERS!!!! (Two more Joragumo minis painted differently) I will be making custom cards for all of them with each one specializing in a different element. One for Poison and hex, one for Ice and Bane, one for Fire and Knockdown.

Now working out the details and making the fight worthy of an eight man fight will be a little tricky and ill be testing it soon. But that's not the point of this thread, the point is the first one is designed and I am completely stoked!!!!

I hope this helps give you some use for your NAS models in SDE.

Ideas and Comments and questions all welcome. Thanks and I'd love some feed back on the idea.

(side note: This for people who have leveled up and gained some good loot. Not for starting level characters)

April 7th, 2017, 12:04 pm
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