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SDE:L Arcade Rules Clarification
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Author:  malphaeus [ November 21st, 2017, 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  SDE:L Arcade Rules Clarification

Hello there!

In SDE:L, monsters get the same bonuses for melee combat that Heroe's get: +1B for engaging an already engaged hero, and +1B for melee attacks against models suffering status effects.

In Arcade mode, we use the default values for monsters. How should the bonus dice be accounted for? just as a flat +1W for each criteria met above? That would seem like the most elegant solution, though a bit problematic for models such as kobolds that get +1W for engaged heroes already due to Mob, which would provide knuckleheads a default of 4W for attacks, and ironshields a default of 5W.

But, maybe that's the intention?

Thoughts? Rulings from SDE:L peoples?

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