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 Ninja SDE Arcade rules questions 
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Hoping ND_Justin is lurking since I had a few rules questions after playing with the new NAS SDE ninjas!

Arcade 2.0 preview rules.

1) Are solo spawn monsters immune to critical success (I assume yes, else they'd be too easy to kill)

2) Are solo spawn monsters intended to move, for example off tile 3? I recognize this would make Kitsune weaker to have a lower territorial bonus on tile 2, but maybe that's just how the game goes. A lot depends on the random placement of the spawn points on each tile.

3) Do solo spawn monsters count as monsters for the purpose of spawning? Same with the dungeon boss for Faithful Servants? For paired spawns, this can force some models to spawn very far in the 'back', but I think generally everything 'should' fit.

4) Benkei and Zenyo Ryu are two new heroes that self inflict wounds after they use a support ability. In the Arcade rulebook p19 it indicates that heroes gain +1 wrath whenever they inflict a wound. I assume this is against a monster, but then maybe there's a loophole to self inflict wounds (for example via Dangerous potions/attacks) to generate Wrath? It'd be nice to have clarification and/or if there needs to be a clarification b/w deals a wound, for 'loses/suffers' a wound.

5) Backlash - do wounds generated by Backlash generate Wrath? If the answer is yes, then, wow, Backlash is super strong and assume Deadly Defense would also generate wrath. If the answer is no, it's the monster hitting itself so no Wrath generated, then would attacking a Boo Booty and missing (thus backlashing yourself) generate wrath?

6) Tanchyo Madoushi's Fly Aura - I get that a monster can benefit from Fly as it enters the Aura and loses Fly as it exits the aura and thus cannot make an illegal move onto a structure or chasm. Since MMC commands are Move > Unique in most cases (there are a few situations where Unique is not preceded by Move and no cases where it's Unique > Move, only Unique > Regroup), the aura would end at the point the Madoushi moves (which is in appropriate priority order for solo monsters), then be re-established after the Move, so only monsters that move before the Madoushi really get to Fly for movement (like bosses or Tanchyo Oni) and when it's re-established it's really just giving monsters line of sight, but they would not necessarily have moved in the same fashion if they did not have Fly.

Basically, I'm trying to figure out if it has consistent value/benefit I'm missing or just kind of a headache to keep track of.

7) Dark Kitsune Into the Reeds - I assume on a Unique command, it's expected she uses Massive Ninja Star > Into the Reeds > Foxy. The part I struggle with is Into the Reeds - it's a red offense action, but has an augment symbol and doesn't have a corresponding Classic ability to help clarify. I assume Augment is to indicate that she can only use the ability on herself and not heroes and not other consul monsters in order to place herself by the farthest spawn point. However, I'm struggling with...does she attack and then disappear? Or does she get placed and then attack a hero in range 4 (assume she is placed in such a way to attack a hero, the one with most wrath, if possible if there is a choice). Or is this something even weirder where she attacks herself (which she'll never wound herself). Or is this a misprint and it should be a support ability?. I really like the theme of the ability (hard to catch her), but on a Move > Unique > Fight, she'll generally only do one Massive Ninja Star attack and then disappear and have no one in range to fight =/.

July 16th, 2018, 3:48 am
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