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 Noob last minute KS backer. Help a novice player out please? 
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Hello Relic Knight players!

As you might be able to tell I've just signed up to the forum. I Just wanted to pop in and say hello, I backed the project in the very last minutes.

A few questions... I watched the videos, I read the campaign, I pledged and I cant wait to play. Now what would you suggest in terms of add on purchases? Bear in mind I have no idea what miniatures are compatible with what cadres/factions.

I like the look of the space pirates. And I also quite like the fun care free look of the Cerci Speed Circuit models and also love the mecha militaristic look of Black Diamond (I'm thinking Shinra-like colourscheme from FF7)

My main aim is to beef up the Editon 2 starter set so that I have a flexible boxed game that would be able to build out multiple teams with different playstyles if you get me? A set up then that would let me build varied 'squads' from as many factions as possible so that I can get a good taster of what each team is like to play. The idea is so that I can get friends into the game aswell and also so that I can decide on a favourite faction to focus on.

My very basic understanding is that Radiant/Void are pretty interchangable with certain factions... but I need a QK/RK or hero of a certain faction to bring certain minion type models into play? Can I use minions from other good/bad factions?

So if I use a QK/RK/Hero from either Radiant or Void Cadres, could I then use any minion unit from say Cerci or Corsairs as their accompanying minions for example? You can probably tell I'm a bit confused.

I'm confused because all I see are awesome looking models but I dont know what the protocol isin order to field a legit team for a game.

Anyway thanks for reading my braindump of an intro.

I've come back to pick up tabletop gaming again after many years of absence. Of course I started with the Games Workshop stuff in my youth and mainly stuck to painting the miniatures. Now whilst I'm currently painting up Warhammer Quest Silver Tower to play, I've also recently bought CMON's Zombicide Black Plague, Funded CMON's Rise of Moloch on KS and now SodaPop's Relic Knights too for its dynamic and fun looking gameplay!

Some could say I've rediscovered my inner nerd gaming needs with a vengeance. Although my wallet is crying.

Anyway Hello everyone! :lol:

Thanks if you've made it this far.

Best Regards,


March 14th, 2017, 9:11 pm
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Hi Rich, welcome to the last galaxy, you may notice the walls closing in from time to time, but a good whack from your space katana should straighten that out for a little while yet.

The starter box is a clever way to start playing second edition Relic Knights, having a core of Radiant and Void which will allow you to build to flesh them out, or use them to build into other faction cadres.

Right now the rules allow you to take any Hero of an aligned faction in your Prismatic cadre, or to take a prismatic hero or minion in your aligned faction.

For example, if you wanted Cerci Speed Circuit to be the first faction you expanded into because plucky space racers facing off against the horrors out to munch the last galaxy appeals to you, then you could decide which direction you wanted to go.

If you want Cerci to be the primary, you could select Princess Malya as your knight, and then anything in the Cerci faction to go with her, or any Radiant minion or hero with the rules as currently written (we're in beta though so subject to change), with the exception of any Radiant knight such as Candy or Bang Bang, because Radiant knights always take control.

But say you want to take Bang Bang or Candy, you certainly could and that would be a Radiant Cadre. You'd have access to anything typed as Radiant, and any hero from Cerci, Shattered Sword, or Doctrine.

Hope that was helpful, but overall my recommendation is to look at the kickstarter page and search for: Download Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Beta, because they have a link to a zip file with the rules for the game, and rules for sample 35 and 50 point Cadres.

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March 15th, 2017, 12:56 am
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A quick breakdown is thus: You have 6 main factions and 2 mercenary factions. The mercenary factions are aligned, Void to Star Nebula Corsairs, Noh Empire, and Black Diamond; Radiant to Cerci Speed Circuit, Shattered Sword Paladins, and Doctrine. "Prismatic" is the term used to collectively refer to Void/Radiant.

When recruiting a cadre, you must include a Questing or Relic Knight. If that Knight is Prismatic, then your cadre is Prismatic. (You can only have one Knight in a 35 or 50 point list, but more in higher point games.) If you're building a Prismatic cadre, you can recruit any aligned prismatic unit, as well as any aligned main faction Knight or Hero (but not main faction minions). If you're building a main faction cadre, you can recruit any main faction unit, as well as any aligned prismatic hero or minion (but not a prismatic Knight, because then that would make your cadre prismatic).

If you backed at the Questing or Relic Knight level, you'll get the Starter, as well as a good selection of hero units, minions for some of the factions, and a Questing Knight for Black Diamond. As long as you pledged for a $25 or higher tier before the campaign ended, you'll also get a Questing Knight for Cerci.

If your goal is to have the option to play all the factions, the first add-ons to get would be a Relic or Questing Knight for SNC, SSP, Doctrine, and Noh. Beyond that, a good mix of hero and minion units is recommended, since the hero/minion mechanic looks to be the most efficient way of maximizing your advantages in gameplay currently.

