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 The Cabal of Clockwork Hero: Darkling Alchemist 
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Ok, so a while back, I had an idea for this expansion set and I put it in the "General Discussion" forum of Super Dungeon Explore. Now that there is this "Soda Fiction & Art" section, I think the content is probably supposed to go here. I got busy with school so I let the idea get buried, so instead of revising the original post, I'm going to re-post the idea here after I rework some of the mechanics. Playing "The Caverns of Roxor" has given me a few ideas on how to make the Cabal more balanced. Anyway, onto the post. The link is a colored concept art.

Darkling Alchemist
Demonkin Hero
A member of the underworld's Shadow tribe, the Demonkin lend lend their brewing expertise to combat the Consul for their own closely guarded reasons. Genius potion masters of the Cauldron Consortium easily mix herbs and mysterious liquids with explosive results. Though knowing all too well how to make potent elixirs for healing their allies, these underworld alchemists prefer "preventative care" in the form of removing potential problems at the source.
Front Card Stats
6 Movement | 3 Actions
  • ATTACK: 2 Blue Dice
  • ARMOR: 3 Blue Dice
  • WILL: 1 Blue Die, 1 Red Die
  • DEX: 1 Blue Die, 1 Red, Die
| Alchemy, Missile 6, Immune: Choke | 5 Health | 3 Potions |
  • 1 (Blue Action Button) Homebrew: WILL, Self, Model gains 1 potion if three or more stars are rolled.
  • 3 (Red Action Button) Ka-Sploosh!: Burst 1, Dangerous
  • (Potion) Soothing Smoke: Wave 1, Immune: Choke, Immune: Poison
  • (3 Potions) Eureka!: Ka-Sploosh! increases from Burst 1 to Burst 2. The Darkling Alchemist's may choose one status effect. Any wounds dealt by the Darkling Alchemist immediately gain that effect until next activation. Eureka! cannot be stacked to deal multiple effects, but can be replaced to inflict a different status effect.
Rear Card Stats
Alchemy: At the beginning of this model's activation, Roll 1 Blue die. For ever star rolled, place a potion on Alchemist's card.
[Character Description Block]
This hero would be different in the fact that it relies on potions to become incredibly effective. He uses a sling to fling basic harm potions for his attacks, so he requires DEX to attack. When he is inactive, he is brewing potions to use for his next activation. If he fails to make any, he can always try to quickly brew some up during his activation using his WILL stat, but it will prove to be difficult to roll three stars reliably without some WILL loot. Even worse, Homebrew uses up precious actions, making it impossible without the aid to both Homebrew and Ka-Sploosh! in the same turn. Hybrid DEX and WILL is your best bet, but don't look for aid from this Hero. His potion is somewhat difficult to use as curing choke inhibits one from drinking it in the first place. It is mostly used to remove poison on himself for his big Ka-Sploosh!, Immune: Choke is just a residual benefit those gasping for air around him.

January 22nd, 2013, 6:40 am
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