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 Super Dungeon Explore - New Scenarios 
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I like the idea Justin had for more SDE scenarios and am dabbling with the idea of a few more. While I have a few ideas, this is the one that begged to be fleshed out first, I blame it squarely on the fact that I am playing a thief in Skyrim right now! Very little fighting and lots of skulking!

Recon -

The heroes need to have a better sense of what forces the Consul has available and their relative positions. To help them out with this, they have hired a nimble rogue to reconnoiter the area and bring back word on what they have found. Stealth and cleverness will be far more valuable than brute force in this scenario.

Number of Players - One, this is intended for solo play, but I suppose people could try with more than one (it would actually make it more difficult!)

Heroes - although players could choose whichever hero they like, it would make far more sense (and give a much higher chance of success) if they choose a character with a good DEX skill. They are as follows:

[*]Celestial Herald
[*]Deeproot Scout
[*]Cat Burglar
[*]Glimmerdusk Ranger
[*]Hidden Shrine Infiltrator
[*]Nether Assassin
[*]Ninja Cola
[*]One Shot
[*]Princess Emerald
[*]Riftling Rogue

Setup - Use three tiles in a straight line. Place one spawn point on each tile and then roll for scatter (see Scatter rules below). Repeat for the other spawn point. Once all spawn points are placed, then place one treasure chest on a space adjacent to each of the spawn points. At each spawn point, spawn 2 minions and 1 elite. Spawn the first one two squares away from the spawn point. Then roll the scatter and place the next model two squares away from the previous model in that direction. No model cannot be within two squares of another. Reroll if necessary

Hero StartingThe hero starts within three spaces of the entrance on one of the end tiles. The hero starts the game.

Objective - The hero must make it onto the final tile, within three spaces of the open doorway at the far end of the tile, and then back out of their starting entry point.

New Rules -

Scatter - When required, roll a d8 (eight sided die) and a red die. The stars will dictate the number of spaces the model is to be moved, and the d8 will determine the direction as follows (the X indicates the starting position of the model):

1 2 3
4 X 5
6 7 8

Sentries - Provided that the monsters are not aware of the presence of the hero (see Detection rules below) The monsters on the heroe's current tile will roll the scatter dice to determine movement. Again, the number of stars rolled indicates how many spaces the sentry moves, and the d8 determines the direction. If a potion is rolled, then the sentry does not move.

Detection - Once the sentries have finished moving, then check for detection. Detection is a straight up DEX 3 test. If successful, the hero remains undetected, if failed, then the hero is spotted (see Spotted rules below). There are three modifiers: (1) Line of Sight (2) Distance to the hero (3) how fast the hero moved in the previous turn.

Line of Sight - This is as per normal rules for line of sight. If a monster can get line of sight onto the hero then the hero discards their highest die roll when making the DEX check.

Distance - for each square between the hero and the monster, the hero can add +1 to their roll.

How Fast the Hero Moved - For each square that the hero moved in the previous turn, they subtract one from their roll for detection.

Spotted - if a hero is spotted, then they have one turn before the monsters start moving towards them. They can either try to kill the monster that spotted them, or try to lose them. If they choose to kill the monster, they will get one attack against them. If successful, then they are not considered spotted and the monsters will have to try to detect them again. If they choose to run, then all the monsters on that tile will move their full speed towards the position where the hero was when spotted, or their current position, if they still have line of sight. If the hero is able to escape line of sight, then the monsters will resume their normal patrol movement. But if he movement carries the monsters onto the next tile, then they will patrol that new tile.

Stealthy Kill - if the hero feels that it is better to try and kill one of the monsters in their way then they may make a stealthy attack, provided the attack is made before the hero was spotted. A Stealthy Kill is made as normal but grants either a bonus of one extra red die or Massive Damage. Failure to kill with the one hit will, of course, alert the monsters to the hero's presence.

Combat - Combat will resolve as normal.

Monster Abilities - monsters will not use any abilities unless the hero is spotted (e.g. Grabby).

These rules are just theoretical at this point. I haven't actually playtested them yet, but do plan on doing so in the near future. But I think that, with some minor tweaks, that this should be a really fun and tense scenario. This is the first of several scenarios that I have planned.

Any and all thoughts and feedback are appreciated

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