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Klikk The Kobold and the Princess Coin
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Author:  Falling Twilight [ July 15th, 2015, 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Klikk The Kobold and the Princess Coin

Klikk The Kobold and the Princess Coin

Klikk the Kobold lived and worked in the Dragonback Mountains. Every day Klikk would help his Clutch by carrying rocks, sweeping floors, and cleaning up after his fellow Kobolds.
He wasn’t a very strong Kobold like the Knuckleheads. He wasn’t a very fast Kobold like the Flingers, and he wasn’t a very tough Kobold like the IronScales. So Klikk just helped out however he could.

Sometimes there were so many Kobolds in the warrens that it was too hard to help everyone and keep things clean! Those were very difficult times for Klikk, because the Dragon Priests got very angry if the warrens were not clean, and because only Klikk ever helped clean up they would yell at him for the messes that they found.
Klikk often wondered why they never got angry at the Kobolds that made the messes.

Klikk didn’t mind cleaning up the messes, because he knew it was helpful to the other Kobolds. But what Klikk loved to do more than anything was to explore! He loved to see new caves and find new things. But that meant that Klikk was always getting lost. But being lost wasn’t strange to him, because Klikk ALWAYS felt lost… even in the warrens he knew best!
He even felt lost when cleaning up after the other Kobolds!
Klikk ESPECIALLY felt lost when the Dragon Priests were yelling at him.
And when he found his way back to the warrens after getting lost they were always messier and dirtier than ever, and the Dragon Priests were always very angry.

One day, while exploring and getting lost again, Klikk found something in a pile of rubble… it sparkled and glittered like the shiny metals that the Dragon Priests always said that the great dragon Starfire liked.

Klikk picked it up. It was round like a shield, but very small. It was all bright and silvery, and it had a picture of a face on it… a pretty face like Klikk had never seen before!

Klikk thought to himself; “I bet if I give this to Starfire she will say that I am a very good Kobold, and then I will only have to clean up the warrens when I want to, instead of when the Dragon Priests tell me to!” So Klikk took the Silver Coin and set out for the very heart of the warrens, humming happily to himself.

Soon he came upon a big, tough IronScale who was directing some Knuckleheads to mine a new tunnel.

“Hey! Klikk!” The IronScale called out. “What are you doing, lazy bones! Come over here and help dig this new tunnel!”

Klikk stopped. “I’m sorry, IronScale. I’m doing something very important!” Klikk put his hands behind his back. He knew that the IronScale would take his Silver Coin with the Pretty Face.

“What have you got there, Klikk?” The IronScale asked. “You aren’t hiding something behind your back are you?”

“Me? No!” Klikk said. “See?” And Klikk held out his right hand to show that nothing was in it.

“Now let’s see the other one.” The suspicious IronScale said.

Klikk held out his other hand and opened it up… and it was empty!

“Alright then. If you’re doing something important then off you go!” Said the IronScale, and he went back to yelling at the Knuckleheads.

Klikk carefully reached back behind himself and took the Silver Coin with the Pretty Face off of his tail where he had been balancing it, and then quickly set off again for the Deep Warrens. Just before reaching the Big Important Room where he could ask for an audience with Starfire a great big hand dropped from above and scooped Klikk up! It was Rex!
Klikk liked Rex because Rex was nice. Unfortunately Rex was a LOT bigger than Klikk. Even worse, Rex was even a LOT stronger than Rex thought he was… and Rex thought he was very, very, VERY strong.

“Hello little Klikk!” Rex rumbled happily as he held him tightly in one huge fist. “Have you come to play with Rex?”

Klikk tried to tell Rex that he was too busy doing something very important but when it came out of his mouth it sounded strange. It sounded like “GLARBLE HIGGLE BOCK PRANT!”

He was being squeezed too tight to talk! Klikk’s eyes watered and bulged! He started to see spots and flashing lights! He remembered seeing Rex smash a big rock with his bare hands… and Klikk was MUCH softer than a big rock!
Klikk thrust his hand up closer to Rex’s face and opened it so Rex could see the Silver Coin with the Pretty Face.

