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 Super Ninja Ambush Oni 
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I'm looking at getting the Super Ninja Ambush warband. Does the Oni come with special stats for NAS integration? It's clearly the Ijin Oni, but I dunno if they're simply Tanchyo and Kitsune reskins with their side's Oni stats or are there new/alternate stats.

August 2nd, 2016, 11:36 pm
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So far as I know there is no additional/alternative NAS content in it. The oni are just different colors to match the minis that come with it and Ijin style to match the oni chosen for the stat cards.

August 3rd, 2016, 12:01 am
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I consider the content to be different due to the colors of the basic ninjas, but that's because I hate running with both green and another color at the same time. My OCD goes crazy having 2 colors on the field. I initially picked up the Tanchyo because I like the tribe, but after a few attempts I just stick to the basic included R/B/Y/P ninjas with no add-ons till I get an alternate set.

Interesting conundrum then...

Do you use the Oni with the stats for their respective Clan's Oni in league play? Or do you use the Ijin Oni's stats as if though Kitsune and Tanchyo have managed to convince the Ijin Oni to aid them in their pursuits?

Based on the lore, it appears to be plausible to use the Ijin Oni (or any for that matter) in other clans. Page 21 indicates "Many Oni, however fickle, will join a team to honor agreements, to demonstrate strength, or just of the fun of it."

Based on this section, I'd go with the latter, though individual leagues may deem otherwise.

August 3rd, 2016, 1:09 am
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There's a big difference between fluff and rules.

As far as rules state, you can only hire ninja from your respective clan, as well as Ronin. So no hiring the Ijin Oni in Tanchyo or Yamazaru. If you still wanted to use the model, I'm sure you could just use it as a Tanchyo or Yamazaru Oni, dependent on color.

As for fluff, it's understandable, perhaps, that with great incentive, any Oni could fight for any team...but then I bet they'd be unlikely to fight for those of opposite alignment. So, say, no Kitsune Oni would dare fight for Ijin, or similar. That could be a fun little rule between friends, or perhaps as a special rule for a league... but if you aren't in that setting, then rules as written dictates that you can't take the Ijin Oni outside of Ijin.

And as for why the Ijin Oni was included in the box in the first place: to match the model shown on the stat card. And the colors was to match the colors of the other models. The Ninja Ambush box was SPM's best way of getting the brown and green shrine ninja colors to sale die to not being included in the starter box.

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August 3rd, 2016, 6:10 pm
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You're absolutely right that the rules are the rules and in official settings such a rule implementation would be unexpected unless as a special rule as the league.

My intention is not to say that the rules are wrong though, which is the impression that I get from both your post here and in SDE threads. My intention is to justify in lore why a random Oni would fight for another clan and how such an alternate colored miniature could come about. It's obviously marketing flair, but reading deeper into the lore can further expand one's creativity and give thought to how special rules may be developed or later errata may be implemented.

The rules today are not the rules tomorrow and it is up to the players to express their opinions on rule implementation to help make a better game. Maybe at the end of the day having the option to recruit an Oni from an opposing factions may full well be a stupid idea, but it's still worth a consideration given that rules are not set in stone and have the potential for evolution.

August 3rd, 2016, 11:24 pm
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