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 My SDE Fan-novel part 1: The Paladin and the sellaxe. 
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It was a normal day as Royal Paladin visited the local Inn with his old greedy friend Hearthsworn Fighter. These two men who seemed to share almost nothing in common as they were from totally different worlds. Royal Paladin being one of the best units of the royal family's army and Hearthsworn Fighter being a merchanary. But still these two men shared a very special bound. They had been friends for a long time, ever since they were forced to fight against each other in the great war of Crystalia where the current king fought against the Consul. He had spared Hearthsworn Fighters life out of honor for his wonderful fighting style if he abbandoned his mission to help the Consul.

It was time to order the dish for tonight. The smell of lovely food filled the air and made the two already hungry men feeling like they had not eaten food for several weeks.
"What do you want tonight gentlemen" The very ute waitress asked them with a smooth voice.
"One big glass of your coldest ale and your most bloody beef" Hearthsworn fighter expressed.
"One glass of milk and that wonderful pie you serve here" Royal Paladin said more silent than his noisy friend, but with just as much desire in his voice.
"Ok, take your seats please!" The waitress told them with a smile on her face.

The two of them sat down and started the discussion, because this time they were not out to eat solely for the pleasure of the great food served at the inn "Glorious Fork"
"What was that thing about "well paid work" you talked about earlier Royal Paladin?" Hearthsworn Fighter asked curiously.
"Ok, but it is very important that this information I share to you only is for your ears. Can I trust you to not spread it?" Royal Paladin asked.
"Ofcourse you can trust me Royal Paladin, we two are closest friends. I am closer to you than any gold." Said Hearthsworn Fighter.
"Ok, the King needs forces sent to a Kobolt fortress that is deemed to be located dangerously close to Crystalia castle." Royal paladin explained.
"I do trust you, but I do not trust our current king." Said Hearthsworn Fighter to Royal Paladin with doubt in his voice.
"The pay is good. 10.000 gold pieces." Royal Paladin said.
"I do still not trust the client, please let me think some about it, please." Hearthsworn Fighter said.
"This is no matter that can wait, I would like to have your answer tomorrow. Ok?" Royal Paladin told Hearthsworn Fighter.
"Ahh, the dinner is finally here!" Hearthsworn Fighter said happy to find a way to get out of this tough decission for now. It was not that he disliked Crystalia, but it was the fact that he has stood on the other side of the king's army and seen how brutal they could be. It was not the kind of enviorment a fighter like him prefered to be. As a merchanary he has discared all sence of authorities except where the money came from. He was really against the high so called "moral" a soldier under the king had to display. Beside, he was not interessted to get on the bad foot with the Consul whom he knew was a very dangerous being.

The Consul, even though Hearthsworn Fighter had worked under her he did not know alot of her. Just that she was known as "the mother of all monsters". He had actually not seen more than a siluette of her behind a curtain. What he knew was that she was very cruel.

The food was served to them. A bloody beef with potatoes and sauce made by grease from the meat, lemon and water mixed with alittle beer to give it a stronger flavour. A pie filled with fine aged cheese and shrimps. The food tasted even better than it smelled and the men was very happy after the fine dinner.

The food was now eaten and it was time to go home. The two men waved each other goodbye. Royal Paladin went back to the castle and Hearthsworn fighter went back to the inn where he would spend the night. Back at the castle he told the news to the king. The king was not happy over that Hearthsworn Fighter could not give an answer tonight, but he held his rage over it back infront of his loyal Royal Paladin. Because what good would rage serve. Even though the king had a short temper he was a very rational and fair ruler who tried to never let his burning emotions take the upper hand over him. He instand nodded and gave Royal Paladin permission to tomorrow in the middle of the day ask and if needed bring Hearthsworn Fighter to his throne to try to convince him to join this urgent quest. The king was not happy over having to ask a sellsword to help out with such an urgent matter. But he knew Hearthsworn Fighter was one of the best axemen in all of Crystalia.

Hearthsworn Fighter sat upp all night drinking fine ale and talked with the lovely waitresses long into the night. All thoughts about the conversation earlier today was blown away. Ladies and liquid are the best combination for relaxation it is said. For this dwarf nothing could be more true than those words. When the clock closed two in the morning even Hearthsworn Fighter understood that it was time for bed. Even though he had temporary forgotten about his talk with Royal Paladin the promise of money still held him sort of focused on his task.

I love cute stuff, and to win! >:D But most of all I love to win with cute stuff!


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