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2.0 Beta - When to check held esper
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Author:  Major Glitch [ May 3rd, 2017, 5:39 am ]
Post subject:  2.0 Beta - When to check held esper

A number of Void units have abilities that gain additional effects if the acting unit has less held esper than the target unit.

In 1e, there was a step in the order of operations that specifically checked the held esper (on Relic Knights) in order to set a value for the turn. That step has been removed, since esper expression no longer exists. But without such a step, when do you determine the amount of held esper a unit has for the purpose of those Void abilities?

As currently written, I would rule the values are checked at the resolution of the ability, giving both players the chance to spend held esper. But I think the intent is that the values are to be checked when the ability is initiated (essentially, that they are checked at then start of the turn).

Does anyone else have a different interpretation?

[For David/SPM] What is the intent, and if possible, can a step be added into the order of operations (or wording added to the abilities) so that it is clear when the value for held esper is determined?

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