If you want to focus on one or more specific factions, the first thing I would do would be to get all of the Knights available for those factions; the Knights each have a unique cadre ability that will greatly affect how you approach the game; keeping all other units the same and switching your Knight can be as drastic as changing your strategy from offense to defense. (For example, the two Noh Knights previewed so far have similar abilities, in that they grant damage bonuses, but one spreads the bonus to all your units, rewarding a totally aggressive stance, while the other only buffs the Knight, pushing the combat focus to him, which could let you work on objectives or supporting actions with the rest of your cadre.) If your budget allows, I would then consider more heroes and minions.

If you want to play larger point games, then getting a single knight for your faction(s) of choice and getting at least two minions and as many heroes as interest you would be the way to go (Currently, minions cycle through their activations faster than heroes in large games, so you don't need a 1:1 ratio like you would in small games in order to maximize activation efficiency.)

I haven't seen many units in the beta that an unbiased opinion would call "bad", just different options for different playstyles.

[Keep in mind we are still in beta and all things are liable to change. I am trying to speak as broadly as possible, because I don't think the core concepts are going to shift much, but they could.]

Please let us know if anything we've said needs clarification or if you have more questions!

March 15th, 2017, 2:01 am
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Wow thanks both. That's great information cleared it right up. Sorry, I've been busy in the day job this week.

Do you guys favour any particular faction? I'm having a long hard look at the add ons now and trying to finalise a list. Only thing I'm weary about with choosing the RKs is that as awesome as a massive model is... Surely they'll get hit a lot more often as they can always be 'seen'.

I'm also considering making some terrain now too. :lol: Watched some Relic Knight video on Beasts of War, and the battlefield looked immense. Could really get into that.

March 18th, 2017, 5:12 pm
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I favour Cerci Speed Circuit personally, because my playstyle in pretty much any game where it's a viable option favours movement shenanigans and speed, along with a support focus. WarmaHordes I ran Circle Orboros (and pretty much exclusively Kaya2 with shifting stones and tons of warbeasts, because there's nothing more satisfying than camouflaged werewolves and satyrs teleporting their way into the middle of the enemy and tearing them apart), Blood Bowl I'm a Skaven & Wood Elves player at heart, and Guild Ball I run the Fishermen's Guild (though for some reason Steamforged games seem to just be handing the ability to be as fast as the Fishermen and better at actually playing the ball to a whole bunch of guilds these days, so I'm starting to get a bit hacked off about that). 2.0 Cerci I have my concerns about, I think they've over-corrected too far in their desire to nerf them down from their 1.0 incarnation, but so far SPM have been taking playtest feedback pretty seriously, so fingers crossed they get some rework (also, I'd really like to see their new relic for Marie-Claude redesigned to look less like it's just a bigger, chunkier Malya resculpt).

Star Nebula Corsairs were my secondary faction based on the fact that I'm a massive Captain Harlock fan, and I couldn't resist Harker. Their random chaos shenanigans called to me as well, and in 2.0 Beta their flip mechanics are much stronger since even the ones where flipping law instead of chaos reduces the effects have now been written to never go below their base effectiveness (in 1.0 you could use a flip ability and through bad luck reduce the effect to pretty much nothing). Though in retrospect I kind of wish I'd gone for a second Radiant aligned faction just so that i could build more robust Radiant lists. That's less of a problem after this kickstarter though, between all the free Darkspace models and resculpts, plus what's in the starter box, and what I already had for Cerci and the Corsairs, I can build pretty solid Radiant and Void lists. Also, Corsairs were the only other faction that really called to me from an aesthetic point of view.

In regards to choosing a Relic Knight. They tend to be pretty resilient since they cost so many points to run. The squishiest so far is Malya, at 18HP and 1 armour, but she has a cheap guard. Also keep in mind that all Relic Knights can be Repaired and healed, and I think most factions have access to some kind of repair, even if it's by having to run a Radiant or Void minion (for example, the Rhouss Fixer for the Radiant cadres). And as for keeping them out of sight... you might not be able to get them completely out of the line of fire, but some of them are smaller than you'd think ruleswise, so with careful planning you can help shield them from the worst of it (Malya is only a size 3 model for example, so she can hide behind 3 inch high terrain, and can take advantage of any terrain that's 2 inches high for armour boosts if they provide it). They can also just move over anything smaller than them, which can help them make the most of their movement speed to get into cover.

March 19th, 2017, 10:36 am
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I can find something to like about all the factions, but my favorites are Black Diamond for their overwhelming firepower and the Noh Empire. It looks like some of the reasons I liked the Noh aren't making the transition to 2.0, but I'm also really liking that their intended focus of melee is getting a boost and I can get behind them still. I like the Doctrine a lot because they have some pretty nifty AoEs and unique abilities, the SNC is a decently balanced faction, with some high damage potential, Cerci is all about speed and support, and of course you've got the tanky paladins, who are also fairly balanced.

As for the size of the Relics, also remember that if they can see you, you can see them. They're also the only unit type that seem to be getting overpowered attacks, letting them bypass guards. As a new player, I would definitely recommend getting at least one Relic for your favored faction (I'm actually the most pumped for Valtus and his deck manipulation, though I'm hoping Zineda will love me away as well). Having more Knights will give you more options when building a list, and in higher point games, running a Relic tends to make a little more sense compared to running a Questing Knight.

March 19th, 2017, 2:21 pm
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