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 Seeking Advice: Heroes to Use for Demo Game 
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I'll be running a demo of SDE at a convention coming up in March, using Forgotten King spawn points (still not 100% on which ones, but want a "forest" theme).

I'm looking for advice on heroes. I want new players to have a good chance at winning (or, at least, doing well & having a good time), so I'll be encouraging complementary party composition.
I want to give the players some choice of heroes, so I plan to put out maybe 10 heroes & have them choose what they like. It's likely they will be complete newbies to SDE (but not gaming in general- it's a gaming con), so straightforward characters would be preferable.

With that in mind, what heroes would you recommend? I have all the heroes except the Relic Knights/ Twilight characters.

January 12th, 2018, 10:58 pm
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I'm not sure how many heroes you're intending to play in a game. But, I would take each hero slot and assign it a role (tank, healer, melee, ranged, or however you want to divide it) and ten pick two or three heroes for each "slot". Then ask a player "if you want to play the support role, pick from these heroes, if you want to play the tank role, pick from these". That way, you give them choice, but those choices will still conform to a general set up. You still may not see perfect synergy from that. but you will see a solid foundation at least.

January 13th, 2018, 3:02 am
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I agree with Usagi. Let the players chose the role they want to play. The starter sets have some good choices. I would avoid shapeshifters as they can be more complicated to play. The Paladin is a good choice for the tank role (he is a bit overpowered, but great for newbies). My eight year old son enjoys using him. The barbarian is also a good melee choice. The Glimmerdusk Ranger and Princess Emerald are good ranged heroes. Ruby is a good healer. These are a few of the heroes that my kids enjoy using and they are easy to understand. Magic users can become a little more complicated to use, but are a good choice for someone that has had RPG experience. The Ember Mage isn't too hard for someone that has some experience. I would also stay away from large based heroes for the first couple of games. Their movement rules might be confusing. I would recommend just playing with straight forward heroes that aren't overly complicated. If a character was ever confusing to you than don't use it for demonstrations. Keep the miniboss and boss simple too. Stay with an open map with no bottlenecks. This is advise that I have learned playing with two young kids and a wife that isn't a big gamer. The more experienced the new players become then you can introduce the more complicated heroes later. I hope some of this helps.

January 14th, 2018, 4:06 am
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On the subject of the actually demo it's self. Don't play it like you would play a regular game. Play in ways that set up situations that help demonstrate various things that can happen. It takes some finesse, but don't play to win but don't make it look like that. I'm not sure what your demo environment or time frame or anything is but if it's the kind that is a shorter amount of time showing the ropes, and won't be hitting end game, there's no reason to make it a grind for the heroes if they wi't even get to finish.

Unless the folks you are demoing to are particularly savvy it will always leave a better taste in their mouth if they were able to do some cool feeling stuff during the game and feel some achievement in what they did. I personally think this method also more thoroughly demos the game, as it takes a singe game to try and show multiple situations. A demo should be used for demonstration (duh) not competition. The _second_ game can be more true to form and directed towards a more average session of the game. If they re all experienced gamers, it should only take until the second to shift from "ignorant newb" mode to "interested player" in their own heads. Sometimes less, but it's a good benchmark to cover all the bases.

January 14th, 2018, 4:17 pm
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