“SHINY!” Rex said, letting Klikk drop to the ground. “Can Rex see your shiny coin, Klikk? It’s just like the kind Starfire likes! I bet Starfire would be VERY happy with Rex if Rex took him the Silver Coin with the Pretty Face on it!”

“Rex can have it if Rex can find it!” Klikk said, and threw it back down the dark tunnel. Rex thought this was a fine game, and lumbered off down the tunnel to look for the Silver Coin with the Pretty Face.

After he was gone, Klikk opened his hand and admired how the light from the lantern gleamed off of the Silver Coin with the Very Pretty Face. Klikk hadn’t REALLY thrown it! He felt bad for tricking Rex, but Rex already got all the best food and everyone wanted to be Rex’s friend.
Maybe when Starfire told Klikk that he was a Very Good Kobold then all the other Kobolds would want to be his friend too!

Klikk went into the Big Important Room to tell the Dragon Priests that he wanted to talk to Starfire. Usually all of the Dragon Priests were in the Big Important Room talking about Big Important Things, but Klikk only saw one Dragon Priest today, and he had a very worried look on his face.

“Klikk!” The Dragon Priest said. “I’m so glad to see you! Here, take this spear and go down that tunnel. You’ve been promoted to Gouger!”

Before Klikk could say anything the Dragon Priest had given him the spear and pushed him into the tunnel. When Klikk looked behind him he didn’t see any Kobolds in the room at all. Klikk had never used a spear before, so he held it up sort of the way he had seen the Gougers use them, and started off down the tunnel. Did the pointy end face toward himself, Klikk wondered, or away?

Soon Klikk was in the upper levels of the Warren, where he had never been before. There were a lot more torches and lanterns in the upper levels. It was too bright! Even worse, it did not smell like Kobolds up there. Klikk shaded his eyes with his claw and squinted as he pushed through a big wooden door.

There was a lot of light, but in the middle of the room Klikk saw a big, strong human lady with wild pink hair. She had a VERY big axe, and was about to open a treasure chest. Klikk had lived in the warrens his whole life, and knew that the Treasure Chest was really a Boo Booty!

“Lady!” Klikk called, worriedly, waving his hands to get her attention. “Lady, stop! That’s a Boo Booty!”

The big, strong lady with wild pink hair snatched her hands back just as the Boo Booty tried to bite them!

The Boo Booty jumped toward the big, strong lady with wild pink hair, but WHOOSH went her VERY big axe!

KERCHUNK! The Boo Booty was split clean in half! Klikk was very impressed… and a little afraid.

The Human Lady with Pink Hair looked curiously at Klikk. Klikk didn’t know what to do, so he just waved and then backed away. Then Klikk ran down the hall and away from the scary Pink Haired Lady.

Soon Klikk found a dark corner in a hallway to hide in to catch his breath. That human had been an Adventurer! Klikk had met a real Adventurer! It was exciting, but also very scary. Klikk just wanted to go back to the Big Important Room and give Starfire the Silver Coin with the Very Pretty Face… But Klikk was lost again! He’d never been this high in the Dungeon before!

Klikk heard a soft BAMF! And smelled a funny smell. He looked over to see what it was, and looked right into a big pair of glowing yellow eyes!

Behind the eyes was a pretty face with blue skin. It… it kind of looked like the Pretty Face on his Silver Coin… except that the strange fur on this one’s head was short and white. Underneath the face was a shiny dagger.

Underneath the face was a shiny dagger!

Klikk fell backwards and cried out, and the shiny dagger swooshed over his head! Klikk dropped his spear and covered his eyes. He didn’t want to see the scary Riftling girl anymore! But then he heard a familiar sound. It was a patrol of IronScales coming around the corner. The Riftling girl was scary, but the IronScales were scary too! Scary and mean!
Without opening his eyes Klikk said “Oh please hide! The IronScales are coming and they will try and hurt you if they find you!” He peeked out between his fingers.

