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 Into The Dusk: World of SDE Craft, chapter 1 
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It was dark and rainy in glauerdoom moore, the scent of undeath carried through the air. The moon hung low and bright, illuminating Stilt town as a group of four heroes moved through the town quietly, to not make a noise. "You need to close in tighter Alchemist," Said the Silver Chevalier. "Move in now!" She whispered in a stern tone.

"Hold on, there's a treasure chest over here, it sings to me." Moving quietly to the chest, the Fae Alchemist slowly opened the chest and took out a long burning lance. "See?" Said the Alchamist quietly. Throwing the lance to the Chevalier, the Chevalier quickly strapped her own lance to her back and armed up with the magically imbued lance. The Alchemist slowly shut the chest. Turning he headed back to the group quietly. Then, the chest slowly began to disappear underground. The Tabbybrook mage with them looked in horror as she realized they were in a trap.

"We need to go, NOW!" Said the tabbybrook mage, who broke silence and began running as did the rest of them. At the same time, moans, hisses and growls began to emerge from the houses around them. Then from the ground spawned a A tree that held a burning pumpkin. The tree opened up and A large crypt spider as well some cultist witches emerged from it. "Oh no!"

"We got dis mon!" Said the Mistmourn Shaman who began chanting and slamming a potion on the Chevalier, she ignited in a ring of fire, yet remained unharmed. "Take the voodoo and the juju and do what you always do!" He told the Chevalier.

With a blood curdling battle cry, the Silver Chevalier leaped into the air, landing in the middle of the enemy zombies and other creatures, she began thrusting outward at them. Slaying undead minion after undead minion, each blow that she blocked was met with a fiery backlash from the aura given to her by the shaman. The tabbybrook mage kept her recitations going to keep the Silve Chevalier from being harmed by the flames. As the first wave of Zombies were eliminated and the tree holding the pumpkin was extinguished, a large, staticly charged zombie broke the wall of a house and emerged onto the battlefield. The shaman and fae alchemist threw everything they had it. They did major damage to the gruesome creature, but it only seemed to make it stronger. With one massive swing, he crippled the Silver Chevalier, sending her flying through crates on the docks and landing in a pile of debris. The three heroes looked on in shock. The Tabbybrook mage ran over and placed a small amulet on the Chevalier. "By the power of this princess coin, may the goddess grant thee the power to heal these grevious wounds."

Standing back up the Chevalier picked up her lance as the other members continued to bombard the large abomination. She began to walk quickly, then jog, then she began to scream her battlecry again as she went into a full sprint and leaped into the air. Coming down hard, she skewered the creature. Looking ahead they saw Von Drakk laughing quietly.

"You will not succeed..." He began his typical long winded evil leader speech...

But elsewhere in the North....

Deep within a citadel made of ice and metal and bone sat a being that many had forgotten. In the large throne room at the top of the citadel Celeste sat upon a throne made of ice and bones. Her greyish/green complexion still flawless, her beauty radiated, even clad in the armor of plagues. To her side lay her bear, slumbering. She watched the battle unfold from a scrying orb in the middle of the room. One leg crossed over the other, her gauntleted hands intertwined beneath her chin. A coach of pumpkin and vines, pulled by large cats landed outside the throne room on the balcony. Dismounting her ride, Beatrix entered the throne room and knelt before Celeste, "My lady, your plan is going flawlessly, the new heroes of interest are all being pre-occupied while we make our preparations, we are nearly..." but Celeste held up a finger stopping her.

Celeste spoke, her voice still sounded as though there was someone else distinctly speaking the same thing as her, the voice dark, fading in and out with each sentence. "These two are of prime interest to me, the Silver Chevalier and the Fae Alchemist. Look how they work together to slow Von Drakk." Celeste watched as the group of heroes continued to fight against Von Drakk. "How much longer until we can enter the fabric of time?"

"We are nearly complete my lady, In a months time, we will be able to enter the time rift and change the past. We can stop these heroes before they even know what has happened." Beatrix spoke.

"You have done well my favored daughter. But I do not wish to exterminate these heroes, I plan to alter time, alter the very beginnings of all of this. To get my revenge against those who have scorned me. To corrupt the blood lines of those who sentenced me to this existence." Turning her head slowly to look at Beatrix, her silvered and grey hair blew to the side, a flash of something hideously scary and evil under her skin flashed as the light crossed across her turning face. A deep sharpened jaw, a noseless face with dark eyes filled with hated. Then in a blink Celeste's grayed face returned. "Go my minion. Continue your work, be the instrument of my revenge....

In development For World of Super Dungeon Explore Craft:

Quest Line: The Opening of the Temporal Caverns.

The Temporal Caverns Dungeons: Three Story Based dungeons that will take you through a few key moments in Glauerdoom Moore, Rise of the true Necromancer, and some events that occurred "off screen"

Temporal Caverns 1: The Journey through the haunted woosd
Temporal Caverns 2: The Turning Of Celeste and the Destruction of Timber Town
Temporal Caverns 3: The Defense of the landing and the Death of Sir Sigmund

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