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 Zabyr Valkyr: Seduction 
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Disclaimer: I am not a creative person. I wish I was, but I know I am lacking in it. I love logic, math and puzzles. Mockery is acceptable, but please don't be too brutal. I like coming up with stories even if I don't tell them well. Below I will begin a short story (may be novel length at finish, who knows) of my character for the RK verse. Zabyr Valkyr. First; an excerpt written from the perspective of Sophia Drake. I tried to emulate the writing style from the book. I hope I succeeded.

It is no surprise to most of you that we recruit many, shall we say questionable canidates into our forces. Many people have reasons for running from their past and think enlisting with us is a good way to do it. For most this ends rather poorly, as we don't have a use for selfish pricks looking out for only their interests. For some though, it becomes a mutually benificial arrangement. That is the case with Zabyr Valkyr

Not many know where Zabyr came from, and his file is sealed fairly tight. Needless to say, if he didn't provide such useful assets to Black Diamond, he would not be recieving such treatment. Zabyr started, like most, in the Diamond Corps. Before he even finished training he was pulled out and reassigned for special ops training thanks to a special talent. He has an immense understanding of machinery and computers, especially A.I.s and Chee. Combined with an amazing knack to solve problems in some very unorthodox ways and you can see how wasting him on the front lines was not going to cut it.

His biggest contribution though, was a special computer virus that turned any computer device into a spy tool for Black Diamond. Sure we have plenty of those already, but they are easily detected by high security sweeps and A.I. on devices we would want them on. This beauty is uploaded some way that is undetectable, and evolves to keep it that way.

Zabyr was then attached to the Black Dragons after I pulled a few strings. Not as a member naturally. As a soldier he was average at best, but what he added for my plans was too valuable to pass up. Whenever we were deployed, he was shipped to the same location to infiltrate while we completed our mission. He would make his way to whatever target we selected, activate the virus and get the hell out before we finished. It was on his third such mission that his cypher appeared.

She is a conniving little thing, and I suggest you give her a wide berth. She has a nasty habit of making people see things how she wants them, and this doesn't always line up with your best intentions in mind. She has her own agenda. Usually this isn't actually against our mission, but she puts her knights safety above all else. As far as she is concerned, everyone else is expendable; and she'll make you believe it too. So keep clear or you may take a bullet you didn't have to for someone you don't really know.

"The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes." -Sherlock Holmes

The Noh Empire is not a melee-centric force.

August 26th, 2014, 5:47 pm
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