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 Battle Report - Doctrine vs Black Diamond 
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Black Diamond
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Diamond Corps (5)
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Novitiates (6)

Gameplay Summary
Objectives were Grand Conjunction and Defense of Life. Since this was the first tabletop wargame for my opponent, we agreed to play to 6 points.

We each set up on our side of the board, with the intent to protect our objectives.

Setting: While on a field trip, Doctrine students stumble upon a mobile research facility set up by Leopold Magnus.

Early game was uneventful - Refocusing and moving toward an objective to work on Grand Conjunction. Defense of Life turned out to be useless for both players. Doctrine used academy guard to screen for Delphyne and Ekhis as they skirted one board edge to an objective, scoring 2VP off Grand Conjunction. Fiametta got caught out and her health quickly dropped after a shot from the medic and thanks to the heroic efforts of a plucky chee tank, Fiametta was left with 2hp She retaliated, but the thick plating of the tank held fast (4 damage on the tank). Some Novitiates, full of bravado and not yet accustomed to the horrors of combat popped out and also shot at the tank for another 2 damage. The Diamond Corps quickly took advantage of this, and retaliated as they were trained to, cutting short the education of one young student (4 damage). The ghostly Academy Guard flew over to an elevated objective and scored another 2VP for doctrine and moves to provide cover for Fiametta. The tank, now throwing sparks as internal systems were damaged, rumbles on top of a supply depot, and fires a powerful line attack, vaporizing a Guard and taking out the student's chaperone, Fiametta. 1 VP scored for Black Diamond, but the Guard regenerates from the attack, cutting victory celebrations short. The Novitiates, now scared, run into Magnus and the Medic in an alley, and everyone just stares at each other (All 3 units engaged). And they all stare at each other. And stare some more. Meanwhile, Ekhis jumps next to an objective and scores the final 2VP for Grand Conjuction, bringing Doctrine to the agreed upon 6, and the game is over.

Rules Issues
- Cohesion and Elevation: 1st edition rules allow 6" vertical AND 3" horizontal, 2.0 beta rules allow 6" vertical OR 3" horizontal. We played with 1st edition wording, assuming the beta document was in error.
- Novitiates engaged with Field Medic and Magnus: We need rules for how to disengage in that circumstance - do the Novitiates need to attempt twice (once for each enemy they are engaged with)?
- Squads and engagement: As above, if the Novitiates cannot all move into engagement with both enemy units simultaneously, how do we handle the requirement that all models of a squad enter the engagement zone?

Other Thoughts
- Engagement rules only allowing melee or disengage is almost too strong; the Novitiates were able to lock down completely two enemy units, and even once they managed to surround them, even a disengage would've allowed for the novitiates to re-position and maintain the lockdown. Since none of the units engaged had a melee option, this resulted in a favorable trade for the Doctrine player. This bogged the game down considerably. In the interests of game time, I'd recommend reconsidering allowing more actions while engaged.
- Defense of Life secondary is the only objective you can fail to score from without outside interference - all other options allow multiple attempts, give score if completed fully, or otherwise have a backup scoring option. Only the destruction of all relevant objectives prevents certain Scenarios from being obtainable (And at a whopping 55 damage needed against 3 targets, that should be extremely rare).
- Academy Guard still has the redundant press for regenerate.

May 19th, 2017, 3:32 pm
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