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 Green Potion - Sub-tasks. 
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When is the timing of a green potion legal?

In our example we have 5 heroes. We flip a "Sense Weakness" Challenge Card. This is for Legends, but works similar to the Griefer card.

It will target the "Person with the least Wrath" as their target, and then Move - Fight.
Move is specifics as multiple tasks. Choose Target. Elite Moves. Minions teleport.
Then Fight is: Order of Operation - Choose Target, Check for Gangs, Basic Attack.

So it chooses Player A.
They all move to their minimum range to hit Player A.
Player B then gives Player A 'Nether Ash' which reduces the action range to '1'. Player A now has Wrath of 1 and is no longer the least, in addition to not being in range of them.
The enemies can now no longer hit the Player A - Will they re-evaluate who they're going for?
There is two scenarios I'm curious about:
A) Because of the wrath issue will they re-evaluate their target during the Fight Phases Order of Operation? Even if they were in range, would they re-evaluate or continue for the same target?
B) Ignoring the Wrath, if we used the green potion after Move Phase, before Attack phase, will they re-evaluate to the nearest player, or do something else?
----I'm also curious if these cards are meant to specifically hard-code the target in to avoid the 're-target' phase. This is where the range check question comes into play so much.

Green Potions state specifically they are emergency potions, so trying to figure out if I can use them during 'sub-tasks' of phases.

I know I mentioned using a Challenge Card, but this same logic could be applied to a simple Wrath change, or even a Griefer card.

We're kind of at a stand-still , and curious which way to do it.

Welcome any insight.

December 17th, 2016, 8:42 pm
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With the current rules (that is not beta), you have kinda answered your own question (Legends rules haven't been beta released yet by the way). Green Potions are Emergency potions which grants the model that drank it a single use Blue Action that may be used during the Consul Turn.

I guess your post was.. machine translated cause it's a little all over the place. but.. It can be taken during the Consul's turn. Examples would be Consul attacks, does a hit, but Ah! Player drinks a Green potion that lets them re-roll one of there dice, and they gain higher stars!

Don't take a potion to stop an effect BEFORE the effect. UNLESS (of course) it's something directly saying that. Like if you had an green Potion which will make the character invisible, you drink it first, else you have already been seen.. but I don't believe there is one like that.

might be better to post in your original language and see if anyone is a good translator more then bad machine translation.. very hard to read..

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December 21st, 2016, 4:44 pm
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ManicMan, I did not have the issue as you, he's being very specific *shrug*

I've had the same issue with the Nether Ash potion in my Arcade games. The hero drinks the potion after the mobs have moved to their minimum attack distance. Since they've already moved, they can't move again, but now that Nether Ash is in effect they are out of range to attack so they just stand there looking confused :lol:

I think this is working as intended, as you've said it is an emergency potion and it will only get you out of trouble once, but you might still be attacked by monsters that haven't activated yet. The wrath effect you are describing will not happen every time, and there is talk about possibly removing the wrath effect from all potions in the future (except slurping).

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December 21st, 2016, 10:48 pm
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Yes. You can use Potions during the subtasks. You may use potions Green Potions at ANY TIME, except to empty a potion slot right when a potion is rolled (in which case you can use the potion, but you won't get another), or to affect the outcome of a roll unless otherwise stated.

For example, you could be attacked by a Kobold Ironscale but before making your defence roll, use Nether Ash to cancel their attack. Of course, the Ironscale could just move that one tile forward (if it had any MP left before it attacked you, and you're playing Classic). Or as another example, our buddy the Ironscale is attacking a Barbarian who just raged. They make their attack roll, and it looks grim for the Barbarian, who drinks the Questing Knight's Magic Armour before making their defence roll, in hopes of surviving.

In your example, yes, you could drink a potion before the monsters move to change the wrath distribution.

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December 21st, 2016, 11:36 pm
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