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 New ability idea 
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...Placeholder card rules [...] could be used for Knockback effects for example. (Knockback, Press for Placeholder) They could even be used for things like "Place Placeholder in Queue, this Hero is removed from the board while the Place holder is in Queue. When the Placeholder is no longer in queue return this Hero to the board anywhere on the board" and other wild effects. Yes these effects could be created now, but are either too powerful combined with standard Placeholders or are crippled by their existence, so taking out the 'punishment' aspect of Placeholders opens up that design space for exploration, perhaps not in the 2.0 rules, but in later expansions.[/quote]

I like this idea, and I propose that instead of or in addition to using the current placeholder cards, units with abilities that create these effects could include a card to be used as the placeholder with the specific rules for that ability.


- Pocket Dimension: Remove the targeted unit from the battlefield, and place a Pocket Dimension placeholder on top of their tracker card in the ready queue. Placeholder text: When this card becomes active, move the unit tracker card to the idle pile, and place the unit's model(s) on the battlefield, in cohesion, within 3" of a friendly unit. No minion may be linked this turn.

- Hijack Comms: Knockback. Replace the target's tracker card with a Hijacked Comms placeholder.
Placeholder text: If you have an unexhausted minion, your opponent may make a free move with it, up to a total distance equal to half the total of the unit's speed skill. The unit gains an exhaustion counter as if it was activated normally. (If you have more than one unexhausted minion, your opponent may choose which unit is affected by this ability.)

- EMS (Emergency Medical Stasis): Place an EMS placeholder card on top of the friendly target's tracker card. This ability has no effect if the target is idle.
Placeholder text: The unit affected by this placeholder gains 3 armor and may not use any defensive abilities. When this unit is moved into the active slot, remove all damage from it. It may not link to a minion for this activation, and it may not take an action.

March 28th, 2017, 3:46 pm
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