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 Hearthsworn, A WosDec short story 
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The dwarves ran as fast as they could down the halls of the mountain cave. After they got through the door, the Hearthsworn Fighter, Ragnar, turned to his party, "What in the great mountain was that? I aint never seen anything like that before!" Panting he secured the massive door with a big piece of wood as the TinCan, Anders, sat down for a moment.

"Those there, those were some Angry Turtles that's for sure." Wiping his brow he looked over at the rock singer who sad nothing. "Are you all right Helga?" The Rock Singer looked up at him, her face smeared with dirt.

"We need to go back for him. He's still alive." She began to state her case.

"Your sapper friend is gone, we saw it." Interrupted Ragnar. "He is gone, the turtles grabbed him and dragged him back to their master."

"We have to go back Ragnar! There's too much we can lose here. All the progress, all the precious gems, all the..." But she was interupted.

"It was your greed that caused this!" Shouted Anders. "What exactly did you awaken down there!?" As Helga prepared to speak, the door was slammed, hard. Harder than the turtles should have been able to.

"Save it, we'll talk about this later!" Shouted Ragnar. "Head back now!" With that the three ran as fast as they could through the cavernous halls. Just a bit further, they could reach the surface and be free. Thats when Helga stopped. "Helga what are you doing?"

"You're right, the star guild opened this can of turtles, we're the ones who need to shut it." She turned back to where they were running from, "If I don't stop this thing, it will make it to the surface, then from the surface, it can unleash its fury upon Crystalia and I will not be responsible for that." Ragnar and Anders looked at each other and smirked.

"Well then, you won't be doing it alone." Said Anders.

"What..." She began

"No protests, you may have opened it, but yer right. We push this thing back to the depths it came from." Chimed in Ragnar.

"But... But we may not," said Helga looking appreciative and fearful all at the same time.

"Tis a good day to make a heroic stand lady." Said Anders. Then, bursting through the large iron doors came a sight they were not ready for. As hordes of turtles came crashing through, A large swirling pool of lava and stone in a man like shape came behing them, towering over all of them. "What the heck is that!?"

"FOOLISH MORTALS! YOU DARE ENTER MY LAIR AND EXPECT TO LEAVE!?" Roxxor proclaimed as he began to become angry.

Helga without thinking summoned a stone wall to divert some of the turtle shells being thrown at them. Ragnar ran shield first into the biggest Turtle of the bunch, knocking its minions to the side as he did. Anders swung his hammer into a turtle with a canon on his back, turning it to face and shoot another turtle just like it. With a loud explosion, a few smoked and charred turtle shells. Roxxor, in his rage turned a deeper red of fire. Letting out a roar of rage, he swung at Anders, sending him flying against the wall of the cavern. Helga started sending sharp shards of rock at Roxxor, which only seemed to enrage him more. "Allow me to show you the power of the flames Rock Singer!" Bellowed Roxxor. unleashing some of his flame upon the rocks she sent at him, they pooled on the ground and formed a lava and rock based troll. "Go Rockgut, show these mortals the meaning of pain!"

The creature began to hurl fire and lava at the heroes. Ragnar blocking what he could with his shield. But he was outpaced by the large turtle and slammed away. As Anders struggled to stand, and Ragnar lay injured from the blow. Helga looked around and looked up at the caverns ceiling. Ragnar looked at her and nodded. Anders looked at her and laughed. Holding up a battered gauntlet he gave her the thumbs up, then turned it down. Knowing what he meant she concentrated all of her strength and the cavern roof began to crack.

"We can not let you pass. You will stay down here, even if it means we stay with you!" She shouted as she struggled with all her might, and then, the whole cave collapsed...

...This is where the start of the Raging Roxxor Questline begins for World Of Super Dungeon Explorecraft begins.

September 18th, 2018, 6:31 pm
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