The Riftling girl was looking at him with the same curious expression that the Pink Haired Lady had. Klikk covered his eyes again and rolled into a ball in the corner. There was another soft BAMF and the funny smell came back. When Klikk looked again the girl was gone.

The IronScales came around the bend, and Klikk pressed himself into the corner. The other Kobolds tromped angrily past him. They seemed to be looking for something. Soon they were all gone, and Klikk was alone again.

Klikk clutched his Silver Coin with the Very Pretty Face and quietly went down the hallway. All Klikk wanted to do now was to find his way back to the warrens and go back to cleaning up messes and moving rocks. He wouldn’t even mind being yelled at by the Dragon Priests. Now Klikk was lost AND very afraid.

Klikk saw another room up ahead and rushed into it. He bumped right into two more humans, running face first right into the squishy one with the purple hair! Klikk didn’t know what to do! Klikk froze. The Human with orange hair and a robe decorated like fire started laughing. The Human with purple hair, (and who must have come to visit the dungeon from somewhere VERY warm) looked angry.

She slowly lifted up her arm… and then whacked Klikk on the head! BONK! She wasn’t very strong, but she looked like she was going to start yelling at Klikk.
Klikk didn’t like to be yelled at, so he did the only thing he could think of. Klikk turned around to run away!

WHACK! Klikk ran right into a very large person’s shin and fell down, stunned. Distantly he made out the shapes of the two humans scattering and backing away from a huge, GINORMOUS red person. It was Rex!

Klikk saw that Rex was trying to give the Adventurer with Purple Hair (that was from someplace very warm) a big hug! Klikk remembered how THAT felt.

“No Rex!” Klikk yelled, hurling himself into Rex’s thundering feet. “Don’t hurt them!”

Klikk was kicked by Rex and rolled across the big room and smashed through the doors on the other side. As he rolled over and over he caught sight of Rex falling over, tripping over Klikk as he kicked him.

From the next room Klikk saw flashes of red and green light, and heard the ZOT and CRACK of magic spells. Klikk was afraid of magic! The Dragon Priests used magic to make sure the other Kobolds did what they said. Klikk ran away, lost and trembling, his claw closed tightly around the Silver Coin.

Klikk had never been so afraid in his whole life, ever. Klikk was lost and running as fast as he could run, even though he didn’t know where he was going.

Suddenly, Klikk ran into a big room! … But it wasn’t a room… it wasn’t even a cave! The roof was so high that he couldn’t even see it, it was just blue and empty forever above his head. The walls were so far away he couldn’t see THEM either… but there were great big green plants stretching out below him, and green fields beyond that. Worst of all was the big, bright… ever so painfully bright… torch that hung way up above in the blue emptiness. It burned his eyes, making them all squinty and watery.

Klikk was dizzy. He had never seen the outside before, and it was scary and beautiful all at the same time. Kobolds didn’t go outside! Outside was where Adventurers CAME FROM! Klikk sobbed in terror.

After a moment, he heard something.

“Ahem.” Said a soft, musical voice behind him.

Klikk slowly turned around. There was a human there. A Very Pretty Human. She was tall and pale, and had big pretty eyes and long pretty hair. She wore a pretty golden crown on her head. She looked very familiar to Klikk.

Slowly, so very slowly, Klikk held up the Silver Coin with the Very Pretty Face on it.

The Very Pretty Face on the Silver Coin was the same as the Human Lady in front of him!

He took a step forward and held the Silver Coin out. The Human Lady took it from him and looked at it.

She put a gentle hand on Klikk’s head, looked into his eyes and said “Thank you. You are a VERY good Kobold.”

Klikk didn’t know what to do, but suddenly he didn’t want to run away. Klikk wasn’t afraid anymore. And even better… Klikk decided that he wasn’t Lost either.


Author:  rosemarysmith [ July 16th, 2015, 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Klikk The Kobold and the Princess Coin

Nicely written.
Liked it.

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