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 Arcade - 2 hero variant? 
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Has anyone figured out a viable Arcade 2 hero variant?

My wife's biggest complaint when we play 3-4 heroes is that it takes so long to kill the initial set of monsters and then we have to repeat every tile until we get to the boss and by that time, there's usually an entire tile or two of loot/treasure we can't use from the initial push.

Every game, regardless of number of heroes is always fighting 2 spawns worth of monsters on the first tile.
After the first spawn is killed, then it's killing the mini boss on the tile (hopefully) before the second spawn explodes into a second mini boss.
Then repeat until the last spawn to get to the boss, which is usually anti-climatic b/c then you're just down to 1 spawn worth of monsters and you have a bunch of loot/monsters.
More players means more mini bosses and thus more mighty monster bonuses (which we usually don't play/forget about).

My thought if that if we had fewer heroes, tiles, and monsters, we'd be able to reduce the length of the game and 'fix' the pacing of loot? Maybe?

With 2 heroes, I was looking at 2 tiles, 2 chests, 2 spawns, 1 mini boss, 1 boss, and 3 wrath tokens.

In terms of balancing issues, my thoughts were that 3 wrath makes it harder to build up and keep wrath, but there are only 2 heroes so could push it back up to 5 wrath and/or work out different threat solution.

Since only 2 heroes activate each turn anyways, going down to 2 heroes reduces the flexibility of the party in terms of models on the board, skills available, loot to accrue, and overall wounds heroes can take before perishing.

Reducing the chests, spawns, and mini bosses reduce the amount of loot and treasure that can be accrued. I figure thinning the loot/treasure deck would make sense since a lot of times you loot junk in smaller parties anyways.

I guess my biggest concern would be whether 2 heroes would be able to accrue enough loot/treasure to take on a boss after just 1 mini-boss? Arcade bosses aren't 'that' powerful depending on context, but I was wondering if anyone else has been playing around with these ideas/found a good solution?

I'm really hoping Legends addresses this with the campaigns/adventures and it's not just bring 5 heroes to run each adventure and there will be options for smaller parties.

October 24th, 2015, 5:38 pm
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It's not a 2 hero solution. But, a solution to having too much loot that I've used is to take the loot deck and divide it up among the different boards. You can only get the loot from a particular board via monsters from that board's spawn, or while you're on that board, depending on how much detail you want to put into keeping track of which monsters are which and stuff.

Difficulty can also be modulated by stuff like board arrangement as well. If you use 4 heroes, and arrange the boards in a square, you can have a pretty harrowing early game, fighting 3 spawns at once. a 5 hero game arranged into a + shape can be pretty interesting as well, especially combined with sectional loot.

Though, I encourage you to experiment with whatever you want to. The game is really quite customizable and takes well to house rules. There are a lot of rules modification threads around with lots of other ideas too.

October 24th, 2015, 6:37 pm
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If you're not one to lag around and abuse the current rules to slowly drag enemies to you, you can just put an empty tile up front. That way you have just one spawner to fight.
I changed the rules to just one mini-boss and to include the boss fight rules from classic. I also use several of the house rules form another thread (popping potions/hearts).
I tried lootimeter once, it was also fairly nice.

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October 25th, 2015, 5:35 am
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